The 10K Challenge

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A dotrim Review

The 10K challenge is an aggressive downline building program that concentrates on building traffic and commissions firstly through Safelists and List Mailers and then funneling members into some reliable established programs.

The program claims that by consistently working 35 minutes per day and performing delegated tasks it is possible for a member to earn as much as $10000 per month.

My first reaction was one of skepticism, but having now reviewed the material inside the member’s area and tested the program I’m impressed with its business model, integrity and vision.

Can you make $10,000 per month with it?

Well, remarkably, I believe it to be possible, but having said that, I believe that to give yourself the maximum chance with a program like this you need to tweak the marketing strategy to put the odds in your favour.

The 10K Challenge Strategy In A Nutshell.

Essentially, the10k Challenge encourages members to advertise the 10K challenge progressively across a range of List Mailers, Safelists and Text Ad Exchanges.  The program provides some quality marketing material and a couple of very useful tools . As you join more advertising resources you place your affiliate link inside the members area -so that as people you recruit follow you in, they join under you.  Its a pretty sound strategy that has been used in various formats by a variety of successful downline building programs.

The key of course is volume – you simply have to to get the 10K Challenge in front of enough eyeballs, to get sufficient people to opt in to the 10k challenge.  The program is honest  and realistic enough to acknowledge this  and sets a  target of 400 visitors to the affiliate landing page per day.
Now to put everything in context – some safelist mailers have very low click through rates (as low as 0.1% of emails sent. That’s 10 visitors for every 10000 mails sent), while the very good ones can have click through rates as high as 2 or even 3% – that’s 200 to 300 visitors per 100000 emails sent.

Lets be honest.  Getting 400 visitors per day to an affiliate landing page using Safelist traffic is a tough ask for the average online marketer – halving that ratio would make the whole thing  much more achievable and I believe that there are ways of doing that – these are covered in the strategy section below.

10K Challenge strengths

      • The 10K Challenge is well put together – the training is clear and direct.
      • The programs recommended are all reputable and established.
      • There are a lot of promo codes to claim free advertising with- these alone are worth joining for
      • There are strategies presented for managing the flood of emails.
      • There are some handy tools and little known programs that will assist with your advertising.
      • The business model is sound.


10 K Challenge Weaknesses

Firstly, let me state that no program created is perfect – all strategies have inbuilt weaknesses – being aware of what they are and turning them to our advantage can be the difference between success and failure.

      • By and large the 10K challenge weaknesses are easily catered for.  Essentially everything revolves around the strategy of promoting the 10K challenge affiliate program up front.  I understand why program owners do this – most people are quite content to promote a program directly because its easy. But in doing so the affiliate becomes enslaved in the constant promotion and branding of a program that they have no ownership of – essentially when you promote any program on a mass advertising site like safelist, text ad exchanges or Traffic Exchanges you become involved in a great big lottery as viewers become aware of the program over time and then randomly join an affiliate that just happens to be in front of them. That’s no way to run an advertising campaign.
      • The other weakness that stands out is that everyone is encouraged to market the same program to the same advertising channels.  This could and probably will cause program fatigue in a relatively short space of time. Both of these weaknesses can be overcome with a little effort


Down line builders can be quite a lucrative way to build an online business – this particular downline builder has the potential to be profitable very quickly.
If you sign up for the 10K challenge and work exactly as directed and stick to the task at hand you will be successful over time – but it will be a pretty hard road.
Here is my suggested strategy to make the 10Kchallenge work- please read this in its entirety as I am making a partnership offer at the end of this.

      • Join the 10Kchallenge today and start working through the daily tasks – but do not promote the 10K challenge directly
      • Create a short report (something like this) that you can give away to people recommending the 10Kchallenge
      • Create a squeeze page that you can begin building your own subscriber list with – offering an in depth report on the 10K challenge.
      • Start promoting your squeeze page.
      • Checkout the latest data for the safelists that dotrim has been tracking, and join up to 5 (more if you are happy to do so) of these that are not on the 10K Challenge downline builder. Advertise your squeeze page in those safelists.

If you are an experienced marketer you will be able to implement this strategy yourself, however, less experienced marketers may find this strategy a little to intimidating.

The dotrim 10K Challenge Partnership Offer

If you elect to join the 10K partnership under me I will give you all the support and training required to make the 10K challenge strategy work for you including,

      • Squeeze Page templates
      • Recommended follow up letters
      • Skype assistance for you and your downline
      • Some key advertising resources.
      • Re-branded report provided for you.

Come and check out the 10k challenge today – it costs nothing to look.

Internet Marketing On The Road

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Doing On The Road Internet Marketing

Change of name for this site, to suit the change in direction.

The owner of this site (dotrim) is on an extended trip around much of Australia, and this gives an ideal opportunity to put the claims of vendors of some marketing systems to the test.

You know the ones:

They claim that if you buy their product you will soon be lazing around on a tropical island, soaking up the sunshine while sipping on a cool drink, with the Ferrari parked in the Marina where your luxury yacht is moored.

Work From No Home

The Work From No Home system claims that you can make good money with just a laptop and an internet connection.

The sales page and the first few modules in the product look just like many other systems that are marketed in Clickbank and other places.

The process is:

  • Find a hot topic
  • Register a domain
  • Create a Word Press site
  • Fill it with content
  • Make sales or sell advertising on the site.
  • Repeat for another hot topic.

Of course that is a very simplified outline, and there are some courses that will provide the same or similar content for a wide range of on-off payments or with support and extra materials for a monthly subscription.

The Work From No Home program will provide all of those, or you can simply opt for the slow and steady approach  by just taking the course (with a 30 day step by step sequence) to build your first site, and then repeat the process to build a stable of money making sites.

It will be interesting to see if it is practical to Work From No Home.

I will try to keep you posted.



Taking Action!

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Thanks to Become A Blogger!

Although this blog was created some time ago, some of the initial steps and features that were established on set up have been neglected, left unattended or even removed. Now that I am into Module 3 of the Become A Blogger course it is becoming obvious that Become a Blogger 2.0more attention should have been paid to them.

I guess that’s the result of distractions from various social media networks and the activities needed to keep up to date with all of those new contacts that give the illusion of adding to my profile and hence leading to more business and maybe even income. Perhaps it’s time again to narrow the focus, and really get this blog, and my other(s) optimized for the best results.

RSS Feed

Although I established subscription to the RSS feed using Feedburner some time ago, that was neglected and eventually removed. It’s back again and I encourage you to subscribe. Why? Well I have rediscovered the feeds that I have subscribed to and found some content that

  1. It interesting and has captured my attention so that I want to follow up to find out more.
  2. There are some high ranking blogs that I feel comfortable adding comments and becoming involved in the discussion
  3. There is content that I may be able to adapt (NOT copy) and use as the stimulus for blog posts.
  4. There may be some opportunities for guest blogging.
  5. And it is much more preferable to the mindless Internet Marketing links thrown around in the social media with the promise of quick bucks.

Well that just a few quick thoughts about the value of subscribing to RSS feeds.

And all of that came from  just the few units (videos) in the Become A Blogger 2.0 training course.

Stay tuned for what’s to come, or even better take up the offer on my Coupon page.

Hurry, Look Now! Just 5 days left!

It Is Written In The Stars

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Time for action!

Normally I do not pay any attention to horoscopes that are published in the daily papers or magazines but today the reading for Pisces just seemed to fit.

The Pisces Horoscope May 5th 2012

Few things distress a Piscean more than an unhappy ending to a once promising tale. But you may have to acknowledge that one particular plan or project that seemed so worthwhile won’t work. The most difficult thing is to truly let it go. Not until you can you focus on other, as worthwhile, pursuits.

My posts here have been missing for a few days a I undertook some of the coaching in the dotcomsecretsX program. Whilst having some success at building a list, there are a few things about the course that are starting to cause me to question if I will continue.

UnsubscribeThese include the deceptive introduction that says you can do the coaching course for 30 days for $1. Yes, the course cost for 30 days is $1, but there are several things that you will be asked to do in that 30 days that will mean that you have to spend considerably than that. For example by day 3 you will be encouraged to pay for some solo ads to be sent out to attract people to your list.

You will also be encouraged to subscribe to a tracking service to monitor your activities, to outsource some link building (which with the latest Google Penguin update might be a waste of effort) and several other activities like web hosting and domain name purchases.

I also discovered that there appears to be no easy way to cancel ongoing payments as that initial $1 payment to Clickbank using PayPal does not appear to have begun a subscription that can be cancelled. It appears in PayPal as a one off payment, and Clickbank tells me that my next payment will be $100+. Hopefully I can then unsubscribe, and using the ClickBank 60 day guarantee, get my money back.

I seem to recollect that when I was listening to some podcasts by the fast-talking Russell Brunson several years ago, I was not impressed that he seemed to delight in get people to sign up for his sites and make it hard for them to unsubscribe or easy for them to forget they had done so, and encouraged potential students to do the same.

List-building will be an activity that I continue to work on, but not in the way that the 30 Day Challenge approaches it.

Oh well, I guess it’s time to move on. Lesson learned, I hope!

Avoiding The Vortex

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Do Not Get Sucked In

This blog started out as a place to discuss Truth and Reality in Internet Marketing. As a result, that has, at times meant researching some opportunities that could fall into the category of Scams or likely to fail because of unsustainable practices.

Avoid the VortexThat activity can be time consuming, and because the sharing of findings is not always positive, the people who have joined and are promoting them can become very defensive. Reacting to those defenses can be draining of both emotional energy and time.

Ultimately it is not very productive to engage with people who are defending the dodgy schemes since they have an investment and enthusiasm to see it succeed. It is after all going to pay them if it succeeds. But that is a big IF!

Once it has been pointed out that a heavily promoted great new opportunity is flawed in some way, there is not much point in continuing to try to convince the converted to your way of thinking about it.

Hence the warning. Avoid the vortex that will grow with every argument and counter-argument. There are forums where discussions go on for days and weeks, and just following them takes up valuable time and energy that could be applied to more productive pursuits. Do not get sucked in!

Some Time Saving Devices.

Well they are not really devices, but acronyms that I use to label the process that I use when evaluating the latest “new whizz-bang” opportunity that has been put before me.

I first found it necessary to develop methods for sifting the useless and potentially malicious products when providing training for fellow educators (in simple language, teachers ) and because teachers love to use acronyms I created the acronym CD-ROM. Yes, I know, not very original, but the key to a good acronym is t make it memorable.

So what does CD-ROM stand for? Please excuse the the language. Crap Detector- Reality and Objectivity Monitor.

It serves as a reminder to check out the program, software, opportunity or learning opportunity to see if it really will achieve the objectives you have. Over time the CD-ROM has become obsolete, so there have been some changes to the acronym.

To keep up with the times it had to be updated to DVD: Due Validating Diligence. Not very original but it went with the times.

Now the DVD is less potent as a hook to hang an acronym upon another more relevant one needs to chosen.

How does this sound? iPAD: Impossible Program and Activity Detector.  (But I think we had better keep that quiet, or the folks at Apple might not be happy.)

Whatever you find helpful, remember, investigate but don’t get sucked into the vortex that is generated when the scam busters call out the latest big thing to hit the Internet. Apply your CD-ROM, DVD or iPad, make up your own mind and stick with it.

Zurker and Zurks

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Introducing Zurk

What do you do when you want to share something that someone has posted on a network but “like” is not the best word to use for it?

Zurker and ZurkImagine how inappropriate to respond with a “like” when your friend has just posted to their wall, their status or their news feed that their Grandmother has just died. Wouldn’t it be a little insensitive to say that you “like” that bit of news, especially if that grandmother was a delightful lady who was greatly loved by the person posting the update.

Is is a good response to say that you “like” it when somebody is having a bad day, they are snowed in and the heating system is on the blink? I don’t think so. Unless you are really insensitive to the needs of the person posting and just wanting to get yourself noticed by “liking” it. That seems a little heartless. Announcing to the world that you “like” the predicament the person is in.

No doubt you can think of many different situations like that where “like” is really not the best word to use. Maybe the word “share” is also problematic. But the Social Network you are using is probably not going to give you a list of alternatives to use. That list could be quite long.

One solution: Make up a word that could be used universally for any situation. It can be used to say you like something, or that you found it interesting, unusual, challenging, worrying, uplifting… the list goes on.

Basically it’s a word that says you acknowledge the other person’s words or actions.

There is one work that can do that. It’s just a matter of time before it reaches saturation point and starts to hit the vocabulary of everyday users. Remember that not long ago Google was a word that did not exist. And who would have thought that putting face and book together would add another word to our vocabulary?

That word: Zurk.

It is a word that comes from a new and growing Social Network that is in its early days. Zurker. A Social Network owned by its members, not some faceless entrepreneur who stands to make a fortune, along with a select few Venture Capitalists who were in at the start. This is a Social Network that works on democratic principles, where the members determine the direction and share the benefits.

Are you ready to give out and receive a few Zurks? Join Zurker Now.

Niche Website Success

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Your Complete Guide to

Niche Website Success!

Niche Website Success

Tired of failed attempts at making money online?

Perhaps you already have a website or blog and would like to earn more?

Do you want to make money online, but are not sure how to start?

Niche Website Success will show you how to take your knowledge and build a themed, content website that can generate money through affiliate marketing, Google ads and more.

All the tips, inspiration and guidance you need to get started is compiled in one, easy-to-follow eBook.

It’s the ultimate guide (150+ pages) for your journey to niche website success!

The Guide Includes…

  • How to Brainstorm for a Profitable Niche
  • Keyword Research Tips
  • Ideas for Monetization
  • Blog vs. Static Website
  • Website/Blog Building Tips
  • Organizing Your Content
  • Traffic Building Tips (SEO, Social Media, List Marketing etc.)
  • How to Write Quality Content That Stands Out
  • Affiliate Marketing Conversion Strategies
  • Google AdSense Conversion Strategies
  • Video (YouTube) Tips and Strategies
  • Legal Information
  • Free Workbook!
This low cost entry point into Niche Marketing may save you heaps of money when compared with the high cost, monthly membership which also provide you with Software and Support while building your Niche Site network.
You will have the information for getting started and to build your Niche sites.
Use these links to compare and choose your Niche Website Training Program.
Niche Website Success: The one time, low cost eBook option.
Niche Website Success
Niche Profit Classroom: $1 trial, then monthly subscription, with full range of software tools, video training and support.
Niche Profit Classroom

Due Diligence: It Continues

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One last post on my review of the “opportunity” that I have been investigating, before resuming articles on niche marketing.

Into The Fray

Due Diligence One of the criticisms made of people who try to warn others of possible scams to steer clear of, is that their reviews are based on guesswork because they have not joined and are not receiving the benefits. It is not necessary to have to join, because many due diligence tasks can be done from a distance. I believe that after completing Due Diligence on several “opportunities” is possible to develop a “nose” that can sniff out the scams, so that less valuable time is wasted investigating dead ends.

To counter any criticism that I do not know what I am talking about in this and the previous three review posts, I actually joined the Just Been Paid (JSS Tripler) program. (There: I have now named the program!). That has given me more access to the materials that are produced and sent to members, and allowed me to continue what I have called my “Due Diligence” on this heavily promoted “opportunity”.

Of course, I realize that by doing that I have not complied with the Terms and Conditions, as stated in this quote:

8. I affirm that all the information about or related to JBP (other than that on the pages available to non-members and the marketing materials authorized for public use) is proprietary and confidential and I will not reveal said information to anyone else.

Of course, JBP would not want us to see information, other than that provided by them, because perhaps then many people would be able to see through them, and decide that the offerings are not viable.

Check the Promotional Materials

Another (dubious?) benefit of joining is that you receive email messages aimed at stirring the membership into action and supplying them with more information. Company information, with the “go forth and multiply” type messages.

Occasionally there will be a hint of what to do when you meet people who ask questions. Like the BIG question, Is JBP (or JSS Tripler) legal?

A recent email attempted to set the minds of members at rest by stating that JBP is licensed under a US Patent. Anyone doing Due Diligence, after joining and continuing to question all aspects of what they have joined will ask, “What does that mean?”

The email message from the leadership of the program baldly states that it is legal because of that patent. There is no mention of how that makes JBP legal. Further research into the actual patent makes no mention of JBP, and reading the patent background material is a difficult task, make it hard to decide if being licensed to use the patent actually has any legal standing.

The message here is, don’t just take the word of the promoter of the program. Check it out yourself.

If it still looks OK, stick with it. If you can’t be sure, it might be time to back out, before any legal consequences come your way. Remember that the Terms and Conditions leave it up to you decide, based on local laws.

All readers of these pages are emphatically advised to obey all laws to the letter. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE VARIOUS ACTIVITIES FEATURED HERE ARE VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LOCAL LAWS. Participants in any activity related to JustBeenPaid!, participate at their own risk. Participants agree to hold the JustBeenPaid! owners, managers, and operators harmless in respect of any losses incurred as a result of participation in any activity related to JustBeenPaid!

Unless other pressing issues arise this will be the last post on doing Due Diligence on the Just Been Paid! stable of “opportunities”.

The next step is to cancel my membership, get back my life and move on!


More Due Diligence: How Does The Site Work?

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Matching Hype and Performance

Due DiligenceDoes the hype from the advertising of a site really tell you what you are joining?

Take the “business opportunity” example from the previous 2 posts.

All of the advertising for this site has a strong emphasis on earning a regular daily 2% income on the money that you have put it. That process looks very much like a description of  Investment activity. It seems to me to be reasonable to assume that people who sign up for it believe that it is some form of investment.

Refer to the Terms

But let’s look at the Terms and Conditions that you need to agree to before you can join.

4. I understand that if I decide to join [name deleted], I will be joining a private association to build a base of leads that I can use for any home-based business the association may join and/or any legal businesses or opportunities (other than those of a sexually explicit nature or otherwise objectionable nature) I wish to promote.

5. I have NOT been led to believe that this activity is an investment activity, franchise, or employment opportunity.

So there you see that the program is a LEAD-BUILDING opportunity, and not an investment activity.

The advertising, done largely by affiliates who have already joined, is I presume supplied by the company, and as I have noted has a heavy emphasis on the 2% daily return. Looks to me like an Investment activity.

Of course, it does not take a genius to know that in these current times, a return of 2% daily is unbelievable and unrealistic. It is however a result of these difficult economic times that many people can be taken in by this promise, and part with their hard won cash.

Some people, who happen to get in at the right time will make some money, but when this system crashes, as it will inevitably do, the vast majority will have not received any of the promised returns. What is particularly concerning about this particular program is that owner knows it will reach a stage where it becomes unviable. His solution is to devalue everyone’s “earnings” and start all over again with those who remain convinced they can make money in the next round.

Read it for yourself:

19. From time to time, the [name deleted] managers may import the entire [name deleted] membership into another program, maintaining the [name deleted] genealogy. This will also be done on the basis that people imported into the other program will have to activate their accounts by a certain deadline in order to become members of the other program. If they don’t activate their accounts by the deadline, they will be dropped from the other program. One benefit of this procedure is that [name deleted] members receive their [name deleted] downline in the other program (to the extent that accounts are activated). Another benefit is that those who don’t want to be in the new program will be dropped automatically if they do nothing. Prior to such an import, [name deleted] managers will inform all [name deleted] members via email and in the Member Area of the expected import and the reasons for it. Subsequent to the import, managers of the other program will email those imported from [name deleted] to explain the benefits of the other program, and to provide them with the procedure to activate their accounts, should they wish to become members of the other program. More than one email may be sent by the managers of the other program. ([name deleted] members who don’t activate their accounts in the other program by the deadline will be dropped from that program.) [name deleted] members agree to receive the emails referred to in this rule 19. (Privacy: Any import per this rule 19 will be on the basis that the managers of the other program will not abuse the [name deleted] email addresses in any way. Once the deadline has been reached, all unactivated accounts in the other program will be deleted and the email addresses for these deleted accounts will not be retained by managers of the other program.)

If I read that correctly, as well as reading between the lines, when the program is becoming non-viable the entire membership lose its current account (and any “cash” in it) and will be dropped into  a new “program ” to start all over again.

He calls that “indefinitely sustainable”, implying that it will continue forever. He has chosen his words very carefully as “indefinitely sustainable” could also mean that there is no definite period for it to be sustainable, and it could crash at any time.

In my opinion, the sooner the better, so that the impact is felt by less unsuspecting members.


Reading The Fine Print: Due Diligence

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Reading The Fine Print:

Reading the fine printIt is a common practice for membership sites to expect potential members to agree to the Terms and Conditions that have been prepared for that site.

Usually that means that you simply have to tick a box to say that you agree to the Terms, even if you have not read or understood them. It has been a common piece of advice to never sign a contract until you have read the fine print. The same should apply when signing up for anything that you join online, but I assume that many do not even give the Terms even a brief look.

Some promotions use urgency as a means to get you to quickly make the decision to join. This encourages the new member to skip over or simply click the I agree box without reading the terms. This has the potential to produce undesirable consequences later.

Encouraging new members to skip over the terms or to ignore them completely could also be used to mask some undesirable elements in the Terms.

I continue to highlight the example of the previous post, with quotes from that “opportunity” and its Terms and Conditions.

Something To Hide?

If an “opportunity” is legal, legitimate and above board, why should it be necessary to include the following conditions?

6. I affirm that I am not an employee or official of any government agency, nor am I acting on behalf of or collecting information for or on behalf of any government agency.

7. I affirm that I am not an employee, by contract or otherwise, of any media or research company, and I am not reading any of the [name deleted] pages in order to collect information for someone else.

New members are asked to state that they are NOT employed by a government agency, media or research company. Surely this not simply to discrimination against these people, but an attempt to make sure that the “opportunity” is not put under any independent scrutiny that may identify problems, shortcomings or even legal issues that may result from the way it operates.

Some sites have incredibly long and difficult to understand Terms, and unless you are totally confident that there is nothing to concern you, it may be a valuable exercise to read and understand the Terms and Conditions.

Possible Consequences.

Loss of account (and any income made).

By not knowing what the  Conditions contain you may be putting your account in jeopardy by unwittingly breeching one of the conditions. How many people have lost income they have built up in AdSense by not knowing that sites displaying their ads can not be shown on some sites?

 Legal Issues:

All readers of these pages are emphatically advised to obey all laws to the letter. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE VARIOUS ACTIVITIES FEATURED HERE ARE VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LOCAL LAWS. Participants in any activity related to [name deleted], participate at their own risk.

In the quote above, it looks pretty obvious that if there are any issues raised by participation in places where local laws prohibit it, the company involved is NOT going to come to your aid. I wonder how many people in that particular “opportunity” have investigated any legal implications from their participation.

A Final Word (or four).

Read The Fine Print