Feeding Your List

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You Have Subscribers. Now What?

List building is spoken of as the way to make a success in Internet Marketing. As Isloooboy said in a comment on one of my earlier posts

What I have read regarding list building is, “Only look for those people who are interested in the subject which you are promoting” otherwise your list will be an extra burden because of there (sic)  non responsive behavior.

There is not much point in building a list if it is just a list of names, and they do not have a strong reason or interest in belonging to that list. You may be putting in a lot of effort to market to that list, but if nobody is responding, that effort is wasted.

Much better to have a focus for the list, to attract people who share that interest and will respond to the newsletters and email that you send to them.

Your List Should Be Hungry For More.

Feed Your ListPresuming that you, as the list owner, have some knowledge, interest and background in the focal point for your list, it is likely that you will want to share that. WordPress provides you with a comprehensive and powerful Content Management System. By creating and building content you will have a great resource to share with your list.

By running your site as a typical blog, (if there is such a thing) you will have content that can be  copied or referred to in your emails to the list. Not every post, but just those that you know will create the greatest response.

Alternatively you could send to your list a summary of the latest posts, and direct your subscribers to the site for more details.

Do you review products and services that apply to your niche or list focus? Write those reviews in your site and then send your list to the reviews for more information.

By adding relevant content to your site you will also be enhancing your credibility in the subject of your niche and list. With a higher credibility rating your content will be sought after, your loyal subscribers will want more and they will also be more likely to act on your recommendations. The power and simplicity of a WordPress site can help with that.

Add More Mouths To Feed

By the way, makes sure that you have the Sign Up form for your list showing so that potential new subscribers can also sign up when they stumble upon your site in the search engines, or when one of their friends tells them about your site.



Quick Start To Niche Marketing

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14 Day Trial of Latest Version of NPC

Niche research

Find Your Niche

Niche Profit Classroom has recently updated to Version 4.0.

Phase 1 of that release has introduced training and tools for developing niche sites to take advantage of AdSense.

You are invited to take advantage of the 14 Day Trial period which should give plenty of time to get one or more niches sites up and running.

In that 14 day period you will have access to training and tools that will

  • Help you research to find good niche markets.
  • Automate your keyword research.
  • Help choose and buy domain names for your niches.
  • Host your sites (if needed).
  • Set up your sites.
  • Help add relevant content.
  • Help monitor your results and progress.
  • Outline a process for geting good Search Engine results.
  • Give access to others using the program.

All of this for just $1, plus any domain name purchases (approx $10 each), giving you 14 days full access.

Get your Niche Profit Classroom trial now.



3 Niche Marketing Styles

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Now that this series of posts is heading into the practical aspects of Niche Marketing it is time to consider what style of format that can take. In keeping with the trend of the last two posts, where groups of 3 have been featured,  let’s choose 3 ways to make money from a chosen niche.

3 Ways For Niche Marketing

1: Make money from advertising the niche.

Niche MarketingThis is perhaps the simplest form of Niche Marketing. This style is usually product based. It requires making a simple site that provides useful and relevant information about the products in the niche. That information is typically prepared to be found easily from Search Engine queries. The site will also have carefully placed advertising, typically AdSense ads, and the when these are clicked by visitors to the site, small payments are added to the account of the site owner.

This method will usually only produce small income per site per day, so often the marketers using this style will have many sites in different niches, thus building income from these different sites.

The Kelty Sleeping Bags site is a Niche Product site with AdSense advertising. It is a live example produced by the team at Niche Profit Classroom

2: Affiliate Marketing in a Niche

In this form of Nice Marketing, the site owner targets a product for which they will be paid a commission for sales generated from their site. Articles related to the product are published to have the site appear in Search Engine queries. the owners of these sites may also provide a method for subscription to a short email course or information series. In that series of emails there may be further opportunities for subscribers to purchase the affiliate product.

This style of niche marketing is typically associated with information or software products, although it can also be used for physical product sales.

For an example of this style you could watch the development of Lactose Free Now.


3: Sales of Owner Produced Products.

In this form of Niche Marketing the site owner has produced their own product and is marketing that through their sites. It flows on from the affiliate style of Niche Marketing, and also has a subscription or membership offer associated with it.

The owner may also offer the product to subscribers to sell if they establish, or use an Affiliate Management program.

The Betta Fish Center site is a an example of one of these Niche Sites.

Niche Marketing Basics

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Niche Marketing

For success in  Internet Marketing we have been looking at ways to  find and exploit  niche markets that are not oversupplied.

Once you find these niche markets, there are several things that you can do including:

Niche Marketing1. Collect potential customers or subscribers.

This will be the key to your online niche business. When you have the e-mail addresses of subscribers, you not only sell directly to your niche prospects immediately, but you can introduce them to other products in this particular niche market that you may be able to sell them to meet their needs.

You must collect e-mail addresses!

2. Provide your subscribers with great value.

You may have chosen a niche market that you are not familiar with, but it is still possible with careful selection to provide great articles and other experiences. There are many article directories that provide free articles that you can use, but I recommend that you take care with selecting appropriate, up-to-date and content that will provide value to your subscribers.

The 6th video in the series reviewed in the previous post shows a method for using PLR articles for producing your own content.

It is also possible to have articles written in any niche market, by using the services of freelancers.

It is also possible to provide value in other ways, such as a social group, or a forum relating to your niche.

3. Provide your subscribers with free niche reports.

By now, you have loyal e-mail subscribers within your niche, and it’s time to provide them a report.

The easiest way to do this is to assemble a series of articles in your particular niche market and put them together into a niche report.

Within this niche report, make sure to add many affiliate links to products within your niche, along with links to your website. Also, be sure to allow subscribers who download your report to be able to give it away to others for free. This will create a very powerful viral marketing effect, and will drive a lot of traffic to your niche website and to your affiliate websites.

4. Offer a product (or products) for sale within your niche market.

Now it’s time to take your niche site to the next level. By now you should have a great deal of knowledge of your niche market.

Either write an ebook yourself, or go to one of the many freelancer sites and have one created. There are also some easy niche product creation solutions available on the net.

The key is to create a lot of articles, a lot of reports, and a lot of products to sell in any niche market you choose. Don’t worry, It’s not as hard as it seems.

You do not have to produce your own products, because you can also sell affiliate products from various sources such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon and a host of other affiliate programs. Just remember that these products should be related to the niche, otherwise you could risk losing those loyal subscribers who do not appreciate being blasted with pitches for irrelevant items.


GSEO.net – Learn How To Make Money Online through SEO & Internet Marketing

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GSEO Community

Daniel Lew also known as Dan Lew in the online world has recently launched an Internet Marketing SEO Training & Consulting Community called GSEO.net for clients and consultants where both will have direct interaction with each other.

GSEO.net is custom designed for both Internet Marketers & Clients who are searching for SEO, SEM, Online Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Keyword analysis and lots more.

If you don’t know about Dan Lew then let me tell you about him in brief. He is one of the top Internet Marketers & SEO Professionals in the industry and the inventor of the Best Premium WordPress SEO Plugin – Keyword Winner.

GSEO CommunityAs a GSEO.net Member, You can get help in finding Hot & Profitable Niches, learning about how to do Keywords Research and get direct access to up to date Internet Marketing methods. You will also learn how to optimize your websites based on On-page & Off-page SEO techniques which is not known in public and for which you will also get 24 hour support with professionals and you can also promote your SEO and SEM Services in this premium SEO & Internet Marketing community.

Benefit of Joining GSEO.net SEO & Internet Marketing Community

1. As a GSEO.Net member, you will get instant access to reputable & reliable SEO Consultants that can help you to find profitable niche that you need to target.

2. The Experts inside GSEO.net community can help you to learn & how do keyword research more effectively without any confusion.

3. As a GSEO.net User, you will be the first to know the latest algorithm changes, about latest & Best Competition and will have access to premium SEO tools.

4. For On Page and Off page optimization, Being a GSEO.net member, you will learn about Niche Selection, Article spinning, keyword research, Quality Link Building resources, Meta Optimization, Directory submission, Keyword Density, Social Web 2.0 Submission, Traffic Generation, Building Authority, Crawling, Indexing, Page Rank and lots more.

5. You will also learn how to Make Money Online using
a) Blog Post Optimization
b) Social Marketing
c) Affiliate Marketing
d) SEO Copywriting
e) Using Landing & Sales pages and lot more..


Add This Plugin To Power Up Your Blog

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Power Of WordPress Shines Again.

WPSA PluginI have been investigating ways to make it easier for people to Subscribe/Register to take full advantage of participation in another of my blogs, the Dotrim nano Network. It looked like being a tricky little job to manage, but then in my inbox a couple of days was an offer of a plugin for WordPress that serves as both a subscription and product management system.

I think I used to call that Serendipity, but whatever it’s called it came just at the right time.

Following a bit of fiddling and setting up, the plugin is all set to go and I have started to put it into action.

Details about Membership at the Dotrim nano Network (DnN) are on the page in there called Subscribe.

You can also pick up the WP Sales Automator plugin by Subscribing to participate in DnN.  There it is given as bonus for subscribing, saving you the original purchase price.

I can also include the plugin (at no extra cost) in any WordPress installation done on my Dotrim Blog hosting service.

If neither of the above options are enticing enough, then you can buy the plugin directly from HERE.

WordPress: More Than Just Blogging

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Another way to use WordPress.

WordPress logoIn the past few days I have been exploring some ways to use WordPress, other than as a traditional blog.

My efforts have been concentrated on setting up WordPress as a base for a small membership site. I have been using the term nano Network to describe the type of site I have been developing.

After a quick search I could not find any other references to nano Networks other than to do with electronics and communications, so I have co-opted the term.

The first nano Network that I am building is planned to be a membership site where information about the process and benefits of establishing a nano Network are shared.

While still in its early stages you can visit the Dotrim nano Network by clicking the link. I am also working on another nano Network with a completely different focus, but more about that later.

Right now I should be working on the report that will be available from DnN (the Dotrim nano Network)  soon. That report will provide information on how to set up your own nano Network using WordPress.

My friend Mark Hodgetts has published a report that shows how he made $3k in 7 days, while using WordPress in some different ways. Grab a copy of the report and you too can explore the benefits of using WordPress.

4 Reasons To Scale Down Your Social Networking

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That is, apart from the ridiculous amount of time you can spend Social Networking.Social Networks

Too Much Noise:

Did you join Facebook just to keep up with off line friends and family? And now you seem to have lots of “friends” that you’ll never get to meet. They post lots of trivial little things about themselves that really are of no interest to you.

Are you tempted to respond to the businesses that now want you check them out on Facebook? As if you don’t already spend enough time just getting through the clutter.

Sure you might miss something, but you’ll certainly spend time searching out the occasional jewel. As if we aren’t time-poor enough already.

Too Complicated:

Have you joined a Social Network where there are so many options, so many different Read more of this article »

Dotrim nano Network: Continued

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Why Join a Small or nano Network?

With all of the possible pathways for connecting in a large network, it is not surprising that members can get get lost, feelDotrim nano Network confused and not be able to navigate their way around.

The nano Network will help you escape from the clutches of a big, overpowering network.

There will be less people to connect with, and the people who are there will, by being a member of the network will have chosen to take part. They won’t be there just because it’s the latest cool thing to do on the ‘Net. Relationships in a nano Network are likely to be closer than a fleeting “add as friend” and then forget about them.

In a nano Network there will be no need to search for “friends”. They will already be there and will welcome you to their focussed activities.

The material generated in the network will most likely be highly focussed on the purpose for the network.  Because the focus is targetted, the amount of irrelevant discussions and overt pushing of the  latest new Hot Opportunity will be minimal, and anyone in the group will soon find that any effort in that direction will be wasted.

So What Do nano Networks Focus On? 

The simple answer to that question is: Anything that the Network members want to take as their focus.

For example: A group of Internet Marketers who have found that they waste a lot of time in the big social networks, dealing with the huge amount of offers, deals, hot opportunities and general spruiking of “products”, may want to take their networking to a quieter place to be able to share their ideas. A nano Network would give them an ideal point for such sharing, and maybe even some cooperative marketing.

Another example: Is your family doing some family History research? Are you looking for a central spot to publish findings, share tales and make it available for family and perhaps others to view and contribute to. Why not set up your own nano Network?

And another: The teacher has a class project that the students could build on and contribute. Can you see a nano Network helping to establish that project?

So How Do You Set Up a nano Network?

I have started to  establish a nano Network as an example of what can be done, but of course there will be lots of other ways to set up your own nano Network.

This Dotrim nano Network is based on WordPress, the platform that is commonly used for blogging. Word Press is however much more powerful than just a blogging platform.  Details on how to start a nano Network using WordPress  will be published in an upcoming eBook, to be made available here.

So if you are interested in following the development of the Dotrim nano Network (and contributing to that development) visit the Register page to find out how.

At this stage you can

  • Register as a Subscriber. To receive an occasional email update, and read and comment on articles.
  • Register as a Contributor (Author), to be able to post your own articles to the Network, as well as all benefits of being a Subscriber. This level requires a small monthly payment. (Free trial for 1 month).

As the network develops the process for Registering will be made simpler. Will we see you there?

Time To Cancel A PayPal Subscription Or Two

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Cancel PayPal Subscription: Reminder to me!

After my recent little road test of Traffic Exchanges I found that some TEs were definitely not worth the effort to surf them, and definitely not worth putting any my money into them as either payments for credits or as subscriptions.

Cancel PayPalIt’s not really obvious how to cancel those subscriptions, so here is how to do that in PayPal.

  • Login to PayPal.
  • Locate and click the Profile link in the My Account Tab.
  • Select My Pre-Approved Payments from the drop down menu.
  • From the list of Merchants that you subscribed to click the link of the one to cancel.
  • At the bottom of the page, locate and click the cancel subcription button.
  • Done! Now doesn’t that feel better.

Cancel Subscription


Cancelling a subscription paid by credit card is a little trickier, which is why I am reluctant to subscribe to anything that only accepts Credit Card payments.

Another reason for my reluctance to subscribe if PayPal is not offered is because I wonder why this particular merchant is not offering it. Is it because in the past they have had problems with PayPal’s terms and conditions? If so, then I am reluctant to use that merchant as there may be a shady part to the way they do business. Maybe I’m being a bit oversensitive there.

But at least now I’ve cleared away a few ongoing payments, before they were due for renewal. And I do feel better!