Taking Action!

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Thanks to Become A Blogger!

Although this blog was created some time ago, some of the initial steps and features that were established on set up have been neglected, left unattended or even removed. Now that I am into Module 3 of the Become A Blogger course it is becoming obvious that Become a Blogger 2.0more attention should have been paid to them.

I guess that’s the result of distractions from various social media networks and the activities needed to keep up to date with all of those new contacts that give the illusion of adding to my profile and hence leading to more business and maybe even income. Perhaps it’s time again to narrow the focus, and really get this blog, and my other(s) optimized for the best results.

RSS Feed

Although I established subscription to the RSS feed using Feedburner some time ago, that was neglected and eventually removed. It’s back again and I encourage you to subscribe. Why? Well I have rediscovered the feeds that I have subscribed to and found some content that

  1. It interesting and has captured my attention so that I want to follow up to find out more.
  2. There are some high ranking blogs that I feel comfortable adding comments and becoming involved in the discussion
  3. There is content that I may be able to adapt (NOT copy) and use as the stimulus for blog posts.
  4. There may be some opportunities for guest blogging.
  5. And it is much more preferable to the mindless Internet Marketing links thrown around in the social media with the promise of quick bucks.

Well that just a few quick thoughts about the value of subscribing to RSS feeds.

And all of that came from  just the few units (videos) in the Become A Blogger 2.0 training course.

Stay tuned for what’s to come, or even better take up the offer on my Coupon page.

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Are You A Credible Expert?

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Your Content Will Tell Us.

You will be filling your site with content for visitors to read and view. Will they come back, knowing that you have provided them with a reason? Will your content be credible and will they want more?

You will want your visitors to see that you know something about the niche. They may even expect you to be an expert. For that reason I am suggesting that you choose a niche, at least in the early stages of niche marketing, that you are comfortable sharing your knowledge and experience.

The next big question is “Where will I find the content to fill my site?”

Closely followed by, “And how will I prepare that content?”

There are several possibilities including:

Write itWrite it.

Yes, that means starting with a blank screen, or a blank page and writing the content yourself. This is, in my opinion, the best way to show that you have credibility in the subject. If you know what you are writing or talking about. It is not simply a case of following a formula and churning out lots of things that look and sound the same. For this reason, writing (or composing) your own content is time consuming. But, done well, it is time well spent.

Write itOutsource It.

Not sure if you have the time or the knowledge to write your own material. Then pay someone else to do it for you. Sounds good, but there are traps. How do you know that the person writing the content for you knows the subject, or if they are just grabbing content from somewhere and claiming that they wrote it? You will also probably have to proofread and edit the content provided, so you will still need to spend significant time on that if you truly want to know that the content will enhance your credibility.

Write itCopy and paste it.

A simple process. Just find someone else who has written about in your niche. Copy that content and paste it on your site. This method, however, is full of hazards. Do you have permission? Will you give credit to the original author? If not, when you get caught out your reputation is in tatters. If you do, you are telling your readers that you simply an expert at locating content, but not showing them that you have credibility in that niche.

Write itSpin it.

Take an article, preferably one that you have rights to, and rewrite it. Either by yourself, which takes time, or put it through some Spinning software. I am yet to be convinced that any software can produce quality spun content, and it usually has to be heavily edited. So much so that it would perhaps have been quicker to write the article yourself.

Write itFeeds.

Some sites provide you with a feed, so that you can simply take their article and republish it on your site. There is software that can automatically grab articles that relate to certain keywords that you provide, and reproduce them on your site. You may have to edit the posts a little. This method really only shows that you  can locate feeds, and not really show how credible you are.

Write itCuration:

This takes a couple of the methods above and combine them. It is what some serious and respected news and review sites do, and it has not hurt their reputations. In this content production method, a feed or other content is found and published on your site, but with you providing an introduction or discussion starter for the post. In that way you have shown your readers that you have some opinion or knowledge about the content of the article.

Whatever method or methods that you choose for writing or composing your content, the main focus should be on what the readers will want to see, that will encourage them to engage with you and return to find out more.

CopyCat Blogging

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Looking for ideas to make your blog zing?

Do you have a few favourite blogs that you visit regularly?RSS feed

What brings you back to them? What makes that blog stand out from all of the others you might have visited and never go back to them?

Answer these questions and you will have some great starting points for your own blog.

Copy what you like about these blogs. No, I don’t mean copy their content. Make the content of your blog your own, or specifically written for your blog by a guest writer.

Copy their style. Copy the appearance, with your own modifications. How many columns? What is in the sidebar? How long are the posts? How often are posts added?

Yes, lots more questions. Ask them over and over. And lots more.

Don’t worry about being a copycat.

TwitterWhat is a good way to keep up with your favourite blogs? Find the RSS feed and add the feed to your favourite RSS feed reader. That puts them all in the one spot for easy access.

There may be other ways on a blog to keep up to date with recent posts, such as Facebook and Twitter. Use them to be a successful copycat.

Share your favorite blog by adding something about it as a comment.

Got Your RSS Feed Yet?

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What is RSS?

RSS is one of those features that lives up to its name: Really Simple Syndication.

It has advantages for the reader and the owner of a site, such as a blog.

This post will concentrate on the positives for a reader.

Subscribing to an RSS feed is Really Simple.

In the  case for this blog, it’s just a matter of clicking the well recognized orange RSS icon in the sidebar, at the top of the sidebar, where it’s nice and easy to find.

So what does that do?

RSS ReaderWhen you click the icon or Subscribe in a Reader link, it opens a page asking  which Reader you want to use. Mine always asks if I want to use Google Reader, because I have set that as the default. There are other otions available.

Google Reader is a part of the bundle of services you can get with a free Google account. Since I have a gmail account, I have chosen to stick with Google Reader.

Google Reader is accessable from your gmail account, and any other Google application.

If you accept the invitation to subscribe in a reader (Google for example), that feed from the site will be added to the list of subscribed sites in that reader.

Whenever a new post is added to the site, the reader is updated, and the latest post appears in the list of Items. The appearance andSubscribe to RSS function of Google Reader is much the same as gmail, with the ability to organize your subscriptions in various ways.

With all of your RSS subscriptions in the one place that makes a reader a very useful organizational and time saving tool, to check out your favourite sites, without having to bookmark them all. It gives an up to date list of recent articles. When a post takes your interest and you want to check it out further, the link in your reader will take you to the original site.

So there it is RSS for readers. A Really Simple way to Syndicate all of your favourite bogs and sites in the one place.

This post has just touched the surface with a couple of tips about using RSS and a reader. Explore your reader to discover ways to find more great sites, to organize your subscriptions and to keep up with your favourites.

Blog Maintenance: What Does That Mean?

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Surely You Don’t Have To Maintain A Blog.

Don’t you just add posts and it looks after itself? No such luck!

Yesterday I marked my status at APSense as Blog Maintenance Time.

In this post I will outline what that meant.

From time to time it will be necessary to do more than just add a post or reply to comments. To either add features or keep the blog up to date there a certain things that can be done.

Updating a blog.

Update blogThe first of these is to update the blog to the latest version, which if available will be announced in the dashboard. Before starting that update, or any update it is a good plan to backup your blog.

So step 1 is to backup the blog, and then step 2 is install the update. That was simply a matter of clicking the link announcing the update and using the automatic install option. That took just a few seconds to complete.

Managing Subscribers.

For the past few weeks readers have been able to register as subscribers in the Admin box in the sidebar. I have now decided to transfer those subscribers to my Auto-Responder to make it easier to sens messages to them. So yesterday’s maintenance was to email each subscriber to check that it is OK to add them to my AR list.

Adding Features

And thirdly I have added a Feedburner RSS  Feed to the sidebar to make it easier for readers to subscribe to the blog in their favourite Reader.

I use the Google Reader as it comes with my gmail account, Google Analytics and others services. When you see a “What is this ?” link under the RSS, that will take you to a post describing what RSS is and how it benefits you as the reader. Coming soon! You can, however, click the Feed button (in the sidebar) to subcribe in a reader right now!