Getting Social In A Traffic Exchange

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Get More Out Your Traffic Exchange

I used to think that Traffic Exchanges were just a whole of people wanting to advertise their sites to other TE users, in the hope of boosting up traffic numbers and maybe scoring a click or two on their site.

That seems to have changed with some new players in the TE game.

One of those is ThumbVu, and the question has been asked: Is ThumbVu a Traffic Exchange or a Social Media site?

I’ll let you decide that for yourself, but here are a couple of features that are worth checking out. Please refer to the arrows and letters on the image below.



The following are just a sample of some of the features of ThumbVu, and I believe that it’s definitely worth checking out this TE / Social Media site. There is a free membership level for you to do just that.

Now for the features:

A: Thumbnail images of sites to surf.

Once you get started with surfing, you will be given 3 options to view next. These will be shown to you as thumbnail images, so you get to choose which one you actually view next. The thumnail image will give you an idea of what the site is, so you can be a little discriminating about your surfing.

B: Profile Of the SiteOwner:

You get to see who has added the site to the ThumbVue exchange. There is an option to show the Social Media sites that the owner has registered with, and you can connect with them there right from the ThumbVu site, while surfing!
There is also the option to subscribe to the list of that owner if they have included a form. This profile can be opened, as in the image above, or hidden with just the profile picture and Social links showing.
Did you notice the Gold Stars? They indicate the status level of the user at ThumbVu.

C: List Subscription form:

This was mentioned above, and is an option that members can add to the profile that shows while surfing.

D: Like Button:

This little feature, tucked away on the site owner profile allows you to indicate that you like (Thumbs Up) or dislike (Thumbs down) the particular site you are viewing.
And all of this while you can chat with other surfers in real time!

The advantages of chat?

On just my second time in chat I happened to meet a graphic designer. At the same time John Guanzon was chatting, and as a part of his weekend giveaway at the time he offered to pay for the graphic designer to design a logo for me. That new logo will appear on this blog soon.
So, yes, go ahead and check out ThumbVu for yourself. It’s a great way to surf with the added advantages of adding great contacts to your lists.

free manual traffic exchange

Traffic Exchanges: Revisiting An Earlier Post

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Traffic Exchanges: More than Traffic.

Way back in October last year (about 5 months ago) I wrote a post questioning the value of Traffic Exchanges in building responsive traffic to your site.

Traffic Exchange

Free Traffic

Since that time I have continued to monitor some results from surfing a few Traffic Exchanges. The result is that by surfing the exchanges on a regular basis can help to build up traffic numbers (hits or visits) to your site. These numbers have been verified by checking my Google Analytics stats and the data provided in my dashboard by the Who’s Online widget.

On the days when I surf the number of hits goes up. If I miss a few days of surfing the numbers flatten out.

But this says nothing about whether those hits are converted into action, such as signing up for an ebook or adding a comment to the blog.

It now appears that my impression of what a Traffic Exchange is for now needs to be modified.

Many Traffic Exchanges have affiliate programs for rewarding members that refer new members. They also offer tools for helping members to make better use of the Traffic Exchange.

The best way for you to check out what a couple of these exchanges has to offer is to visit their sites. The banners below will take you to these 2 sites. There’s more to each of these sites than just building traffic.

Traffic Splash:

ThumbVu: a combination of Traffic Exchange and Social Media site.

free manual traffic exchange


Both of these sites have free to join memberships, but of course they will encourage anyone subscribing to upgrade, and when you have signed up you will be exposed to some compelling OTO (One Time Offers).

Where Is Your Blog Hosted?

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Blogging is a growing activity.

Blogging has become an activity that more and more people do, and the number of blogs grows each day. I have seen figures that are incredibly large, although I have forgotten precisely what they are, for new blogs each day.

So where are all of these blogs?

My guess is that a lot of them are on the free blog services that are found quite easily. The big names provide free blog space: Google’s Blogger or Blogspot is an example. Another I heard of from readers of this blog is Weebly. Word Press also provides a free blog at for anyone who wishes to register.

WordPressI am a fan of Word Press, and have been for some time now, so the following comments may be just a little biased.

If you are, or want to be a serious blogger, the best option is to have your own blog, hosted on your own domain. This will give you control over the blog as far as what you can add in the way of content and features. It also means that you are not subject to the blog being taken down because the owner of the site goes out of business or drops your blog because you said something he did not like.

With that freedom and control that you have over your own blog, I would however  recommend that you not take an “anything goes” approach. To be successful, effort must pe put into the blog to make it relevant and interesting and not just a sales page for lots of products.

Word Press hosted on your site gives you the freedom and control to set up the blog in many different ways. You can make it in a newsletter or journal. Your blog can function as a store front. The opportunities are endless, limited only by the skill of the person setting up the blog (that is you or a support person).

And there are lots of resources, ranging from the free to the exorbitantly overpriced, but generally you get what you pay for.

I recently went back to review a subscription mastermind series of training materials for blogging, based on WordPress, and will be reminding myself of many of the tips from that series. Some of them, like this post will be adaptations of that training, and others will be feature in the training materials to be released soon here at dotrim.

While that material is being developed you can check out some training videos from the links in the sidebar.

Register Now: New Feature at dotrim

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Register as a subscriber to this blog.

subscribeThe ability to register at this blog has just been activated and you are invited to register as a subscriber.

This will allow you to login to the subscriber dashboard, where you can add some information about yourself, along with a link to yor website and a couple of other features.

Subscribers are able to read posts and make comments, and will be shown as members in the Who’s Online Stats.

I am also prepared to ugrade some subscribers to contributors if they show that they have relevant and interesting items to post on this blog.

How To Subscribe.

In the Admin widget in the right sidebar is an option: Register.

When you click that option you will be presented with a sign up form that asks you for a UserName and your email address to send login details to. Some email servers (like Hotmail) might send the email with login details to a spam or junk folder. A gmail address usually works fine.

The email sent will have login details, including a generated password. I recommend changing that password as the first thing that you do in your dashboard. You can also add information about yourself, provide a link to your website and modify your display name. There are also other options in the dashboard for you to consider.

Tossing Out The Garbage

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Removing Garbage

About 10 days ago I spent a night following all of the different “opportunities” that came up on my computer from just one signup or subscription to a Safelist.

garbageInitially I set out just to experience what a Safelist is and to discover if there might be any value in subscribing.

But I got much more than a Safelist.

After the first subscription, I was offered a One Time Offer that the splash page told me was too good to refuse. I refused! But then I got another offer of exactly the same thing at a reduced price! I refused again, to be offered the same thing as a monthly subscription. I refused again.

From there I was taken to another FREE signup, this time to a Traffic Exchange. Out of curiosity, I signed up and guess what! I got the same sort of series of One Time Offers, this time for upgrades to the Traffic Exchange.

But it didn’t stop there! More FREE signups for other “essential” Traffic generation and management systems, with the same sort of One Time Offers. I eventually gave into one and signed up, and thankfully they refunded when I unsubscribed after a quick check to see that the program offered was useless to me.

Now, later today I will have to go through and unsubscribe from the others, but at least they were free, and I won’t have to chase refunds. My email inbox will also get some relief from the flood of rubbish offers that came from the Safelist.

So what did I discover?

A Safelist is just a whole bunch of wanna-be Internet Marketers who have joined the Safelist to Read more of this article »

IM Watch Words

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This post will be the first in a series of posts that features some common words that you will see your email inbox, in the hope that you will part with some of your hard earned cash.Words

The list is incomplete, and I am happy for people to contribute their own suggestions by way of comments. If your suggestion is added to a subsequent post you will be acknowledged and a link to your site will be provided.

Well Here Goes!

F*R*E*E ( and all similar mis-spellings of the word FREE):

How does the saying go? Nothing in life is Free! Well the offer that you see in these “opportunities” may be free, but it will most likely be limited and you will be encouraged to upgrade, perhaps at huge cost.

I guess that the word FREE is butchered like that to keep out of Read more of this article »