Fun Things You Can Make with Recycled Aluminum

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You don’t have to be an expert at aluminum die castings to make something new with aluminum. If you have a need and an imagination, you can create new treasures from old trash. Read on for some fun things you can do with aluminum.

Cookie Cutters

If you love soda, you have precisely what you need to make some cute custom cookie cutters. Get creative. Do initials or numbers for special occasions. Try making hearts or flowers for Valentine’s Day or “just because.”


This particular project needs a lot of soda can tabs, so it might be great as a class project. The tabs are glued in layers over a plastic shade to make a beautiful pendant light that you would never guess was made from pop tabs. Hang it proudly in your home for a gorgeous custom lamp.


Cut the sides of a can and roll them outward toward the bottom for a decorative candle holder. Set a tea light or votive in the base and voila! you have a unique candle holder to protect your surfaces from candle wax. If you don’t like the metallic look, paint the sides to match any decor.


For some cute kitschy coasters, cut out the label of your can. Use sodas, lemonades, beer or whatever you like that matches your room or has bright colors. Use beer cans for the man cave. Try the brightest colored ones for the living room. These would even make great gifts.


There are so many things you could do with decorative flowers. Cluster several of them together on a wall for a 3-D sculpture. Decorate a boring furniture piece to make an interesting new conversation piece. Put them all over a covered porch or even in your kitchen for a whimsical touch.