Become A Blogger Was Live!

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Here Is What You Got!

If you were one of those who took action!

dotrim believes that this is the BEST blog training course going around and strongly encouraged you to join and take advantage of what the course teaches.

So much so that there was possibly the best offer for you to join Become a Blogger 2.0 right here at dotrim.

Unfortunately that offer is now not available

But even if you didn’t get to take up the whole package, just for looking at Become A Blogger you got all of Module 1 FREE, to help you get up and running. I believe that you can still get access to those from the banner ad in the header.


Why WordPress?

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Power and Simplicity

WordPressWordPress is the complete package for anyone wanting to create their own website. It can be used for almost any purpose, and is indeed being used extensively by high performing website owners.

It is a fully featured Content Management System backed by a huge community ready to offer support and advice. The addition of plugins to extend the functions of the basic installation adds tremendous power to WordPress.

Despite this great power, WordPress makes it easy for beginners to get up to speed and have a blog with new articles posted and added plugins in a very short space of time.

The Most Popular CMS

WordPress is the platform for countless types of websites such as personal blogs, community websites, stores, membership sites to fully featured eCommerce and fan sites.

Despite the popularity of the platform, the ability for each site to be tweaked and setup differently means that they do not all look alike. A WordPress based site does not have to have that out-of-the-box appearance that makes it just like many others. There are hundreds of freely available templates (or themes) that can also be modified with a little knowledge of html and CSS code.

By following this site you will discover some of the ways in which you can make your own unique site, based on the WordPress platform. This site uses a  free theme, with modifications that allow for the larger headlines with shadows, as a simple example. Stay tuned for more examples, with How To… instructions.

Dabbling With CSS

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Seen the new Sign Up Form?

One of the few good things that I found at the dotcomsecretsX coaching course was the cool ribbon effect at the top of the Sign Up form on the squeeze page that is produced.

By coincidence I found the code for making that ribbon effect in a magazine that I bought several months ago. So I have been experimenting with code, which uses CSS.

The experience was another of those frustrating, but when it all worked out fine, eventually, but rewarding things that I enjoy working on.

The process I followed went something like this:

1: Code a page that has containers to hold the elements that make up the a box to hold the contents, the ribbon to go around the top of the box, the text to write on the ribbon and position to hold the form. For that I used an editor that allows me to write up html code and CSS stylesheets, along with other code not used in this project, such as PHP etc. There are many editors available that can do this from the incredibly expensive Dreamweaver to many free software packages. See below for a part of the html  code.

html code2. Prepare the CSS code for the various containers above. Again I used the editor as described above. A small part of the CSS stylesheet is shown in the image below.

CSS stylesheet3. Test the code. The result is shown below. It took several attempts at loading the page to get the end result as some of the settings needed to be adjusted to get the best result. The page displays well in FireFox and Chrome, but Internet Explorer ignores some of the code and produces a less than optimal result. Please note the form below is not active.

Sign Up Form

4. Combine elements from the html and CSS code with the html code from my AutoResponder to add to a text widget to show in the sidebar. Some tweaking of settings was also necessary to make it fit, and most of that was done on my test WordPress site where I play around with things like this so that I do not destroy this blog. When it is works on the test site, it is simply a matter of copying it to the real site. The result of that step can be seen in the sidebar of this site, and completing the form will subscribe you to my email marketing list and a sequence of messages that will have links to some resources for list-building.

Looking for something like that for your blog? Use the Contact Us page. That page can also be reached from a link  hidden below the About link in the header menu. (I really must tweak the header to makes sure all links show!)

It Is Written In The Stars

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Time for action!

Normally I do not pay any attention to horoscopes that are published in the daily papers or magazines but today the reading for Pisces just seemed to fit.

The Pisces Horoscope May 5th 2012

Few things distress a Piscean more than an unhappy ending to a once promising tale. But you may have to acknowledge that one particular plan or project that seemed so worthwhile won’t work. The most difficult thing is to truly let it go. Not until you can you focus on other, as worthwhile, pursuits.

My posts here have been missing for a few days a I undertook some of the coaching in the dotcomsecretsX program. Whilst having some success at building a list, there are a few things about the course that are starting to cause me to question if I will continue.

UnsubscribeThese include the deceptive introduction that says you can do the coaching course for 30 days for $1. Yes, the course cost for 30 days is $1, but there are several things that you will be asked to do in that 30 days that will mean that you have to spend considerably than that. For example by day 3 you will be encouraged to pay for some solo ads to be sent out to attract people to your list.

You will also be encouraged to subscribe to a tracking service to monitor your activities, to outsource some link building (which with the latest Google Penguin update might be a waste of effort) and several other activities like web hosting and domain name purchases.

I also discovered that there appears to be no easy way to cancel ongoing payments as that initial $1 payment to Clickbank using PayPal does not appear to have begun a subscription that can be cancelled. It appears in PayPal as a one off payment, and Clickbank tells me that my next payment will be $100+. Hopefully I can then unsubscribe, and using the ClickBank 60 day guarantee, get my money back.

I seem to recollect that when I was listening to some podcasts by the fast-talking Russell Brunson several years ago, I was not impressed that he seemed to delight in get people to sign up for his sites and make it hard for them to unsubscribe or easy for them to forget they had done so, and encouraged potential students to do the same.

List-building will be an activity that I continue to work on, but not in the way that the 30 Day Challenge approaches it.

Oh well, I guess it’s time to move on. Lesson learned, I hope!

Are You A Credible Expert?

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Your Content Will Tell Us.

You will be filling your site with content for visitors to read and view. Will they come back, knowing that you have provided them with a reason? Will your content be credible and will they want more?

You will want your visitors to see that you know something about the niche. They may even expect you to be an expert. For that reason I am suggesting that you choose a niche, at least in the early stages of niche marketing, that you are comfortable sharing your knowledge and experience.

The next big question is “Where will I find the content to fill my site?”

Closely followed by, “And how will I prepare that content?”

There are several possibilities including:

Write itWrite it.

Yes, that means starting with a blank screen, or a blank page and writing the content yourself. This is, in my opinion, the best way to show that you have credibility in the subject. If you know what you are writing or talking about. It is not simply a case of following a formula and churning out lots of things that look and sound the same. For this reason, writing (or composing) your own content is time consuming. But, done well, it is time well spent.

Write itOutsource It.

Not sure if you have the time or the knowledge to write your own material. Then pay someone else to do it for you. Sounds good, but there are traps. How do you know that the person writing the content for you knows the subject, or if they are just grabbing content from somewhere and claiming that they wrote it? You will also probably have to proofread and edit the content provided, so you will still need to spend significant time on that if you truly want to know that the content will enhance your credibility.

Write itCopy and paste it.

A simple process. Just find someone else who has written about in your niche. Copy that content and paste it on your site. This method, however, is full of hazards. Do you have permission? Will you give credit to the original author? If not, when you get caught out your reputation is in tatters. If you do, you are telling your readers that you simply an expert at locating content, but not showing them that you have credibility in that niche.

Write itSpin it.

Take an article, preferably one that you have rights to, and rewrite it. Either by yourself, which takes time, or put it through some Spinning software. I am yet to be convinced that any software can produce quality spun content, and it usually has to be heavily edited. So much so that it would perhaps have been quicker to write the article yourself.

Write itFeeds.

Some sites provide you with a feed, so that you can simply take their article and republish it on your site. There is software that can automatically grab articles that relate to certain keywords that you provide, and reproduce them on your site. You may have to edit the posts a little. This method really only shows that you  can locate feeds, and not really show how credible you are.

Write itCuration:

This takes a couple of the methods above and combine them. It is what some serious and respected news and review sites do, and it has not hurt their reputations. In this content production method, a feed or other content is found and published on your site, but with you providing an introduction or discussion starter for the post. In that way you have shown your readers that you have some opinion or knowledge about the content of the article.

Whatever method or methods that you choose for writing or composing your content, the main focus should be on what the readers will want to see, that will encourage them to engage with you and return to find out more.

Building A Niche From The Ground Up

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Grab your tools

The following series of posts outline an approach to Niche marketing will rely on personal experience, and build on those experiences. They will not be following any particular formula for making websites to market in a niche.

Building a NicheThe approach will be to set the groundwork, start with a firm foundation and add components until the structure is complete. Sounds a bit like building a house.

You don’t move into a house until it has been completed, so in this series of posts, we will not introduce the marketing aspects of the niche until the site is ready.

Quick Start Resources

If you are really keen to live in your house, you could refer to one of the Niche Marketing resources advertised on this site.

For a quick introduction, take a look at Niche Website Success. That’s a bit like buying a small house nearby while you build your own.

For a more in-depth, check out Niche Profit Classroom. This is for those who want to rent a Penthouse apartment. It has all of the bells and whistles with a short trial period and monthly payments.

Re-Defining A Niche

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So What Is A Niche?

This has been defined before on this site, but here’s another attempt at answering that question.

barbie DollWhen thinking about websites and using them as a marketing tool, a niche is kind of like the smallest section  in a department store. It could be the Barbie Doll stand in the Toy section of the store. Not everyone entering the store is going to be looking for items in that section. The handyman wanting the latest power tool for building his barbecueshed storage will probably not wander through the Barbie section. Unless of course he is confused into thinking that the barbecue he wants to store in the shed will be found in the Barbie department.

So a niche is small segment of a much larger market. It will attract buyers who are looking for specific items that might be found in the niche.

The real beauty of marketing in a niche is that the people who visit are more likely to become customers or clients, as they have already taken the time to find what the site is offering, perhaps with the intention of buying. Even if they do not buy,  you can provide them with useful information or make it an interesting site worth revisiting. That way, in the future, they may become customers or help you by telling others.

In For the Long Haul

Let’s get something clear, right from the beginning. Unless you are very lucky with a highly sought after product, your niche marketing efforts will take some time to develop. You will have to establish credibility as someone who knows what they are talking about, is responsive to requests for more information and is going to be around for some time.

Niche marketing is not Hit and Run marketing  where you jump from one niche to another, and hope that everything is going to work on auto-pilot. It will take time, and will grow slowly. Promises of instant riches are most likely going to grossly overstated and unachievable.

Niche Marketing Posts To Resume

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Back To The Real Stuff

If you are like me you might find that many experts will sell you a formula for building a website, and many of them will promise quick results from using that formula. In this post I want to suggest that  there may be an alternative.

Niche WebsiteThe experts tell you to do some heavy research based on keywords. They will even have tools for you to use to discover what is a current hot niche. The difficulty comes when you find that all of the hot niches do not really fit with your interests, knowledge and skills.

That’s when they will tell you to fake it. Hire somebody to write the content or track down some PLR articles and adapt them. Soo you appear like an expert in that niche, maybe!

Follow Your Interests:

I am going to suggest that for your first niche (or maybe your next one) that you choose to write about a topic dear to your heart and interests. You will be able to express yourself, share your knowledge and really be the expert.

Sure, there may not be a whole lot of people interested, but if you can engage just a small number, and you can produce content and a products that they will buy, you have a Niche Market!

It’s not the way the experts will tell it is done, but go on! Have a go. You could surprise yourself and build up a keen following for your work.

Be prepared:

It may be slow going and hard work but in the end you will have a site to be proud of, and whole lot of new skills to use and adapt what the experts tell you.

Avoiding The Vortex

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Do Not Get Sucked In

This blog started out as a place to discuss Truth and Reality in Internet Marketing. As a result, that has, at times meant researching some opportunities that could fall into the category of Scams or likely to fail because of unsustainable practices.

Avoid the VortexThat activity can be time consuming, and because the sharing of findings is not always positive, the people who have joined and are promoting them can become very defensive. Reacting to those defenses can be draining of both emotional energy and time.

Ultimately it is not very productive to engage with people who are defending the dodgy schemes since they have an investment and enthusiasm to see it succeed. It is after all going to pay them if it succeeds. But that is a big IF!

Once it has been pointed out that a heavily promoted great new opportunity is flawed in some way, there is not much point in continuing to try to convince the converted to your way of thinking about it.

Hence the warning. Avoid the vortex that will grow with every argument and counter-argument. There are forums where discussions go on for days and weeks, and just following them takes up valuable time and energy that could be applied to more productive pursuits. Do not get sucked in!

Some Time Saving Devices.

Well they are not really devices, but acronyms that I use to label the process that I use when evaluating the latest “new whizz-bang” opportunity that has been put before me.

I first found it necessary to develop methods for sifting the useless and potentially malicious products when providing training for fellow educators (in simple language, teachers ) and because teachers love to use acronyms I created the acronym CD-ROM. Yes, I know, not very original, but the key to a good acronym is t make it memorable.

So what does CD-ROM stand for? Please excuse the the language. Crap Detector- Reality and Objectivity Monitor.

It serves as a reminder to check out the program, software, opportunity or learning opportunity to see if it really will achieve the objectives you have. Over time the CD-ROM has become obsolete, so there have been some changes to the acronym.

To keep up with the times it had to be updated to DVD: Due Validating Diligence. Not very original but it went with the times.

Now the DVD is less potent as a hook to hang an acronym upon another more relevant one needs to chosen.

How does this sound? iPAD: Impossible Program and Activity Detector.  (But I think we had better keep that quiet, or the folks at Apple might not be happy.)

Whatever you find helpful, remember, investigate but don’t get sucked into the vortex that is generated when the scam busters call out the latest big thing to hit the Internet. Apply your CD-ROM, DVD or iPad, make up your own mind and stick with it.

Fast Start To Niche Marketing

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Niche Profit Classroom

We interrupt the current series of niche marketing posts to bring you:-