Contrasting Results

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What A Difference!

8 weeks of tracking stats, and it’s become really obvious that some mailers perform better than others.

But by how much much?

This week I have started to give some of the mailers with the smallest Click Through Rate (CTR) their last chance. Actually, there were 5 that didn’t get that chance. There were no more credits left in my account at those, and the effort to build more was considered not worth the effort.

So which mailers are on notice?

First up: any with a CTR of less than 1%. That gave me more than 30 mailers to put under scrutiny.

The Process:

  1. Eliminate, and delete accounts at those with 0 credits left.
  2. Mail out using maximum credits (or total credits left if less than maximum).
  3. Track results. Clicks only. Conversions, if any are a bonus, and will give the mailer another chance.
  4. Continue to use any credits (if available) in subsequent mailouts during the week.
  5. Eliminate, and delete any accounts that return less than 1% CTR after this week.

The results:

Day 4 and approximately 10 mailers have been terminated.

One has a reprieve with a conversion, although the CTR is still heading south.

The end of the week and another 10 have bitten the dust. One good thing about most of those that have been removed is that they use the same out-of-the-box script. The owners have not changed much, apart from the graphics. That has made it easy to find where to delete the account, and the process for deletion is the same.  Now to remove the emails from those dead mailers, and delete the filters.

More time is now available to use the mailers that actually produce some results!

Behind The Scenes At The Ranking

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Gathering The Stats

Another week of tracking and stats has helped to produce the latest dotrim Safelist Rankings.

During the past week 2 different promotions have been used to get the stats for the latest rankings.

As has always been the case, emails promoting the Rankings have been sent out out to many different safelists. For the second week another splash page has been promoted, basically using the same safelists as for the Ranking promotion.

The second splash page (Click Here To View) was created  to promote 100 Percent Traffic. This was chosen after reading a discussion about recruitment of new members in safelists, and how a large ratio of those are directly recruited by the owners. So, as a challenge I decided to pick a safelist, promote it and check the results.

In the time during which the promotion of 100 Percent Traffic was running, there were (if I have read the numbers correctly) nearly 100 new members, and 6 of those were recruited from my referral link. That’s a little more than 6% of new referrals!

In addition to those new members at 100 Percent Traffic, there have been several new referrals in some of the other mailers on the Rankings list.

 Results and Effort

Again the dotrim Rankings show, in order of conversions, the safelists that have given the best ratio of visitors per email opened for credits.

At the top of the list are those mailers that have yielded the greatest conversions. Where there are equal numbers (or ranges) of conversions, they are arranged in order of visitors per email read.

The aim is to provide a list of safelists or mailers that give the best results in the most efficient way.

While it must be recognized that different people and other promotions can produce different results, it is hoped that the list provides a useful guide. These results come from data related to  FREE membership, so greater returns on effort will most likely be gained from being upgraded in these safelists.

In future there may be another ranking which takes into account the benefits of upgrading, so stay tuned.


dotrim Safelist Rankings V2.0

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Enhanced Report

The latest dotrim Safelist Efficiency rankings now have an extra element, Conversions.

A promotion in safelists is aimed at achieving a particular purpose. That could be on of a range of outcomes such as

  • Branding: Getting you name and profile out there.
  • List Building: Getting new leads.
  • Referrals: To an opportunity or service.
  • Sales: Affiliate or direct sales.
  • Or a combination of these.

Now that the ranking list has matured a little, been promoted in safelist mailings and created several new leads for a newsletter, Conversions are now included as a factor for determining which safelists or mailers appear on the list and the order in which they appear.

To be shown on the list, Conversions (submitted list sign up forms) from a mailout to members of that safelist must have been recorded in the tracking stats.

Now, as well as giving an indication of where to put effort in clicking for credits, the dotrim Safelist Ranking list provides pointers to safelists that have yielded results for the effort in building those credits and then mailing out to members.

The aim is to provide relevant information to help you decide which mailers will work for you.

Some pojnts to remember:

  1. The list is not exhaustive. There are hundreds of safelists and mailers, and it seems, new ones each day. Do not restrict yourself to those on the list.
  2. My results may not be the same  as yours. These results are based on promoting the ranking page, and the list sign up form. Your promotions will be different. (Unless you want to promote the rankings! Now that’s another thing to consider.)
  3. The Views per email opened are based on Free or basic upgrades. By taking upgrades to safelists and mailers you will generally not need to spend as much time opening emails for credits.

I hope you find the rankings useful. They are certainly helping me to understand the importance of tracking results, and then acting upon what is discovered.

If you have any suggestions for future revisions of the rankings feel free to suggest them as comments.




dotrim Safelist Rankings

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Efficient Credit Clicking

How To Read The Rankings

The numbers in the columns show the typical number of visitors that I have been able to get from my mailouts in various safelists for the time period of the survey.
credit effort
A number such as 1.2 represents 1.2 clicks to open my email that has been achieved from the equivalent of opening 1 email for credits. That number then gives an indication of the effort needed to gain clicks (or visitors) from opening emails to build credits. Those credits are then used for mailing to the safelist members.

The top 8 safelists for what I have called efficiency, have been ranked from those with the highest visitor return rate first.

So when looking for a safelist that can give you the greater visitor return for the effort taken to gain credits by opening SOLOs and list emails, start at the top and work down.

Criteria for inclusion

To appear on the list a safelist has to meet some basic checkpoints.

  • A Click Through Rate (CTR) of 1.0% or better. That is 1 or more clicks per 100 emails sent out.
  • More than 1000 emails mailed out to members in the survey period.

How the visitor rate is calculated

The rate is based on the number of visitors that can be expected from each credit email opened for each safelist. That is complicated a little by factors such as

  • Variable credits within a range given in some safelists. (eg 10 to 20 credits. In that case an average value is used ie 15 credits).
  • SOLOs vs List emails. Some safelists send out SOLOs that give more credits than a regular list email. In that case the calculation is done using the credit value for the SOLO.
  • An example: If 30 credits are given for opening an email and the safelist has a CTR of 1.2, opening 10 emails will give 300 credits, and when used those 300 credits will bring 3.6 visitors. The calculation: 3.6 visitors per 10 emails read = Visitor rate of 0.36.


When you are a Free member of safelists, you will most likely have to spend time opening emails for credits to be able to send out your promotions. This ranking list may give you some guidance as to which may give you the best return for effort.

The ranking (along with those  that are published in other places) can also be used to decide which safelists would be the best to take that next step and upgrade, so that you no longer need to spend so much time opening emails.



Tossing Out The Garbage

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Removing Garbage

About 10 days ago I spent a night following all of the different “opportunities” that came up on my computer from just one signup or subscription to a Safelist.

garbageInitially I set out just to experience what a Safelist is and to discover if there might be any value in subscribing.

But I got much more than a Safelist.

After the first subscription, I was offered a One Time Offer that the splash page told me was too good to refuse. I refused! But then I got another offer of exactly the same thing at a reduced price! I refused again, to be offered the same thing as a monthly subscription. I refused again.

From there I was taken to another FREE signup, this time to a Traffic Exchange. Out of curiosity, I signed up and guess what! I got the same sort of series of One Time Offers, this time for upgrades to the Traffic Exchange.

But it didn’t stop there! More FREE signups for other “essential” Traffic generation and management systems, with the same sort of One Time Offers. I eventually gave into one and signed up, and thankfully they refunded when I unsubscribed after a quick check to see that the program offered was useless to me.

Now, later today I will have to go through and unsubscribe from the others, but at least they were free, and I won’t have to chase refunds. My email inbox will also get some relief from the flood of rubbish offers that came from the Safelist.

So what did I discover?

A Safelist is just a whole bunch of wanna-be Internet Marketers who have joined the Safelist to Read more of this article »