Photo Gallery Plugin Check

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This is a test post for the Polaroid Gallery plugin.

Building A Niche Product Site

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Building To Be Found

Our aim in building a Niche Product site, to show AdSense ads, is to rank well in searches so that people looking for the product will see the ads, and when they find one that is worth checking out, they will click it.

So how do we rank well in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? There is a whole industry built around that, and many of the experts will try to sell you their services for huge amounts. In this post we will stick with some basic principles.

Good Content

Niche Site ContentOur content will be relevant, unique and on topic. By carefully choosing keywords, and basing each page around those keywords the search engine robots (or spiders) will make an assessment that the pages are worthy of being indexed.

By taking care to make it easy (but not too obvious) to find the keywords, the pages should move up the rankings. If not, then a little tweaking may be necessary. It might not happen overnight, but if you have chosen the keywords carefully you should see progress towards page 1. We will be detailing some processes for helping to get to that ranking in later posts.

For now, we are making sure that the site we build is one that search engines like. That is, if an engine is capable of that sort of emotion.

Site Structure

Search also have built into the algorithm they use for ranking, a range of factors that will help that ranking. The way a site is structured is one of those, and this post will now focus on some key things that a professional site will have.


The search engine crawlers like to see how a site is structured. If you provide them with a sitemap, that is an indication that the site has been planned and is most likely well built. The plugin that I use for that also notifies the search engines when changes have been made to the site.

Search engines appreciate your help, so build a sitemap.

Privacy Policy

Another indicator of a professional site. A privacy policy can be adapted from various templates that can be found by doing a serach for them. Once you have found a good one You can reuse it on other sites with just a little editing.

Include a link to the Privacy page on your site so that it can reached from any part of the site. Also include a contact link in that page.

Contact Us

You will probably not get a lot of people who want to contact you to discuss your site, but for those who do it is good to give them a form to use. Some people think that this could be inviting spam, but the plugin I use has a Captcha code to complete, and it is also possible to link it to Akismet, to help filter out spam.

Before launching the site, make sure that these elements are in place, because that will save having to go back later, when you have moved into promotion phase, and it can be easily overloooked.

Configuring A Niche Product Site

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Now that the domain and hosting for your site have been established it is time to get down to creating the content.

The following procedures assume that WordPress is being used to manage that content.

Setting Up The Content Management System

It is possible to use website creation software to build your site, but for ease of use WordPress has many features that make the creation and modification of the site much easier to do.

There are several methods for installing WordPress on your site, but I have found the process really simple if cpanel is available with your hosting package. This video shows the process with a different host, but it works just the same with the host I prefer, Hostgator.


WPSales Automator Review

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Turn Your Blog Into  A Member Site

If you are looking to add extra functions to your WordPress blog the WPSales Automator will do just that.

First up the plugin brings all of the things that you need to do to manage the sales of your digital products.

Membership Site Software

It will help with maintaining your thank you pages, trying to keep your download links safe, creating payment buttons, trying to keep track of the customer sales details, tracking your sales, etc.

The other feature of the plugin provides you with the ability to set your site up as a membership site. It will allow you to set levels of subscription, to accept regular subscription payments and to make some content available only to subscribers.

WPSales Automator has just released an upgrade to make it compatible with the latest release of WP. Get your copy now to expand the power of your WordPress blog.

One you have bought the plugin there are other add-ons that can do things like set up an affiliate program to reward your subscribers who refer new members. The seller of this plugin has used it as the sales page, membership and affiliate management for the product. A clear example of someone actually using the product they sell.

This plugin will save you lots of $$$ when compared with other Membership site software.

A Contact Form: A Useful Plugin.

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Fast Secure Contact Form

Contact Form Plugin
Introducing a plugin to help with Interactivity on your blog.  You may have some readers who would like to contact you with questions or comments, but they are reluctant to publish these in the publicly seen comments at the end of a post. The Fast Secure Contact Form could be just the right vehicle to encourage those people to contact you.

This plugin is from the same person that brings the Who’s Online and Visitor Maps plugin that has been installed on the dotrim blog for some time now.

I have activated but not changed the configuration of  the plugin, and the contact form shown here is exactly how it comes in its default form.

The image alongside shows the appearance, which I believe can be styled with CSS.

There are lots of ways in which the form can configured, and there are 4 different forms available. Placing the form on the site is simple. In this case I have added the short code in a text widget in the side bar.

It is possible to include a form in a post or on a page, so that it can be designed to be appropriate for that position.

As you can see, the form comes complete with a Captcha Code to discourage robot comment posting to the form.

To locate the plugin, search for “Fast Secure Contact Form” in the install new plugin option from the dashboard.

As a trial you could also use the form in the sidebar to send a comment or message to me.

Keyword Search Tool Is A Winner

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Keyword Winner Saves The Day!

keyword search toolRecently I used the Keyword Winner Plugin to help with SEO on a recent post here at dotrim. Just a few days after the post was published the keywords chosen for the post have helped to get the post on the first page of Google.

The image to the left shows the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the keyword phrase that I used for the post, and that the post is sitting at position number 2 on that page.

The Keyword Winner plugin helped with deciding the title for the post, based on the keyword and its competition. The tool allows you to drill down to select the best keyword for the post.

But rather than describe how that is done, I have added this Keyword Winner video for you to see for yourself.

SEO plugin



Add This Plugin To Power Up Your Blog

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Power Of WordPress Shines Again.

WPSA PluginI have been investigating ways to make it easier for people to Subscribe/Register to take full advantage of participation in another of my blogs, the Dotrim nano Network. It looked like being a tricky little job to manage, but then in my inbox a couple of days was an offer of a plugin for WordPress that serves as both a subscription and product management system.

I think I used to call that Serendipity, but whatever it’s called it came just at the right time.

Following a bit of fiddling and setting up, the plugin is all set to go and I have started to put it into action.

Details about Membership at the Dotrim nano Network (DnN) are on the page in there called Subscribe.

You can also pick up the WP Sales Automator plugin by Subscribing to participate in DnN.  There it is given as bonus for subscribing, saving you the original purchase price.

I can also include the plugin (at no extra cost) in any WordPress installation done on my Dotrim Blog hosting service.

If neither of the above options are enticing enough, then you can buy the plugin directly from HERE.

Which Plugins are best?

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Which Plugin

Which Plugins Do You Use?

Of the hundreds of Plugins available to use on a WordPress blog, which are the best to use?

Plugins add features to a WordPress blog that can make it more user friendly, improve its rating in Search Engines and provide feedback to the blog owner, among a whole range of other uses.

I am interested in which Plugins other bloggers use, particularly those that are provided free.

Of course the high powered Plugins are probably going to cost some $$s but among the free Plugins there are bound to be some treasures.

To kick off the discussion, these are a couple of  the Plugins that I use on my blog.

  • Visitor Maps and Who’s Online: This serves at least  2 purposes.
    • It shows readers how many people are reading the blog, and you can click to see a map of where readers have come from. This is great to show that the blog has readers and has some authority.
    • The blog owner, in the dashboard can gather valuable information about how many people have visited, where they have come from, and if they came from a referral such as an APSense campaign or a Traffic Exchange for example. This is a useful way to check on which methods of traffic generation are working best.
  • Sharedaddy: Allows readers to easily share a blog post with services such as
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Email to a friend. etc.

Feel free to add your recommended Plugin and what it does, as a comment to this article

Road Testing Traffic Exchanges: Part 2

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Now For The Real Stuff.

A couple of posts before this one I indicated which Traffic Exchanges from the 5 I tested performed best as far a speed, style of Traffic Exchangepresenting sites and added features were concerned.

The Results

This post will have a brief outline of the results that a period of relatively intense use of TEs has produced.

Let me put it this way. If my surfing the TEs produced hundreds of hits to my sites, but not one new sign up to my list, that surfing was valueless. The only real value out of the exercise is confirming that, for now at least, surfing the TEs is a waste of time and effort.

Of course the problem could be that the sites I have listed in the TEs are not attracting any of the other surfers to click on them. I have had several different style pages displaying on the TEs, from Splash Pages, Squeeze Pages and pages from my blog.

The Data

As an example of the ineffectiveness of TEs in producing useful traffic Read more of this article »

Latest WordPress Update 3.1 Review

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Have You Got The Latest Update Of WordPress (3.1)?

I have just updated to the latest WordPress Version (3.1) and discovered a great new feature.

Version 3.1While logged in and viewing your blog (or any blog that you have subscribed to that is updated to 3.1) you will see a menu bar at the top of the page.

This allows you to get easy access to the dashboard and depending on your level of access to the dashboard you will be able to do some frequently done tasks.

As an admin you will be able to: