Winter Care Tips To Make Your Perfume Last Longer And Tips To Smell Good

Winter care tips

A perfume is an accessory used by everyone to fight body odour and smell better. Not only body odour, but perfumes are also capable of enhancing moods and boosts confidence. It makes one appear more attractive and also triggers memories.

Studies have revealed that our brain is able to store memories of space and time and those get triggered by scents and smells. Therefore, everyone wants to impart fragrances that they can be remembered by.

In winters, perfumes fade faster

The thing with perfumes is that they tend to fade away depending on the weather, body hydration, and also the kind of perfume one is using. In winters, perfumes tend to fade away faster than any other weather. It so happens because when the temperature drops, so does our body’s moisture level. Here are some hacks that you can use to make your perfume last longer.

Increase your body moisture level

The most cliché tip is the most important one here as well. Staying hydrated increases your skin’s moisture level. While staying hydrated is important, you can use an external source such as a body moisturiser to moisturize your skin. One can add a tablespoon of coconut oil to their bathwater, it makes the skin smooth and soft.

Don’t rub the perfume

When applying perfume, allow it to develop and sink in your skin. Avoid the habit of rubbing your wrists or skin at areas where you have sprayed the perfume. This can damage the perfume and it does not stay on that long after that.

Petroleum jelly

To increase body moisture, one should apply Vaseline or and petroleum jelly on their pulse points or where they spray the perfume on. This way the perfume stays on longer as it gets extra hydration. Vaseline can be substituted with any odourless oil or any odourless, dense cream.

Eau De Parfum

Lastly, choose an Eau De Parfum over Eau De Toilette. The former has a higher concentration of perfume and therefore will last longer than the latter one. Since it has a higher concentration of perfume, it costs more than the other one. But each extra penny will be worth it when one is smelling amazing.