Contrasting Results

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What A Difference!

8 weeks of tracking stats, and it’s become really obvious that some mailers perform better than others.

But by how much much?

This week I have started to give some of the mailers with the smallest Click Through Rate (CTR) their last chance. Actually, there were 5 that didn’t get that chance. There were no more credits left in my account at those, and the effort to build more was considered not worth the effort.

So which mailers are on notice?

First up: any with a CTR of less than 1%. That gave me more than 30 mailers to put under scrutiny.

The Process:

  1. Eliminate, and delete accounts at those with 0 credits left.
  2. Mail out using maximum credits (or total credits left if less than maximum).
  3. Track results. Clicks only. Conversions, if any are a bonus, and will give the mailer another chance.
  4. Continue to use any credits (if available) in subsequent mailouts during the week.
  5. Eliminate, and delete any accounts that return less than 1% CTR after this week.

The results:

Day 4 and approximately 10 mailers have been terminated.

One has a reprieve with a conversion, although the CTR is still heading south.

The end of the week and another 10 have bitten the dust. One good thing about most of those that have been removed is that they use the same out-of-the-box script. The owners have not changed much, apart from the graphics. That has made it easy to find where to delete the account, and the process for deletion is the same.  Now to remove the emails from those dead mailers, and delete the filters.

More time is now available to use the mailers that actually produce some results!

Behind The Scenes At The Ranking

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Gathering The Stats

Another week of tracking and stats has helped to produce the latest dotrim Safelist Rankings.

During the past week 2 different promotions have been used to get the stats for the latest rankings.

As has always been the case, emails promoting the Rankings have been sent out out to many different safelists. For the second week another splash page has been promoted, basically using the same safelists as for the Ranking promotion.

The second splash page (Click Here To View) was created  to promote 100 Percent Traffic. This was chosen after reading a discussion about recruitment of new members in safelists, and how a large ratio of those are directly recruited by the owners. So, as a challenge I decided to pick a safelist, promote it and check the results.

In the time during which the promotion of 100 Percent Traffic was running, there were (if I have read the numbers correctly) nearly 100 new members, and 6 of those were recruited from my referral link. That’s a little more than 6% of new referrals!

In addition to those new members at 100 Percent Traffic, there have been several new referrals in some of the other mailers on the Rankings list.

 Results and Effort

Again the dotrim Rankings show, in order of conversions, the safelists that have given the best ratio of visitors per email opened for credits.

At the top of the list are those mailers that have yielded the greatest conversions. Where there are equal numbers (or ranges) of conversions, they are arranged in order of visitors per email read.

The aim is to provide a list of safelists or mailers that give the best results in the most efficient way.

While it must be recognized that different people and other promotions can produce different results, it is hoped that the list provides a useful guide. These results come from data related to  FREE membership, so greater returns on effort will most likely be gained from being upgraded in these safelists.

In future there may be another ranking which takes into account the benefits of upgrading, so stay tuned.


The 10K Challenge

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A dotrim Review

The 10K challenge is an aggressive downline building program that concentrates on building traffic and commissions firstly through Safelists and List Mailers and then funneling members into some reliable established programs.

The program claims that by consistently working 35 minutes per day and performing delegated tasks it is possible for a member to earn as much as $10000 per month.

My first reaction was one of skepticism, but having now reviewed the material inside the member’s area and tested the program I’m impressed with its business model, integrity and vision.

Can you make $10,000 per month with it?

Well, remarkably, I believe it to be possible, but having said that, I believe that to give yourself the maximum chance with a program like this you need to tweak the marketing strategy to put the odds in your favour.

The 10K Challenge Strategy In A Nutshell.

Essentially, the10k Challenge encourages members to advertise the 10K challenge progressively across a range of List Mailers, Safelists and Text Ad Exchanges.  The program provides some quality marketing material and a couple of very useful tools . As you join more advertising resources you place your affiliate link inside the members area -so that as people you recruit follow you in, they join under you.  Its a pretty sound strategy that has been used in various formats by a variety of successful downline building programs.

The key of course is volume – you simply have to to get the 10K Challenge in front of enough eyeballs, to get sufficient people to opt in to the 10k challenge.  The program is honest  and realistic enough to acknowledge this  and sets a  target of 400 visitors to the affiliate landing page per day.
Now to put everything in context – some safelist mailers have very low click through rates (as low as 0.1% of emails sent. That’s 10 visitors for every 10000 mails sent), while the very good ones can have click through rates as high as 2 or even 3% – that’s 200 to 300 visitors per 100000 emails sent.

Lets be honest.  Getting 400 visitors per day to an affiliate landing page using Safelist traffic is a tough ask for the average online marketer – halving that ratio would make the whole thing  much more achievable and I believe that there are ways of doing that – these are covered in the strategy section below.

10K Challenge strengths

      • The 10K Challenge is well put together – the training is clear and direct.
      • The programs recommended are all reputable and established.
      • There are a lot of promo codes to claim free advertising with- these alone are worth joining for
      • There are strategies presented for managing the flood of emails.
      • There are some handy tools and little known programs that will assist with your advertising.
      • The business model is sound.


10 K Challenge Weaknesses

Firstly, let me state that no program created is perfect – all strategies have inbuilt weaknesses – being aware of what they are and turning them to our advantage can be the difference between success and failure.

      • By and large the 10K challenge weaknesses are easily catered for.  Essentially everything revolves around the strategy of promoting the 10K challenge affiliate program up front.  I understand why program owners do this – most people are quite content to promote a program directly because its easy. But in doing so the affiliate becomes enslaved in the constant promotion and branding of a program that they have no ownership of – essentially when you promote any program on a mass advertising site like safelist, text ad exchanges or Traffic Exchanges you become involved in a great big lottery as viewers become aware of the program over time and then randomly join an affiliate that just happens to be in front of them. That’s no way to run an advertising campaign.
      • The other weakness that stands out is that everyone is encouraged to market the same program to the same advertising channels.  This could and probably will cause program fatigue in a relatively short space of time. Both of these weaknesses can be overcome with a little effort


Down line builders can be quite a lucrative way to build an online business – this particular downline builder has the potential to be profitable very quickly.
If you sign up for the 10K challenge and work exactly as directed and stick to the task at hand you will be successful over time – but it will be a pretty hard road.
Here is my suggested strategy to make the 10Kchallenge work- please read this in its entirety as I am making a partnership offer at the end of this.

      • Join the 10Kchallenge today and start working through the daily tasks – but do not promote the 10K challenge directly
      • Create a short report (something like this) that you can give away to people recommending the 10Kchallenge
      • Create a squeeze page that you can begin building your own subscriber list with – offering an in depth report on the 10K challenge.
      • Start promoting your squeeze page.
      • Checkout the latest data for the safelists that dotrim has been tracking, and join up to 5 (more if you are happy to do so) of these that are not on the 10K Challenge downline builder. Advertise your squeeze page in those safelists.

If you are an experienced marketer you will be able to implement this strategy yourself, however, less experienced marketers may find this strategy a little to intimidating.

The dotrim 10K Challenge Partnership Offer

If you elect to join the 10K partnership under me I will give you all the support and training required to make the 10K challenge strategy work for you including,

      • Squeeze Page templates
      • Recommended follow up letters
      • Skype assistance for you and your downline
      • Some key advertising resources.
      • Re-branded report provided for you.

Come and check out the 10k challenge today – it costs nothing to look.

Travel With Friends

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Travelling Companions.

It is possible to take the journey to Prosperity alone but that excursion becomes much more enjoyable when you take others with you. So gather some friends and take them on the journey with you. They will appreciate it and you will gain much from sharing that journey.

These travelling buddies can

  1. be company for you on those long and lonely stretches.
  2. share expenses, or contribute to the costs,
  3. provide advice based on their experiences,
  4. share the load. If you train them well they can help with driving,
  5. bring their friends along for the ride too.

If you choose your travelling companions they can also help with any maintenance and service issues that are necessary on the journey. Yes, you can call into service points along the way, but if you have fellow travellers who have the right tools and the right experience, you time off the road can be kept to a minimum, helping to get you to your destination sooner.

How’s The Trip?

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Monitoring Progress

On the journey you will want to check regularly to make sure that you are heading in the right direction. You will also want to keep an eye on the budget with things like the cost of fuel and maintenance on the vehicle.

There may be checklists of places that you expect to travel through, tasks to complete along the way and people who will help you to meet the goals of your journey.

You will also need to be attentive to the road conditions. Always keep an eye out for hazards that you may encounter.

You will also want to know exactly where you are, where you have been and how you journey is progressing.
What you have done so far may affect your plans for the rest of the journey.

These things will not just happen spontaneously, and need to be checked regularly and adjustments made to the plans, and modifications to the vehicle performed to get the most out of the trip.

The Right Equipment

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For The Vehicle

Your vehicle needs to have the right equipment to function properly.

Your journey is going to rely on the vehicle that you are driving being able to take you there.

Make sure that everything is working well and the engine is tuned up for the best performance. What about tires, brakes and fuel pumps, for example? Should they fail you will could be stranded.

The Right Vehicle

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For The Journey To Prosperity

Unless you intend to make the journey very slowly, and walk your way to the destination, you will choose a vehicle that you travel in.

Depending on the time that you have to make the journey, the route you will take and the hazards that you meet along the way, that selection of vehicle will be critical to reaching the destination.

Choice of vehicle will determine how long it takes to reach your destination, and how comfortable that journey is.

For a speedy trip, you may choose something powerful and fast. That will turn out to be expensive, and there is still no guarantee that the rocketship will stay on target. In the Internet Marketing world you will see many vendors of programs that promise quick and easy riches. The results from these do not often match the promises given in the sales pitch. Here at dotrim we will endeavour to keep clear of these unreliable craft.

For a safer ride, choose a vehicle that you are comfortable with, that you can control, that is reliable and is built for the purpose. There are so many types of vehicles to choose from. Decide on what your vehicle needs to do, look at the models that will do that, and select the one that you feel best fits the role that you have for it.

When choosing a vehicle it is also a good idea to inspect it carefully. That means more than kicking the tyres, or just lifting the bonnet to see if there is an engine. Take it for a test drive, put it through its paces and see if will do the job you ask it to do.

Sure, you may need to make some modifications along the way, but if the vehicle looks like it will take you on that journey, and it’s within your budget, then it is time to get in, switch on start down the road.

The vehicle chosen for this journey is the Prosperity Marketing System. It may not suit you, but there’s no harm in having a test drive.


Prosperity Marketing System


More Mysteries of Brand Pages Unlocked

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No Blank Tabs Please

How to fill the tabs on a Brand Page.

The Recent News Tab:
This part of a Brand Page is generated from the Social Media Profiles that are submitted when creating it. For this reason it is important that the profiles used are related to the Brand, and not personal or non-brand related.

This may require the creation and management of things like a new page in facebook, a brand-related Twitter account and other features in any social media that can be linked to the brand.
Another aspect to consider for this tab is the RSS feed. If the content of the site from which the feed comes is limited to discussions, reviews, etc about the brand that looks much better on the Brand Page than material that is not related.

Discipline and forward planning are going to help create a Recent News page that showcases a Brand. Since this is the first page that a visitor to a Brand Page usually goes, the important first impression is formed right there.

Web News/PR Release

Fill this page with content that complements and enhances the brand. Treat theme as a Press Release, or even include any that have been published elsewhere.

This a great space to include articles and review of  the brand, to help readers of the Brand Page relate to that brand.

To add content to this tab, admins can click the Edit Page, and select Edit Webs from the left sidebar menu.

When adding content to this tab these 3 things will be required:

  • Provide the link to the article, PR or review etc.
  • Use the Brand Name in the Title of the content to be added or in H1 or H2 headline tags. This is very important. If the Brand Name is not found in the page title or headline tags, the link will not be accepted for inclusion.
  • Add  a short description to introduce readers to the content and encourage them to click the link to open and read it.

Having trouble with this process? dotrim Brand Page Service is there to help.



This aspect (and those below) will be written about soon. I just wanted to get this post started and out there.



Taking Action!

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Thanks to Become A Blogger!

Although this blog was created some time ago, some of the initial steps and features that were established on set up have been neglected, left unattended or even removed. Now that I am into Module 3 of the Become A Blogger course it is becoming obvious that Become a Blogger 2.0more attention should have been paid to them.

I guess that’s the result of distractions from various social media networks and the activities needed to keep up to date with all of those new contacts that give the illusion of adding to my profile and hence leading to more business and maybe even income. Perhaps it’s time again to narrow the focus, and really get this blog, and my other(s) optimized for the best results.

RSS Feed

Although I established subscription to the RSS feed using Feedburner some time ago, that was neglected and eventually removed. It’s back again and I encourage you to subscribe. Why? Well I have rediscovered the feeds that I have subscribed to and found some content that

  1. It interesting and has captured my attention so that I want to follow up to find out more.
  2. There are some high ranking blogs that I feel comfortable adding comments and becoming involved in the discussion
  3. There is content that I may be able to adapt (NOT copy) and use as the stimulus for blog posts.
  4. There may be some opportunities for guest blogging.
  5. And it is much more preferable to the mindless Internet Marketing links thrown around in the social media with the promise of quick bucks.

Well that just a few quick thoughts about the value of subscribing to RSS feeds.

And all of that came from  just the few units (videos) in the Become A Blogger 2.0 training course.

Stay tuned for what’s to come, or even better take up the offer on my Coupon page.

Hurry, Look Now! Just 5 days left!

Become A Blogger Was Live!

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Here Is What You Got!

If you were one of those who took action!

dotrim believes that this is the BEST blog training course going around and strongly encouraged you to join and take advantage of what the course teaches.

So much so that there was possibly the best offer for you to join Become a Blogger 2.0 right here at dotrim.

Unfortunately that offer is now not available

But even if you didn’t get to take up the whole package, just for looking at Become A Blogger you got all of Module 1 FREE, to help you get up and running. I believe that you can still get access to those from the banner ad in the header.