Love fragrances? Make your own perfume at home following these easy methods

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For women, a signature scent is one of the most important things they need to spay on before stepping out. It tells a lot about their taste and choices. Sure, perfumes are available in stores but there more excitement in creating one’s own. Surprisingly, it is not too difficult to make a perfume from scratch. It can even be used for gifting and makes for a unique gift!

Here are three simple perfumes you can make on your own if you follow the steps carefully and precisely.

DIY Jasmine perfume


1 tbsp distilled water

2 tbsp vodka

30 drops Jasmine oil

5 drops lavender oil

5 drops vanilla oil

Small glass bottle

Cheese cloth


First up, mix all the oils together and add it to the vodka.

Add this mixture to the glass bottle and mix it well and let it sit for two days.

Add the distilled water to it and then shake it well.

Let it set in a dark spot for around four weeks.

After four weeks, strain it through a cheese cloth and then pour it into a spray bottle.

DIY Rose Perfume


Half cup vodka

2.5 cups distilled water

3 drops of rose oil

Fresh rose petals from 4 roses

Glass jar


Place the rose petals at the bottom of the glass jar. Pour the vodka over it.

Cover it with a black cloth and set it in a cool place for a day.

Using a spoon, squeeze the petals well inside the jar. Then add the distilled water and oil to this.

Cover it with the black cloth yet again and set aside for 7 days.

Mix this once a day.

Strain and pour it into a perfume bottle and it is ready to use!