Zurker and Zurks

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Introducing Zurk

What do you do when you want to share something that someone has posted on a network but “like” is not the best word to use for it?

Zurker and ZurkImagine how inappropriate to respond with a “like” when your friend has just posted to their wall, their status or their news feed that their Grandmother has just died. Wouldn’t it be a little insensitive to say that you “like” that bit of news, especially if that grandmother was a delightful lady who was greatly loved by the person posting the update.

Is is a good response to say that you “like” it when somebody is having a bad day, they are snowed in and the heating system is on the blink? I don’t think so. Unless you are really insensitive to the needs of the person posting and just wanting to get yourself noticed by “liking” it. That seems a little heartless. Announcing to the world that you “like” the predicament the person is in.

No doubt you can think of many different situations like that where “like” is really not the best word to use. Maybe the word “share” is also problematic. But the Social Network you are using is probably not going to give you a list of alternatives to use. That list could be quite long.

One solution: Make up a word that could be used universally for any situation. It can be used to say you like something, or that you found it interesting, unusual, challenging, worrying, uplifting… the list goes on.

Basically it’s a word that says you acknowledge the other person’s words or actions.

There is one work that can do that. It’s just a matter of time before it reaches saturation point and starts to hit the vocabulary of everyday users. Remember that not long ago Google was a word that did not exist. And who would have thought that putting face and book together would add another word to our vocabulary?

That word: Zurk.

It is a word that comes from a new and growing Social Network that is in its early days. Zurker. A Social Network owned by its members, not some faceless entrepreneur who stands to make a fortune, along with a select few Venture Capitalists who were in at the start. This is a Social Network that works on democratic principles, where the members determine the direction and share the benefits.

Are you ready to give out and receive a few Zurks? Join Zurker Now.

3 Ways To Dig Deeper In Your Niche

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Digging Deep

When you are establishing yourself in  niche marketing, it is vital that you dig deep and discover the motivations and desires of your target market. It’s identifying and meeting the needs of  the niche market that turn potential customers and clients  into willing buyers of your products and services.

It is not too difficult to identify the things people are looking for, irrespective of  market you are in. Here are a few ways to show you that.

A relatively simple thing you can do to determine the common problems that need to be resolved within a niche,  is to spy on the people within the niche. That doesn’t  mean getting out you James Bond spy kit and watch people in your niche market on a stakeout mission.

It’s best if you can spy on a niche market without anyone knowing you are around. And that’s not too difficult with these three strategies.

Dig in the NicheSocial Networks and Forums.

To spy on a niche, all you have to do is visit social networks and website forums that are put together for people within the niche to chat, communicate and discuss issues that are important to them. Things to lookout for are questions like “Where can I find a…” or “I wish someone would make a…” or “How do I…”.

These are questions that could possibly be solved with an information product that you can sell to this market. There are forums on just about every subject imaginable. Do a search online, type in the niche (ie: die-cast model cars, followed by the word ‘forum’.

Join the market

What better way to spy on a market than to become a member of the market yourself. Involve yourself within the networks, forums, blogs, and events to learn first hand some of the unresolved needs that exist within the niche. In time you will become more familiar with the niche. You will also discover ideas that will help others within the niche, and by providing solutions you will be rewarded from sales to that niche market.


Another powerful way of digging deep to find things a niche market is in need of is…are you ready for this…ASK THEM!

Compile a little survey or a list of questions to find out what people  like. “If there is one thing that would make xxxxx more enjoyable, what would it be?” or “What are your biggest questions, problems or concerns with xxxxx”. You will be surprised how much information people will share with you when you simply ask them.

To increase the response to your little survey let people know you will send them a free report, product or whatever it is they were asked about.

You don’t have to stick to the same old outdated and rehashed ebooks everyone else is selling. Stand out from the crowd and create products the niche market REALLY wants. To discover what  this is,  dig deeper within your niche.

Tuesday’s Tweets: A Day Late.

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Two Tweets For Tuesday

Well, it’s still Tuesday in some parts of the world.

ABCEnvironmentABC Environment: A compendium of all the environment news and issues from ABC Australia http://www.abc.net.au

Thanks! MT @abcreligion: Be sure to read @ABCEnvironment ‘s cracking piece on humans’ destructive quest for happiness. bit.ly/poPUDk

 A Thoughtful piece of writing about the pursuit of happiness, with quotes from such eminient thinkers as John Lennon and the Beatles. Will this make you stop and rethink happiness? I guess that answer is up to you.

Eat Good Food

todaysocial Today’s Social Media: Making interesting Social Media deliveries everyday. http://www.designtaxi.com/news

Does the food we eat affect our productivity? http://ow.ly/6sZFK

I can just see it now. Lunch laid out for the workers. Anything to get more production out of them. I wonder if there’s anything new in this research? Maybe 20% increased production is stretching a bit, but surely it’s common sense that helping the work force to remain healthy is good for business.

The Team Approach To Advertising

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Get A Team Behind You.

TeamPromoteAdvertising your business does not have to be a task done by just you.

We all know how Word Of Mouth advertising is very efficient, with much better results than blasting ads in front of anyone who happens to pass. Don’t you feel more inclined to check out a product or service if someone you know, whose judgement you trust, recommends it.

What if you get together a team of people who know and like your product, to help you promote it? Wouldn’t that make it easier for you to get your product out there?

Introducing The Team Approach

A new Add-On service at APSense, the Social Business is being developed to help you do just that. Called TeamPromote, it is being prepared for release, so now is the time to consider how you can take advantage of the Team Approach to Marketing.

Take the time now to consider how your business could take advantage of this opportunity. Your product or service has its profile raised, more business comes your way while effectively rewarding the people promoting for you. More details on how that happens will be coming soon, but now is the time to prepare.

  • What product or service do you want to promote?
  • What is a good way to promote that. Sales, lead building?
  • What bonuses or rewards can you offer effective promoters?

You can check out the introductory video at TeamPromote.

And also checkout the RevPage at APSense.


Social Media And Serial Post Pests

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What Are They Doing?

BrandingI’m sure that they think that they are branding themselves, but I just have to ask, is it the best way to do that?

I guess you might have seen them. You look at the News Feed or the Wall, and you can’t miss them. They comment on just about everything. They send links to just about everything. Their profile picture is splashed on the page in several places.

But are they really contributing anything of value?

Here’s a little edited example, with commentary.

The first comment after the article is from one of the moderators of site. Labelled Mod in this conversation.

Mod: A wonderful article for the newbies! You not only let them know what to do but why to do it. I hope they take a moment to learn from your wisdom [Name of Author]!

Followed up immediately  (well actually 8 minutes later) by another member, labelled Fol in this conversation.

Fol: I agree with [Mod]. I have nothing to add. I will top and share this one in my networks

So, if there is nothing to add… Why add a comment. Perhaps just to say that other networks are going get a blast.

Then 6 hours later:

Mod: [Author’s article title]  is also featured in [Social Network] eZine’s current issue.

That issue is published by Mod, and if I stretch the point a little it could seem like self-promotion in another member’s article, which is frowned on by the site.

Then 40 mins later:

Fol: Good idea. The article certainly deserves a spot.

Now what did that comment add to the discussion? Apart from giving Mod a little pat on the back, and pick a few brownie points from Mod.

When you consider that sort of tag-team commenting is happening quite frequently at that site it tells me that the people doing it are not really interested in real networking, but in boosting their own brand. And they are doing that while appearing to be making a contribution.

However a close look at the content of many of the comments would show that there is not much of those contributions that add value to the articles. 

What do you think? Am I being too picky? In the case of commenting in the Social Media is it true that Less is More, if you make less comments, but they are considered and thoughtful comments?

And what brand is the Serial Post Pest establishing?

Social Media And Blogging

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Different Ways Of Thinking About Blogs.

Social Media NetworksIf you join some Social Media or Social Networks you might find that they provide a facility for you to share your thoughts, your business opportunity links and your expriences in something that they call blogs.

Initially I had some problems coming to terms with this way of thinking about blogs and blogging, as I was constrained by the notion that a blog was something akin to an online Journal. To me this implied a theme or common thread to the content.

The blogs that you see at some of the Social Networks are more like individual articles that stand alone, and my be arranged into categories if the network provides that facility.

Since a lot of members of these networks have joined with the hope of attracting customers to the products or services that they are advertising, most of the “blogs” are little more than sales pitches. It is not a common thing to find a “blog” that is not aimed at selling something.

You will however find the occasional “blog” that expresses an opinion or states a point of view, and these are quite a welcome break from the  large number of Sales Pitches. It’s no surprise that the submitter (who is not necessarily the author) is quite likely to be a much better marketer than those blasting the service with ads. These people have taken note of methods of branding themsleves and establishing authority and credibility.

2 Social Networks That Provide Blogs

The IBOToolbox (and IBOSocial) is at the time of writing a relatively new and rapidly growing Social Network. It features a Wall, similar to the Facebook Wall, where member activity is posted. Because of the almost frenetic activity at times, post can disappear within a matter of 2 or 3 minutes.

This site has been developed to take advantage of SEO to ensure members get their content seen. Members are encouraged to add 2 blogs per day to build the network of blogs where they are posted.

At APSense the Articles used to be called blogs, and they are a prominent feature of that site, with many of them attracting comments from other members. Activity is also posted to a Wall (or News Feed), but members only see the posts from their contacts. Other “blogs” or Articles from people who are not contacts can been found from the menu bar.

Check out the 2 sites to see a couple of ways that “blogs” are treated in these Social Media sites. Both sites are FREE to join and for you to share your content.

Social DNA: Another Perspective

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So What Is Social DNA?

It is a feature of the Social Media Search site Kooiii. I would like to thank Mildred, one of the admin team at Kooiii for her recent article which details what that very useful feature is.

Her article goes into detail to define Social DNA and to describe how it works. The current logo for the Kooiii site that uses what looks like DNA chain, with Social Media links in the chain, reinforces that connection between the words Social and DNA.

Kooiii Social DNAIn this post I would like to address a couple of aspects of Social DNA that perhaps need further clarification.

But first what is Social DNA?

  • It’s a neat little piece of software, or application that
    • Is provided at the Kooiii site
    • Allows you to select articles, posts, media that you add to Kooiii
    • And send links to other Social Networks
    • Thus saves you the time of individually sharing your content  on these sites.

Which means that this little app can save you lots of time in your efforts to brand yourself, and share your content.

Factors to consider:

Many will tell you that the Social Media sites you can share your content with have millions (billions?) of members, and you have the potential to share with this huge number of people.

The reality is, however, is likely to be much less than that potential.

Do You have Lots of Friends, Followers, Contacts, etc?

Unless I have got the wrong idea about these Social Media sites (which is possible, since I do not belong to all of them) your content shared by using the Social DNA app will only go to those with whom you have formally set up some connection. That is your friends on Facebook, your followers on Twitter, etc.

Unless you have these connections with ALL Facebook members, for example, you will not be sharing with everyone. Just your friends. This means that to effectively use Social DNA, you will have to build up a large group of connections in each Social Network. That will involve quite a bit of effort to establish, and maintain.

If you do have a large network in, let’s say Facebook, the chances are that your friends will also have large networks of friends. So anything you post will be included in their news feeds, along with lots of others competing for the space. If your friends do not regularly, and often, check their news feeds, then your content and links will drop off the front page, with the chances that it will never be seen.

How Often Do You Use Social DNA?

To counteract the potential for your content forwarded by Social DNA to drop off the news feeds you might be tempted to use it often, and for every bit of content you add at Kooiii.

This, in my opinion, can lead to potential readers being put off by the Ho-Hum factor, or even worse for those readers to brand you in their own mind as a nuisance by filling up their news feed with material that they are not likely to read. Some may even go so far as to equate what you forward as spam.

So Would You Use Social DNA?

Taking the issues raised above into consideration, the answer to that question is a definite YES.There are many positives that come from the use of the app, wisely.

If you have any thoughts then please add them as a comment to this post.

As mentioned earlier, I may have a skewed impression of the potential positives and pitfalls in using something like Social DNA to share your material and to promote and brand yourself. I do however believe that used wisely it is a useful app to have in the toolkit for the Internet Marketer using Social Media to build their business.

Add it to your toolkit by joining the growing team at Kooiii.

The Dotrim nano Network: Introduction

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nano NetworkThe Small Network Alternative:

After some concerns about the unresponsive nature of some BIG Social / Business  Networks in the past few days I have been chewing over the notion of the viability of smaller, laser-focussed networks.

As an experiment I have started to check out the practical aspects of establishing and maintaining a nano Network.

The term nano Network, from a little research usually appears in the electronics and communications fields, and because it fits neatly with the concept of a small network of like-minded people I have co-opted the term to describe the type of network that I have envisioned.

A nano Network will limit itself in numbers to ensure that there are not too many members with the potential for distractions. It is aimed to make the participation in a nano Network focus on just a small range of easy to manage activities. The members of a nano Network will cooperate, share and generally interact with each other in depth rather than just superficial, fleeting “friendships”.

All of the confusing, distracting aspects of the BIG networks will be left behind.

So how does a nano Network work?

Firstly, as an example, the Dotrim nano Network is based on a WordPress installation. It will have many of the features of a typical blog.

  • Posts will be displayed in order.
  • Each post can be assigned Categories and Tags for easier navigation.
  • The posts will be written by members of the nano Network.
    • Anybody will register at the site to read and comment.
    • Members will be upgraded to Editor, so they can write and edit posts to share.
    • Members are encouraged to comment on each other’s posts, thus building their reputation and standing.
  • A Forum has been established for members to share discussions away from the public forum of the network.
    • The forum has facility for Private Messaging when appropriate.
  • The Dotrim nano Network will focus mainly on the area of Internet Marketing in Social Networks and Blogs.

If you are interested in checking out the progress so far you can link to the Dotrim nano Network HERE.

In the next few days there will be further materials added, so don’t forget to come back. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions to this post or at the Dotrim nano Network.

If you are really keen to get in on the ground floor at this new nano Network, navigate to the Register Page and complete the 2 step process to become one of the first members.