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Getting Sidetracked

The past few weeks have been quite an intense time with lots of things happening to prevent me from updating here at this blog.

Well that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

Change of Lifestyle

Grey NomadRecently I have taken the plunge and begun what I am calling my Grey Nomad Adventure. I have sold my house in the country and bought a caravan which will be my home on wheels for some time. Juts how long depends on many factors such as health, mobility and finances.

You can follow that adventure at Grey Nomad Times.


I have been enjoying the privilege of consulting with the founder of APSense and a small team of others to help with a huge upgrade to that site.

Several new features have been added, and it was great to provide feedback after testing the prototypes, and then watching as they were introduced to the members. That has been a great experience, that has proved to be very useful in understanding the back office of a network with thousands of members.


For some time I have been involved with the beginnings of this APSense Add-On, and then with shared management. Again the experience has provided me with many new insights, and experiences in promoting and managing a system.

I am hoping that that I will find some more time to add post to this blog, and if hoping is not enough to achieve that, I will have to MAKE time for it.

Hope to keep up, and if I don’t please remind me!



Promoters Review Niche Profits Classroom

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Niche Profits Classroom Reviews

Promoters in a recent TeamPromote campaign had an opportunity to add reviews and other types of content. The following extracts are taken from those submissions.

Udo Hoffman submitted the following content to the TeamPromote campaign after viewing the introductory video and checking out the offer.

Adam seems like such a young man to have the ability to teach you how to do this, but do not be fooled. Age had nothing to do with either knowledge or talent.

Niche Profit Classroom is a simple step by step instructional program where you will be looking right over Adam’s shoulder to see exactly how he does it.  Add to that the fact that much of the operations are automated and you can compress weeks even months of effort into just moments with the click of a button.

As an added bonus you get 2 niche business hand delivered to you every month..
“How cool is that!”

Auto pilot setup, 2 new sites every month, weekly coaching calls to answer your questions, review of your sites, group training events every 2 week and all for just $1 for 14 days.

You would have to be a fool or living on the street not to take advantage of this right now.


And Louis Liem contributed this to the discussion after reading some comments about suggestions for potential niche markets:

With everybody giving suggestions on what niche is the best selling niche nowadays, it has become harder to find a really profitable niche with less competition. One niche which used to be the most profitable has become the most avoided due to the increasing number of flocks hunting for their position in that niche.

From my experience, if you find a program that do good in finding a profitable niche, keep it a secret. At least until you have secured your position and earnings.


Video Training In The Classroom

I am about half way through the video training in the Classroom and working on building my first niche using that training. The tools provided make it relatively easy to identify a niche market, and by digging deep I am anticipating that the market will be profitable.

Time will tell if that is true.

A Short Cut To Niche Marketing

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Get A Head Start Niche Marketing

Call it coincidence, call it luck?

It doesn’t really matter what you call it. It’s serendipity.
Just as I launch out on a series of posts about niche blogging and setting up a niche marketing, what should I discover but a series of videos which will do just that.

Well, at least, from viewing the first 2 of 9 videos, that’s where they are heading.

So I thought I would share with you just where you can get those videos, to help you take a short cut and get a head start. That is before  this series of blog posts is completed. The posts will reinforce and add to the videos, so please don’t forget to come back here to get those extra bits of information. And yes, you can talk about them here in comments to the posts.

So here’s where you can get those free videos.

TeamPromote Campaign: Free Niche Site Videos

TeamPromote Campaign


If most ‘make money online’ guides overwhelm you, scare you or frustrate you, don’t worry… we’ll have you up and running and making money today.

What’s My Niche?

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Is Niche Blogging For You?

Niche BloggingOne thing I have discovered with blogging and Internet marketing is to never say “Never.”

It was not long ago that I thought that niche blogging was not for me. I came to that conclusion possibly because the concept of Niche Blogging was usually associated with those opportunities that are of the IBM (I Believe in Miracles) or the 3M (Magical Money Maker) type.

They usually feature sales pitches about how easy it is to  make lots of money. And a long winded and deliberately vague video presentation.

In association with TeamPromote I am about to venture into the field of establishing niche sites, to check if this activity is really capable of providing opportunities for making money online.

It should be an interesting journey. And it will be a lot more work than the IBM or 3M opportunities.

Commenting On Comments

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Add Comments Here

This blog is currently being featured in a TeamPromote advertising campaign.

dotrim hosting

Add Comments

TeamPromote is now in version 1.1 and has some new features added which will benefit Advertisers (me, in this case) and Promoters (possibly you if you came here from that campaign).

One of the added features is the ability for Promoters to add a comment to each of the sites that an Advertiser nominates. In the current campaign I have set that to allow for a comment from each promoter to this blog. They can choose which post to add their comment to.

When a relevant comment is posted here in this blog I can then approve it in the TeamPromote campaign, and the Promoter will be awarded some Effort Points. There are other ways to build Effort Points which are used to determine the rewards given to each Promoter at the end of the campaign. You will have to visit TeamPromote to discover what they are.

Let me emphasise that the comment must be submitted here, to one of the posts in this blog, before it will be approved and effort points added in the campaign. If the comment is irrelevant or is not submitted for approval to this site, it will be declined, and no effort points awarded.

You are invited to add comments to this post, especially if you came here from the TeamPromote campaign. But remember to read the post, or visit others in the blog, because that’s what I was aiming for by encouraging you to add comments. Irrelevant and meaningless comments will not be approved.


A Growing ToDo List

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Busy Times:

The past few weeks have been very busy, with lots of new tasks, roles and activities to do, while helping with the development of TeamPromote.

On Task

TeamPromote Marketing PlatformSkype chat has been extremely useful, and thankfully the time spent there is usually focused on the task at hand. Previously while working on another project a lot of time was wasted in irrelevant chat and off task discussions. By working intensively on this project it has become critically important to manage any files and documents that need to be shared. That includes making sure that they are stored in folders where they can be easily found and shared.

New Skills

New skills, such as writing Press Releases, articles, Text Ads and content for web pages have to learned, practiced and honed up to achieve the best results. It’s seems like a never ending round of testing and tweaking.


What makes it all worthwhile are the results of this collaboration. Some are more obvious than others but they are all important in building the exciting new an Innovative Marketing Platform, TeamPromote.

Now it’s time for you to experience the results of the collaboration. With significant input from Philippe and Wincer the  video to attract advertisers to TeamPromote is shown below.

Do you have something you would like to promote? Sit back, look and listen to this cooperatively produced video.

A Growing ToDo List

And while all of this is happening, there’s all of the usual things to do. Hence the growing ToDo list. Then there’s the offline jobs that never seem to go away. As I have indicated, an ever growing ToDo list. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since I retired, I don’t think Ive ever been so busy, but at least, the tasks to be done are of my choosing.

It looks like Time Management is a very important skill when working online.

TeamPromote: Perfect for Affiliate Managers

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A Campaign For Affiliates

This short post attempts to outline the benefits of TeamPromote for owners of an affiliate program.TeamPromote Marketing Platform

As an example I have chosen to demonstrate with a fictional ClickBank product.

A typical scenario.

The product: Software to produce eBooks to sell. Yep, corny, but it’s just an example. It is offered at ClickBank with a 50% commission to affiliates.

The Aim: To attract affiliates who will promote the product and make sales.

The Process:
1: Adding to ClickBank will attract some affiliates, but there is strong competition, and thousands of products.

2: Promote and recruit affiliates by your own efforts. Advertising, email marketing, etc. using your own contacts and programs.

Now Enter TeamPromote!

3: Gather a Team of promoters who become affiliates and promote the product to their contacts.

A campaign set up for an affiliate product will create unique links for each promoter, and any sales generated will be credited to that promoter.

So everyone joining has a double opportunity for being rewarded. Advertisers get their product promoted, and sales.

How to set up a TeamPromote campaign for affiliates to join.

First all of the usual items like Campaign Name, Description, Logo, Geo-Targeting, Categories, and content for Text Ads and the Landing Page need to be planned.

The tricky part is filling in the Destination Link and the URL that tells promoters how to find their Referral ID.

Since the example is a ClickBank product, the Referral Link (known as a Hoplink) replaces the “xxxx” in this link:


TeamPromote Affiliate Form

Click to Enlarge

To set up the referral link the creator (advertiser) supplies the link. In the example shown at arrow (a) it is critical that the %ref_id% is added just like that, because the script uses that code to add each promoter’s unique Referral ID in that position.

The URL at arrow (b) is the link to where the promoter can sign up to get or retrieve their referral ID.

When a promoter joins a campaign such as this, they will be asked for their referral ID. If they already know it they can simply supply it when the join. If they have forgotten or need to sign up for a Referral ID, the URL at arrow (b) will tell them how to get that ID.

More Reward For Effort.

Affiliate Products have greater potential for generating cash for promoters:

  • In campaign rewards from the advertiser
  • and from sales of the product being promoted.

Look out for these campaigns at TeamPromote.

TeamPromote Help Center Is Now Live

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TeamPromote Help Is At Hand

TeamPromote Help CenterHave you seen the references to TeamPromote over the past few days and weeks?

Have you been wondering what TeamPromote is all about?

Many of your questions will be answered if you visit the Help Center. That has been available for everyone to view and review.

The Help Center has hints and tips for potential Advertisers and Promoters. The videos in the Tutorials at the Help Center will show you step by step how to set up a campaign for promotion and how to promote a campaign.



Preparing and Positioning For Team Work

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Learning From A Game

TeamPromote PlanningWhile I am writing this I am watching a game of football, and it is obvious that the most effective team is the one that is well prepared and the team members position themselves for the greatest effect. Much of that is achieved by careful and planned preparation.

So what has this got to with this post?

Position yourself

to take advantage of the introduction of an innovative marketing platform that is very close to launch date.

The philosophy behind the approach in TeamPromote is that both Advertisers (with a product or service to sell) and Promoters (who help with spreading the word about these products) work together to support each other.

TgopTeam LogoAdvertisers create campaigns take place over a fixed time (Chosen by the Advertiser). They decide on an amount of funds to activate the campaign, and a significant amount of those funds are made available to be shared by the people who make up the team who have joined the campaign to promote it.

Promoters elect to join the campaigns and use the resources provide by TeamPromote to advertise the Advertiser’s product or service. The activity of each Promoter (based on the number of clicks their promotions attract) will be used to calculate their share of the funds allocated to the team. Rewards offered by the Advertiser are shared by the Promoters, based on the proportion of clicks that their promotions attract.

Preparation and Planning

When creating a campaign the Advertiser provides the information needed to produce the landing page and other sharing tools needed for the campaign. To prepare for creating a campaign there are several things should be ready for completing the form.

First, to take advantage of this service you will need to be a member of APSense, the Business Social Network.APSense Business Social Network

Then gather together details to help provide information for the product or service to be advertised. A title for the campaign, a description of the product, a logo to identify it, the link the prospects will be sent to, the budget for the campaign and how long to run it.

Promoters will also be members at APSense, and will have the opportunity to browse through the campaigns that are active. From them they can choose which ones to join.

To prepare themselves they can start to consider where they might be able to most effectively promote the products and services in the campaigns they have joined.

If you want to be advised as the launch time for TeamPromote nears, please use the contact form in the sidebar to let me know, and I will keep you up to date with progress.

Battling the Distractions

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Battling To Write A New Post

There has been a gap between this post and the previous one, and that is the result of few distractions which have meant that time has not been spent writing posts.

Three or four days without internet access makes it a bit difficult to keep up with writing and publishing posts, so that is one contributing factor.

Working on the TeamPromote project, while exciting and challenging, also means that I have neglected adding to this blog. That activity has, however, given me time to think about adding to the resources provided by dotrim Blog Services. Stay tuned for any announcements about that.

Despite it being mid-winter the past few days have provided magnificent gardening conditions, with the sun shining and clear skies, so I have taken some time for getting out in the fresh air.