Time To Tune Up Your Car Wash?

Adding a car washing facility to your gas station or automotive service business can be a great way to raise revenue while providing your customers with a convenient service they need regularly to maintain their vehicles. Of course, adding any new facility also means adding in the procedures needed to keep it looking sharp and functioning properly, and this is doubly important when you are talking about an automated service like a car wash. When it comes time for car wash maintenance, building a relationship with a friendly professional contractor will mean you have someone who knows your facilities helping you to keep an eye on the wear and tear they experience over the years. This also leads to increased operational efficiency.

An Ounce of Prevention

Whenever you’re maintaining machines that work most of the day, it’s better to replace wearing parts when they show signs of stress instead of waiting for them to break. If they break during operation, they can damage other system components. If they don’t, you are still stuck with an unexpectedly out of service car wash station. A regular check-up from a maintenance service can run through all the parts that show wear as they age while replacing the ones that are scheduled for change-out, and it can do so at a fraction of the cost of a fix to a fully broken set of machines. Save money and keep your downtime down.

Seasonal Changes

There’s a reason why the gremlins come out of machines when the weather changes. It’s because as the air temperature goes up or down significantly and humidity levels shift to a new average, it causes slight changes to the way machine parts contact each other, changing the spots where they are likely to wear. This can activate an old material stress point that wasn’t being strained under the old seasonal average, leading to a breakdown. That’s why it’s a great idea to schedule your maintenance check-ups just before a seasonal change.