Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

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You have dreamed of your daughter’s wedding all of her life – A flowing white tent glowing with candlelight, flowers dripping out of every crevice and a handsome man who will treat her like a princess and make her life a joy – what more could any mother of the bride want for her daughter? Well there are certain things that need attention behind the scenes that can help it run more smoothly.


In spite of all the best planning, there is an inevitable risk of clutter messing up your picture perfect day. Make sure you provide a room where shoes, jackets, hats, bags and other paraphernalia can be safely and securely deposited for the duration of the event. You may want to hire someone to make regular rounds and pick up stray items and place them in safekeeping.

Basic Needs

The basic bathroom urge does not take a vacation just because you are getting married. If you will have a large group, the necessity of providing facilities becomes even more important. If you are having the wedding outdoors, make it easier on yourself and rent one of the clean and modern event restroom trailers that can take the strain off of the bathrooms in your home.

Last Minute Details

Have someone who can just be available to help with pinning on flowers, directing the photographer to the next subject, deal with late vendors, etc. This should be someone who has been well versed in what needs to happen throughout the day and who will do a good job of staying on top of things. They should not be shy about giving directions and kindly hurrying people along.

Flowers and Candles

Have someone designated to keep an eye on the candles, keeping them lit and replacing any that melt down to quickly. They can also keep watch on the floral arrangements. Any that get bumped, tipped over or plundered may need an adjustment to remain beautiful throughout the wedding.

Keeping a grasp on the hidden details of your event can keep them behind the scenes where they belong. You should be able to go through the evening without a care and the only reason you will be crying is because your baby left.