Viral Words

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Viral Words:

Some More Examples

A change of pace for this post. Returning to an old theme, and one of the original reasons for beginning this blog.

dotrim: Doing Truth, Reality in Internet Marketing

Viral Marketing WordsEarlier posts pointed to some words that are commonly used in Internet Marketing. The purpose of these words is to get you to take some form of action. That is usually to get you to open your wallet and throw some money at the wonderful “opportunity” that has been laid out before. Frequently the opportunity does not live up to promise that is implied in some of the colorful, evocative and misleading words to describe it or the action you should take.

The examples in this post are typical.


Now doesn’t that tell you that you should act NOW! That’s just the intention behind the use of the word. Act now, and do not think any more about it! You will miss out if you delay!

It seems a little strange to me that for one opportunity that I enquired about, I have received more than six emails with either the word Urgent or similar telling me that I have until a certain time to complete my sign-up or I will miss out. Today I actually opened the email and checked the link, only to find another unsustainable matrix type operation.

My next move:- locate the unsubscribe link and try to make sure that I do not receive any more emails from that source.

Don’t Join….:

Now this is a tricky one! My experience tells me that the sender of the email does NOT really mean that! If you take the time to read the whole message, because it’s not in the title, you will find that you are being asked to join. The Don’t Join actually means Don’t Join because the sender doesn’t like the opportunity, they LOVE it! Or Don’t Join if don’t want to become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Whatever happened to Truth in Internet Marketing? Or is just clever advertising?

Another Unsubscribe coming up.

More Viral Words

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Viral Marketing Words: They’re Everywhere.

A message that I received today has given plenty of ammunition for the next Viral Word post.

Viral Marketing WordsBelow is the text of the message, with the link extracted. Just take a look at the text that I have highlighted. Full of the word Secret, and others designed to entice you in.

In this post I also would like to analyze some of the content to discover what is really meant.

“I got invited to a special page with some secret info about making money and I want to share this info with you. There is this underground software that was practically stolen from a guy down in South Africa and this software is going to be quite buzz worthy pretty soon. You don’t need to build websites, pay for clicks, write articles or any of those other tedious and costly tactics. The reason this software is so secret is due to the fact that if everyone had access to it, it would simply cut down on the amount of money that the rest of us could make. Obviously, this is a tactic that has never been seen before. Once you see how this thing works, you will be slapping your forehead. The best part about this thing is that you will see that it works right away. There’s no waiting for anything to kick in. Results can happen in as little as 30 seconds. If you are also tired of jumping through all of those hoops or if you are new to Internet marketing and would like to earn some real income online then you should check this out.”


Some New Words For The Glossary:


What’s this. Hidden? That could help to make it a secret!  Underground as in Resistance Movement in a War Zone? Mmm.. is Internet Marketing a battlefield. Any other suggestions as to why Underground could be a Viral Marketing word.


Now this one gets me wondering! If something is stolen, then surely if I take possession then I am also an active participant in the theft. Yes, I know it’s only a figure of speech, bt it does to some extent indicate the moral code of the promoter.

And now for the phrases:

Never been seen before:

So that could be why it’s called a secret! I’m sure somebody has seen it and been using it. And they’ve probably got all they can get out of it, so now it’s time to sell it to any unsuspecting prospect. Which leads me to:-

The reason this software is so secret is due to the fact that if everyone had access to it, it would simply cut down on the amount of money that the rest of us could make.

Now the person promoting this no doubt wants lots of people to buy it and have access. And from the statement above that would cut down on the profit to be made. And that’s his selling point! Buy this and it won’t work as well as it has been because lots of others will be using it! Doesn’t make sense to me!

Viral Words: Some additions to the list.

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Some More Viral Words:

It’s some time since I added to the list of Marketing Words to keep an eye out for.

APSense ArticleToday I was reminded in an article by Mohann at Apsense: The Secret Of Nothing that I had not been adding such words to the Glossary. So here goes:


If somebody has a great new program and they are going to open it up to anyone who is willing to hand over some cash for it, it won’t be  secret for very long. Chances Read more of this article »

Should Have Taken My Own Advice

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Watch Out For Certain KeyWords!

Way back in the early days of this blog I warned about some keywords that Internet Marketers use to get you interested in their



Well I fell for one of those a couple of days ago, so now I’ll find out just how the ClickBank 60 day Money Back works.

There it was, standing out clear and easy to see: Autopilot. But I joined anyway!

I should also have taken more note of the pitch. There was a lot of claiming what the program was NOT.

  • It wasn’t an incomplete program.
  • It wasn’t a “Snake-oil” sales pitch.
  • It wasn’t a lot of things.

Previous experiences tell me that a program that sells itself by telling what it is not, is probably going to be very much like what it say it isn’t. Now that’s confusing. But I fell for it anyway.

So what sucked me in? The lure of making money from niche sites. I’m sure it can be done, but in this case the methods just do not sit comfortably with me.

The process in a nutshell was to research keywords to discover a niche in which to publish a site, monetized by adsense and Amazon products. Each site promised to make a small amount each day, and so you develop 50 or more sites, using the tools provided. Then with a little maintenance ( 2 hours a month?) the theory is that the system runs itself, and the money rolls in.

Once a niche is identified, the tools will help you select a domain name, set up a site and then get the site up in Google Search rankings. ie  in the first 5 sites on page 1.

The method for doing this is what I felt most uncomfortable with.

  • When the site is ready, you use the tools to find already published articles.
  • Choose one of these to add to a page. Edit it so  that is 40%-50% different, and claim it as your own.
  • Do that so you fool the Google algorithm into not treating it as duplicate copy.
  • There was no consideration as to whether there were any rights for you do that.
  • Add the monetization components.
  • Add links to the edited article and publish.
  • Build backlinks to the site.
  • Using the keyword the tools find comments based on that key word.
  • You select one and add a link to a product.
  • The tools then finds lots of blogs with that keyword and sends the comment to these blogs.

That last bit was the killer for me! Oh how I hate to deal with spam comments! And that’s just what these comments would be.

As soon as I got to that part of the training that’s where I  decided to pull the pin.

But not all is lost.

There were some useful tips in the SEO training at the beginning of the process, so now I’ve got a couple of tips to help with SEO at dotrim and at my other sites.

Pester Power: The Marketer’s Power Tool

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Pester Power Is One Of My Pet Peeves.

Pester PowerWhat is Pester Power?

If you have kids you will know what that is. They want something and they will keep asking for it until they wear you down and you give in and let them have it.

There are some strategies that Internet Marketers use that are a lot like like Pester Power.

Have you joined a list to buy something or to get a free offer, and then you are blasted daily by emails from them trying to get to buy something else, usually with a big price tag? They are using Pester Power because they read somewhere that it usually takes 7 messages before you can get someone to buy what you are selling.

What about those pop-ups that appear when you try to leave a page? The one that asks if you want really want to leave because they have a great offer for you. Do you find them annoying and a distraction. Which button should I push to leave the page, Cancel or OK. Confusing! And another example of Pester Power.

How do you deal with Pester Power?

Are you strong like the responsible parent and resist the temptation to give in? Or does the constant request for your money and time wear you down and you take up the offer?

What you think of marketers that use the power of pestering to suck you into their program or opportunity? Are they the cause for so many potential customers being driven away? Are these Internet marketers the online version of the Used Car Salesman?

By the way: If you finds that anything from this site is tending towards using Pester Power please let us know.

The Dangers In Using An Online Translator

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online translatorDo You Use An Online Translator?

One of the greatest bugbears for a blog owner is dealing with spam comments.


Here is one that that I just had to add, simply because it is an ideal example of what can go wrong when using an online translator to convert from one language to another.


Someone, most likely using an auotobot to post comments, with their first language not being English tried to add the following comment to a post in this blog.

Thanks a ton to get a especially clear and valuable publish. I’m undeniably a violator of lots of these procedures. I typically unearth by myself conflicted when writing a weblog put up because I see myself producing greater than people today want to study, but I believe that I have got to do the topic matter proper rights by thoroughly protecting it. I think that by subsequent a few of these rules I finish up slicing out very important facets towards the dialogue. I guess you could have to come across a balance.


This looks to me like a prime example of Manglish (Mangled English), and I defy anyone to be able toTranslator convert it back to meaningful English.


It is full of grammatical and syntax problems, as well as being very difficult to understand what is the point of the comment.


This comment has been sent to the trash can, just like other similar comments, unrelated to the post where the comment has been made.

Real people, using their brain are invited to comment on posts in this blog, but auto-comments like this one are given the boot.

If you think you can interpret the comment I have highlighted, by all means do that by way of a comment.

Blog Title Changed

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This blog now has a new title

Since the competition for renaming this blog has ended, I have decided to change to the title to the winning entry in that competition.


Coming Soon

Thanks to the people who entered the competition, your efforts have been appreciated and as well as the winning entry, there have been 2 other bloggers who have taken up the option of having a blog hosted here at dotrim.

We look forward to these bloggers building up their blog and sharing their great ideas with readers of the dotrim blogs.

Watch out for the Free Download of an Internet Marketing Dictionary soon to be available from this blog.

More Words To Watch

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This post continues the series of posts that features some common words that you will see your email inbox, in the hope that you will part with some of your hard earned cash.

The list is incomplete, and I am happy for people to contribute their own suggestions by way of comments. If your suggestion is added to a subsequent post you will be acknowledged and a link to your site will be provided.

Part 2!

Viral ( often used with words like Traffic, Hits, etc):

I have always thought that anything viral is something to steer clear of. Viruses cause nasty things to happen to the body and to computers, so why would I want anything viral.

I succumbed the other day and joined a program with the word Viral Read more of this article »

IM Watch Words

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This post will be the first in a series of posts that features some common words that you will see your email inbox, in the hope that you will part with some of your hard earned cash.Words

The list is incomplete, and I am happy for people to contribute their own suggestions by way of comments. If your suggestion is added to a subsequent post you will be acknowledged and a link to your site will be provided.

Well Here Goes!

F*R*E*E ( and all similar mis-spellings of the word FREE):

How does the saying go? Nothing in life is Free! Well the offer that you see in these “opportunities” may be free, but it will most likely be limited and you will be encouraged to upgrade, perhaps at huge cost.

I guess that the word FREE is butchered like that to keep out of Read more of this article »