Internet Marketing On The Road

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Doing On The Road Internet Marketing

Change of name for this site, to suit the change in direction.

The owner of this site (dotrim) is on an extended trip around much of Australia, and this gives an ideal opportunity to put the claims of vendors of some marketing systems to the test.

You know the ones:

They claim that if you buy their product you will soon be lazing around on a tropical island, soaking up the sunshine while sipping on a cool drink, with the Ferrari parked in the Marina where your luxury yacht is moored.

Work From No Home

The Work From No Home system claims that you can make good money with just a laptop and an internet connection.

The sales page and the first few modules in the product look just like many other systems that are marketed in Clickbank and other places.

The process is:

  • Find a hot topic
  • Register a domain
  • Create a Word Press site
  • Fill it with content
  • Make sales or sell advertising on the site.
  • Repeat for another hot topic.

Of course that is a very simplified outline, and there are some courses that will provide the same or similar content for a wide range of on-off payments or with support and extra materials for a monthly subscription.

The Work From No Home program will provide all of those, or you can simply opt for the slow and steady approach  by just taking the course (with a 30 day step by step sequence) to build your first site, and then repeat the process to build a stable of money making sites.

It will be interesting to see if it is practical to Work From No Home.

I will try to keep you posted.



Email Marketing and List Building Resources

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One Guy’s Results

in dotcomsecretsX.

Join The List to sign up for your $1 trial for 30 days to see if you can repeat the results.

To add to your email marketing resources here are some potential extra resources to check out.

[cbpress category=”77″ display=”5″]

Email Marketing And Niche Sites

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Do I Need A List?

Building a Niche ListSuccessful marketing in a niche involves many different aspects including product selection or building, content creation, traffic management and list building for email marketing.

Each of those requires a comprehensive understanding of how they can be best achieved, and some earlier posts have been focussed on a few of these activities. In this post we will scratch the surface with email marketing.

Rather than start from the beginning and re-invent the wheel, the post will feature a pre-existing program that has a strong record in coaching successful email marketers.

Building A List

The first step to email marketing is gathering a groups of leads, or potential customers for the products or services that are to be sold to these customers. No list:- No customers or client base.

There are hundreds of ‘experts’ who will tell you how to build a list and how to use that list for producing sales. The difficulty is choosing which one to use to coach you in the process and provide you with the skills and information that you need.

I am recommending that you take advantage of the coaching that is available from the same one that I have chosen to give a trial period. In that coaching program that will cost you $1, and there are 30 days to give it a go. By successfully working for those 30 days  you will set up email marketing so that the extended training, which will cost an extra $97 per month, can be paid for from your efforts. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will cover that cost completely, but many of the people completing the 30 days find that they earn more than enough to cover the next payment.

To introduce you to that coaching program I ask you to complete the Sign Up form on the following link.

30 Days to Successful List Building.

A Sneak Peak.

When you decide to take the 30 Day Challenge to Building a List there are several steps that will be suggested for you to follow. I believe that if you slavishly follow all of them there is a possibility that since lots of others will be doing the same thing, or worse still they will have beaten you off the mark, your efforts might be lost in the crowd.

For that reason I have chosen to take a different path on some of the suggestions in the coaching.

Squeeze Page:

Very early on you will be given instruction on how to set up a Squeeze page to use for advertising and getting traffic to your list sign up form. The coaching gives you a tool to do that, but that page will look almost identical to everyone else doing the training. The Squeeze page above is the one that I generated.

I also have another, self made Squeeze Page, and you may prefer to check out the coaching from that page. It’s not perfect, and will be edited later. But it is unique. The link below will take you to that Squeeze Page.

Build Your Email List From The Ground Up

Building Traffic:

If no one visits the squeeze page that that you produce, there will be no one to sign up to the list.

The coaching recommends using Solo Ads, either in SafeLists or as Paid Solo Ads. The training will go into much more detail about these and where to find places to send you ads to. I chose not to use these sources of traffic, but to use similar services at APSense, the Business Social Network.

Specifically I chose to promote my Squeeze page in a TeamPromote campaign. the results I achieved matched the examples given in the coaching sessions. In just 5 days I gathered more than 300 clicks from more than 3500 visits to the page. From that approximately 40 people added themselves to the list and 1 sale was recorded.

Other options that have yet to be explored at APSense include

  • Campaigns: Use the Squeeze page as the landing page in a Credits Campaign.
  • Solo Ads: Fund a Solo Ad that goes to all of the membership that has agreed to receive them.
  • Talents: Select a talent provider who can send a Solo Ad to their subscribers, eZine etc.
  • Advertising:
    • Sponsored ads appear on the site.
    • Member Ads (Free) show on articles, Revpages etc submitted by the member.

At the time of writing this post I have progressed though less than half of the coaching for the first 30 days,and the results certainly look encouraging.

Products For A Niche

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Where To Find Products

Where to find productsThere are many places that you can search for products that are suitable for a niche market that you want to target.

You could be looking for physical products that can be shipped by the supplier. Amazon and Commission Junction are just two of the Affiliate management programs.

For digital products the go-to place is ClickBank. It has thousands of products to choose from, arranged into categories. You can choose the products to include in you site for promoting to your readers by going to ClickBank.

For example if you want to include Green Products as an affiliate here are some typical products to choose from.

[cbpress category=”109″ display=”5″]

Looking for a more complete list of all categories? Check out the MarketPlace page here on this site.

Are You A Credible Expert?

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Your Content Will Tell Us.

You will be filling your site with content for visitors to read and view. Will they come back, knowing that you have provided them with a reason? Will your content be credible and will they want more?

You will want your visitors to see that you know something about the niche. They may even expect you to be an expert. For that reason I am suggesting that you choose a niche, at least in the early stages of niche marketing, that you are comfortable sharing your knowledge and experience.

The next big question is “Where will I find the content to fill my site?”

Closely followed by, “And how will I prepare that content?”

There are several possibilities including:

Write itWrite it.

Yes, that means starting with a blank screen, or a blank page and writing the content yourself. This is, in my opinion, the best way to show that you have credibility in the subject. If you know what you are writing or talking about. It is not simply a case of following a formula and churning out lots of things that look and sound the same. For this reason, writing (or composing) your own content is time consuming. But, done well, it is time well spent.

Write itOutsource It.

Not sure if you have the time or the knowledge to write your own material. Then pay someone else to do it for you. Sounds good, but there are traps. How do you know that the person writing the content for you knows the subject, or if they are just grabbing content from somewhere and claiming that they wrote it? You will also probably have to proofread and edit the content provided, so you will still need to spend significant time on that if you truly want to know that the content will enhance your credibility.

Write itCopy and paste it.

A simple process. Just find someone else who has written about in your niche. Copy that content and paste it on your site. This method, however, is full of hazards. Do you have permission? Will you give credit to the original author? If not, when you get caught out your reputation is in tatters. If you do, you are telling your readers that you simply an expert at locating content, but not showing them that you have credibility in that niche.

Write itSpin it.

Take an article, preferably one that you have rights to, and rewrite it. Either by yourself, which takes time, or put it through some Spinning software. I am yet to be convinced that any software can produce quality spun content, and it usually has to be heavily edited. So much so that it would perhaps have been quicker to write the article yourself.

Write itFeeds.

Some sites provide you with a feed, so that you can simply take their article and republish it on your site. There is software that can automatically grab articles that relate to certain keywords that you provide, and reproduce them on your site. You may have to edit the posts a little. This method really only shows that you  can locate feeds, and not really show how credible you are.

Write itCuration:

This takes a couple of the methods above and combine them. It is what some serious and respected news and review sites do, and it has not hurt their reputations. In this content production method, a feed or other content is found and published on your site, but with you providing an introduction or discussion starter for the post. In that way you have shown your readers that you have some opinion or knowledge about the content of the article.

Whatever method or methods that you choose for writing or composing your content, the main focus should be on what the readers will want to see, that will encourage them to engage with you and return to find out more.

Forget The Tricks

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Cut Through The Hype

There are no “secrets”. The concept and process Niche Marketing is really quite simple.

Niche SupportIn an earlier post the 3 Pillars for successful marketing in a niche were explained. Those 3 Pillars are still the same. But this time I want to suggest that the 3 key factors are actually the sides of a triangle.

We all know that the triangle is a very strong shape that features in many structures, where maximum strength but minimum weight is needed. Just think of bridges and towers. There are strong triangles everywhere.

So now the 3 Pillars become the sides of the Niche Marketing Triangle.

Once again, they are

Market Demand: Do people want what I am offering?

Competition: Is it too hard to compete, or do I have a new angle?

Buyer Propensity: Do people buy in the niche?

Make sure that each side of the triangle you build is strong. Do the research. Test the market. But remember there are 3 sides to consider. Do not neglect one or the triangle you are building to support your niche will not be strong, and likely to collapse.

The concept and process are quite simple. The application and development are however going to be challenging.

Are you ready for the ride?


Building A Niche From The Ground Up

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Grab your tools

The following series of posts outline an approach to Niche marketing will rely on personal experience, and build on those experiences. They will not be following any particular formula for making websites to market in a niche.

Building a NicheThe approach will be to set the groundwork, start with a firm foundation and add components until the structure is complete. Sounds a bit like building a house.

You don’t move into a house until it has been completed, so in this series of posts, we will not introduce the marketing aspects of the niche until the site is ready.

Quick Start Resources

If you are really keen to live in your house, you could refer to one of the Niche Marketing resources advertised on this site.

For a quick introduction, take a look at Niche Website Success. That’s a bit like buying a small house nearby while you build your own.

For a more in-depth, check out Niche Profit Classroom. This is for those who want to rent a Penthouse apartment. It has all of the bells and whistles with a short trial period and monthly payments.

Re-Defining A Niche

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So What Is A Niche?

This has been defined before on this site, but here’s another attempt at answering that question.

barbie DollWhen thinking about websites and using them as a marketing tool, a niche is kind of like the smallest section  in a department store. It could be the Barbie Doll stand in the Toy section of the store. Not everyone entering the store is going to be looking for items in that section. The handyman wanting the latest power tool for building his barbecueshed storage will probably not wander through the Barbie section. Unless of course he is confused into thinking that the barbecue he wants to store in the shed will be found in the Barbie department.

So a niche is small segment of a much larger market. It will attract buyers who are looking for specific items that might be found in the niche.

The real beauty of marketing in a niche is that the people who visit are more likely to become customers or clients, as they have already taken the time to find what the site is offering, perhaps with the intention of buying. Even if they do not buy,  you can provide them with useful information or make it an interesting site worth revisiting. That way, in the future, they may become customers or help you by telling others.

In For the Long Haul

Let’s get something clear, right from the beginning. Unless you are very lucky with a highly sought after product, your niche marketing efforts will take some time to develop. You will have to establish credibility as someone who knows what they are talking about, is responsive to requests for more information and is going to be around for some time.

Niche marketing is not Hit and Run marketing  where you jump from one niche to another, and hope that everything is going to work on auto-pilot. It will take time, and will grow slowly. Promises of instant riches are most likely going to grossly overstated and unachievable.

Niche Marketing Posts To Resume

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Back To The Real Stuff

If you are like me you might find that many experts will sell you a formula for building a website, and many of them will promise quick results from using that formula. In this post I want to suggest that  there may be an alternative.

Niche WebsiteThe experts tell you to do some heavy research based on keywords. They will even have tools for you to use to discover what is a current hot niche. The difficulty comes when you find that all of the hot niches do not really fit with your interests, knowledge and skills.

That’s when they will tell you to fake it. Hire somebody to write the content or track down some PLR articles and adapt them. Soo you appear like an expert in that niche, maybe!

Follow Your Interests:

I am going to suggest that for your first niche (or maybe your next one) that you choose to write about a topic dear to your heart and interests. You will be able to express yourself, share your knowledge and really be the expert.

Sure, there may not be a whole lot of people interested, but if you can engage just a small number, and you can produce content and a products that they will buy, you have a Niche Market!

It’s not the way the experts will tell it is done, but go on! Have a go. You could surprise yourself and build up a keen following for your work.

Be prepared:

It may be slow going and hard work but in the end you will have a site to be proud of, and whole lot of new skills to use and adapt what the experts tell you.

Niche Website Success

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Your Complete Guide to

Niche Website Success!

Niche Website Success

Tired of failed attempts at making money online?

Perhaps you already have a website or blog and would like to earn more?

Do you want to make money online, but are not sure how to start?

Niche Website Success will show you how to take your knowledge and build a themed, content website that can generate money through affiliate marketing, Google ads and more.

All the tips, inspiration and guidance you need to get started is compiled in one, easy-to-follow eBook.

It’s the ultimate guide (150+ pages) for your journey to niche website success!

The Guide Includes…

  • How to Brainstorm for a Profitable Niche
  • Keyword Research Tips
  • Ideas for Monetization
  • Blog vs. Static Website
  • Website/Blog Building Tips
  • Organizing Your Content
  • Traffic Building Tips (SEO, Social Media, List Marketing etc.)
  • How to Write Quality Content That Stands Out
  • Affiliate Marketing Conversion Strategies
  • Google AdSense Conversion Strategies
  • Video (YouTube) Tips and Strategies
  • Legal Information
  • Free Workbook!
This low cost entry point into Niche Marketing may save you heaps of money when compared with the high cost, monthly membership which also provide you with Software and Support while building your Niche Site network.
You will have the information for getting started and to build your Niche sites.
Use these links to compare and choose your Niche Website Training Program.
Niche Website Success: The one time, low cost eBook option.
Niche Website Success
Niche Profit Classroom: $1 trial, then monthly subscription, with full range of software tools, video training and support.
Niche Profit Classroom