Keywords and Content

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Keywords determine Content

With the style of Niche Product site being covered in this series of posts the keywords that have been selected will be critical in the choice of content that will be posted on the site.

The Main Keyword:

Niche research

Find Your Niche

This keyword, which has also been used for the choice of domain name for the site will be used as the foundation on which the front page, or the home page of the site will be built.

Using the example that has been discussed in these posts, the main keyword is Shimano pedals. So the front page of the site will have content which is built on the keyword, Shimano pedals.

The title of the page will also contain the keyword.

The page could be a review of Shimano pedals. Ideas for a review like that could come the Shimano website, or other reviews in places like Amazon. The content of the page however, should be ORIGINAL. Do not copy and paste, and be very careful if you choose to “spin” an article that has already been published. Spinners often make a real mess of the language by choosing the wrong words or mixing up the grammar.

Articles from other sites, or PLR articles might also help with providing ideas for your page. Remember, though, to make the content your own.

Extra Keywords:

Use the extra keywords that you have uncovered in your research to use to build pages (or articles) around.

The example we are working on will mean that a page for each of the following keywords will be created.

  • Shimano 105 pedals
  • Shimano spd pedals
  • Shimano clipless pedals
  • Shimano dx pedals

Each page will incorporate the keyword that is the focus for that page on its title.

Once again these pages will be original content, although you can source ideas for the articles from places like mentioned above.

These articles could be posted as normal blog posts, although the keep them in sequence would mean some manipulation of publication dates.

A more elegant solution, in my opinion, would be to publish each article on its own page, which would be made a subpage of a top level page that is made for just that purpose. For an example of that check the Lactose Free Now site.

While writing the content of these posts you can use the keyword in appropriate places, but make sure that the language flows and reads naturally for a human reader. Do not be tempted to think that search engines will rank you more highly if the keyword is repeated often. That was an old tactic that has been counteracted in changes to way that search engines rank pages.

The search engines need to find the keywords, but will penalize your page if it appears too often.

Exact Match Domain Name

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Choosing a Domain Name

Niche research

Find Your Niche

Your niche product site will be hosted on its own domain. The selection of that domain name will either help with making your site easily found or maybe contribute it being buried deep in search results.

A domain name that has an exact match for your main keyword is best. The preferred extension is to find a .com, although .net and .org will also be OK. Steer clear of any other extensions such as .info

Going with the example I have chosen, I searched for the availability of in GoDaddy.

To search for availability of your potential domains you can use the Go Daddy Domain Name Search Tool . Type the keyword into the form, and GoDaddy will show if the domain is available.

Your choices are:

  • If it is available you can purchase it now, but you might want to hold off until you are sure that you will be going ahead with the niche product site. OR
  • It it is already taken scan through the alternative domains that are available, to find one that has as close as possible your main keyword.

The results of my are shown here. Open up the image in a new tab or window to see the details.

Exact Match Domain NameWhy Exact Name Domain?

The aim is to get as many eyes on the site to improve the chances that people will check out some of the AdSense ads that you will be putting there. That means that we want organic traffic, from search engine results. Artificial traffic building strategies such submission in Traffic Exchanges and Pay To click sites will NOT be used. Inclusion in these may result in having your AdSense account disabled, and once that happens it is very difficult to reinstate it.

With your main keyword incorporated in the domain name that is another positive that will help search engines find it. Along with other strategies that will be outlined in future posts, this should help to get that prized high position of page 1 on Google (or Bing or Yahoo etc).

Backlinks: What Are They?

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One of the mysteries of SEO.

For some time now I have been reading and hearing people saying just how important backlinks are for a site’s visibility and reputation, as well as being important for ranking well. But they never seem to explain just what backlinks are, and how they work.

So here goes.

What Are Backlinks?

The easy thing would be for me to say, “Google it.” Sounds like a good idea, but will you get an up to date answer? And will you understand the tech talk and jargon in the articles you find?

backlinks and SEOThe field of SEO, and hence the way that backlinks figure in that, is always changing. This is often to counter the methods that some gurus in SEO sell, to encourage their followers to try and short cut their way to high Page Ranking (PR) and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) position. So, the ways in which backlinks work are always changing.

Backlinks are just one part of the BIG THREE for SEO: Content, Keywords and Backlinks. They are all important but for now, I will just talk about backlinks, at last!

Backlinks are like the trails that join the the houses in a village that just grew. The residents of the village will visit others and make tracks as they regularly visit some of the houses. Some houses will have wider and more prominent trails leading to them. Others may only have narrow tracks leading to them. The houses with well defined trails belong to the most popular and respected citizens.

In the world of the Internet, backlinks are the links to your site from other sites. The more links from sites like yours, and from respected sites the better. The better the trail to your site the better. No one really knows just how the Search Engines do it, but generally they will look kindly on sites that have QUALITY backlinks. This is seen as an indication of the reputation and perceived authority of a site.

Backlinks should be easy to get.

Look at all of the ads where you see sellers offering to get very large numbers of backlinks to your site. Surely if they can do that for less than $5, it must be easy. Remember, QUALITY backlinks are what you are looking for. Links from sites that have similar subjects to yours. Is your site going to benefit from a link that has come from the underwater knitting supplies website?

All I have to do is get all of my buddies, or my 2000 Twitter followers to agree to link to me if I link to them. Wrong! The Search Engines are onto Reciprocal Linking like that and discount them.

Article writing and submission. Yes, write an article or two, put some links back to my site. Submit the articles to hundreds of article directories. That will work, won’t it? Please! Sorry, link farms like that are also easy to detect and discount.

Yes, some of the above may work in the short term, but if you are in this for the long haul, it is best to work on getting your backlinks naturally and organically by providing QUALITY CONTENT that other visitors will find, and because they recognise the quality, they will want to share it with their contacts and readers, and set up QUALITY backlinks to your site.

Build backlinks organically.

Sorry, but I can’t really see any easy way around it. Like building a safe, comfortable and welcoming home, it’s a matter of working away at it, and building it on firm foundations. Do that and the trail to your site will develop, and your site will be seen as one worth visiting.

Article Marketing: A Waste Of Time and Effort?

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Is Article Marketing Worth The Effort?

I found this video on the PRWeb blog and figured it would be worth sharing.



Keyword Search Tool Is A Winner

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Keyword Winner Saves The Day!

keyword search toolRecently I used the Keyword Winner Plugin to help with SEO on a recent post here at dotrim. Just a few days after the post was published the keywords chosen for the post have helped to get the post on the first page of Google.

The image to the left shows the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the keyword phrase that I used for the post, and that the post is sitting at position number 2 on that page.

The Keyword Winner plugin helped with deciding the title for the post, based on the keyword and its competition. The tool allows you to drill down to select the best keyword for the post.

But rather than describe how that is done, I have added this Keyword Winner video for you to see for yourself.

SEO plugin – Learn How To Make Money Online through SEO & Internet Marketing

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GSEO Community

Daniel Lew also known as Dan Lew in the online world has recently launched an Internet Marketing SEO Training & Consulting Community called for clients and consultants where both will have direct interaction with each other. is custom designed for both Internet Marketers & Clients who are searching for SEO, SEM, Online Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Keyword analysis and lots more.

If you don’t know about Dan Lew then let me tell you about him in brief. He is one of the top Internet Marketers & SEO Professionals in the industry and the inventor of the Best Premium WordPress SEO Plugin – Keyword Winner.

GSEO CommunityAs a Member, You can get help in finding Hot & Profitable Niches, learning about how to do Keywords Research and get direct access to up to date Internet Marketing methods. You will also learn how to optimize your websites based on On-page & Off-page SEO techniques which is not known in public and for which you will also get 24 hour support with professionals and you can also promote your SEO and SEM Services in this premium SEO & Internet Marketing community.

Benefit of Joining SEO & Internet Marketing Community

1. As a GSEO.Net member, you will get instant access to reputable & reliable SEO Consultants that can help you to find profitable niche that you need to target.

2. The Experts inside community can help you to learn & how do keyword research more effectively without any confusion.

3. As a User, you will be the first to know the latest algorithm changes, about latest & Best Competition and will have access to premium SEO tools.

4. For On Page and Off page optimization, Being a member, you will learn about Niche Selection, Article spinning, keyword research, Quality Link Building resources, Meta Optimization, Directory submission, Keyword Density, Social Web 2.0 Submission, Traffic Generation, Building Authority, Crawling, Indexing, Page Rank and lots more.

5. You will also learn how to Make Money Online using
a) Blog Post Optimization
b) Social Marketing
c) Affiliate Marketing
d) SEO Copywriting
e) Using Landing & Sales pages and lot more..


Using Meta Description and Keywords: Are They Useful

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Are Meta Tags for Description and Keywords useful  any more?

LinksAn owner of a dotrim blog recently asked me about plugins for adding Meta Tags for Description and Keywords to a blog. This question was asked presumably because it is believed that these would help with SEO and Search Engine rankings.

I went searching for an answer to the question, only to find out that Google no longer uses the Meta Tags such as Description and Keywords in their rankings algorithm. Presumably that is a result of so many websites being packed with keywords in the hope of better ranking, and this abuse has resulted in a change to the way in which Google and other Search Engines operate.

What Keywords do SEs use?

Keywords for a blog are now determined from the Title of a post, any headiline text and from features such as alt tags for images shown in the post. To optimize a post for the best ranking in search engines therefore means some careful selection of words and phrases in these components of that post.

There are many plugins that can help with the SEO of a blog and its posts, and most of these will involve you in some time consuming editing and reworking of your draft posts.

SEO plugin

Now comes a plugin that allows you to decide on your blog post’s title by assessing the search popularity and competition for the keywords that make up that title. By using the plugin you can optimize the title of the post by comparing with other similar keywords and phrases to give the best chance for your post to hit high rankings in search engines, and in as short a time as possible.

That plugin? Keyword Winner 2.0. It has just been released and I have been trying it out on a couple of blog posts, and hopefullywill be able to report my results soon.

Keyword Winner 2.0 has the potential to save you many hours if you spend time searching the current tools for the best keywords, as it works right in your WP blog dashboard when you begin writing a post. It can also be used to go back older posts and edit them to improve the SEO of these.

If you don’t worry about choosing the best keywords for you blog post and just write it without concerning yourself with the intricacies of SEO, Keyword Winner 2.0 will, with just a couple of minutes per post, be able to deliver post optimized for search engines. This will help get your pages displayed high up on the rankings, and more actively searching visitors to your blog.

Keyword Winner is ideally suited to bloggers who use high rankings to get the products and services they are promoting noticed and purchased. The multi-user option for the plugin will allow you to set it up for all of your niche sites.

Check Out Keyword Winner 2.0 Today.