6 Skin Care Picks To Pamper Your Sensitive Skin During Winter

6 Skin Care Picks To Pamper Your Sensitive Skin During Winter

Don’t let winter do a number on your sensitive skin

With its chilly breeze and dry climate, winter is one of the most detested seasons for those with sensitive skin. The easily troubled skin type can become red, bumpy and irritated if it isn’t given the gentle, moisturising skin care that’s necessary in winter. We’ve solved it for you by picking out 6 skin care products packed with exceptional ingredients to give your sensitive skin the winter care it truly deserves.

Starting off this list with a bang is the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin, it is recommended by dermatologists across world and cleanses using a soap-free formula that doesn’t over lather or dry the skin. It is available for Rs 394, reduced from Rs 431. Shop here.


Cleanser from Cetaphil

Moisturisation is a key step of a skin care routine, especially in winter. Treat yours to the goodness of aloe with the Plum Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer. Its ultra-mild formula contains vitamin E, organic aloe juice and more without parabens and phthalates. It is available for Rs 435, reduced from Rs 470. Shop here.


Moisturiser from Plum

Don’t skip toning with the Just Herbs Sacred Lotus-Green Tea Skin Recovery Toner. Its alcohol-free formula is made with lotus flower, green tea and steam-distilled floral water of rose and tulsi. Together this works to remove any remaining debris in the pores and condition the face. It is available for Rs 495. Shop here.


Toner from Just Herbs

Treat your skin to a dollop of hydration with the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream. Why it is so well-loved is because it does what it promises without any frills and fancies. It is suitable for dry, sensitive skin, lends long-lasting moisturisation and prevents moisture loss, without any fragrance for the face and body. It is available for Rs 360. Shop here.


Cream from Cetaphil

Facial hair and sensitive skin in men can seem like a tough combination to crack, but not with Phy The Shield Face + Beard Wash. This gel-based cleanser is formulated with quinoa, olive and more to gently cleanse the face and facial hair while shielding from the detrimental effects of pollution. It is available for Rs 405, reduced from Rs 450. Shop here.


Cleanser from Phy

Don’t forget about sensitive skin over your body with the Just Herbs Kumuda Sacred Indian Lotus Gentle Body Wash. The Indian Lotus’ properties of being calming and soothing make this body wash hydrating and refreshing while stimulating blood circulation. It is available for Rs 545. Shop here.


Body wash from Just Herbs