An Invitation To Contribute

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Help Write An eBook Report

Following up on the recent series of  posts in this blog where various aspects of using CSS to add style to a blog theme plans are being made to produce a short report that puts these together in one place. That report will then be made available here at this blog.

TopTeamAnother site in the dotrim stable has been established to allow for people to cooperate on task like this. That site, The TopTeam, is currently beginning the process of taking ideas from its contributors for including that report.

I encourage you to visit and add your suggestions for styling hints and tips to include in the report.

A Handy Little Device, Just For You.

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Do You Have Lots Of Jobs That Never Seem To Get Done?

You Need One Of These!

You Need This  “What is it?” I hear you say.

 Well actually it has been extracted from the logo for this blog,  that I recently had designed for me by one of the APSense talents.

 And it suits the purpose for this post quite well.

 This little symbol is just what you need when life gets so busy that there’s no time to complete all of those things that must do.

 It is also perfect to hand on to somebody who has promised that they will complete a task for you but they just keep coming up with excuses.

 So, click on the image, save it to your computer and either display it where you can see it if you are busy, or pass it to the person who keeps putting off that job for you.

 This little round symbol is a Tuit.

 Ideal for those situations when somebody says “I’ll get around to it.” You can just hand it to them. No excuses now!

Have you been putting off starting your own WordPress blog?Grab A WordPress Blog Now

Here’s something to help you get around to it.

Get a Round Tuit Now, download your FREE eBook and bonuses, come back here for hints and tips and you’ll be on your way to a successful blog in no time.

Revised Resourceful Blogging eBook Now Available

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Resourceful BloggingGet the revised edition of Resourceful Blogging.

I had some time in the past few days to edit and upload a revised edition of the Resourceful Blogging eBook.

Time On My Hands

The past few days have not been very productive as far as being online is concerned.

It is very frustrating to be away from home and my reliable internet service when all that was available was a wireless connection provided by the Tourist Park where we were staying. First the connection was very slow, and so slow that some pages did not even finish loading before the browser gave up and refused to load any more. Then on the second day I was informed that the service provider was doing an upgrade which meant that access was not available.

Later that day when I tried to get online again, the service was even slower. So I gave up.

But Not All Was Lost

With no online time available, that left me with the opportunity Read more of this article »

Need A Toolbox To Get Traffic Exchanges Working For You?

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TE Toolbox Recommended By Friends.

Following recommendations from Philippe and Mark, I have finally made time  to take a look at TE Toolbox.

This free service has several features to help manage your Traffic Engine activities. There are too many to discuss in this post, and I have not yet had a chance to try out all of the things that are available for the free member. Of course there is an upgrade offered, but the free service is a good place to start.

Do I Need TE Toolbox?

Since I am offering the Resourceful Blogging eBook to subscribers, I have been advertising that in some TEs. And a tool to help with that is worth looking at.

Squeeze Pages:

Squeeze Pages are the way to go with adding sites to a Traffic Exchange. TE Toolbox has a relatively simple and easy to use Squeeze Page Maker Tool, and I have made one page with that. Later I will have a bit more of a play with the tool, and try out more of the options.


The rotator on TE Toolbox will help you save time with submitting your sites (if you have more than one) to the TEs where you want them to appear. Simply add the sites to your rotator and submit the link to your rotator for the TEs that accept rotators. I believe that most do, and the 3 or 4 that I have done that for have accepted the link with no problems.


If you are looking for something to check the statistics for your email marketing, the TE Toolbax also has Tracking. Once again simply add the URL for the links that you want to track. Free members can get to have 10 trackers, each with up to 10 links to track.

TE Toolbox has much more than reviewed in this post, and I know I will be spending some more time exploring these.

Resourceful Blogging eBook Hits The Net

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Resourceful BloggingResourceful Blogging eBook

Download your copy of the Resourceful Blogging eBook, brought to you by this blog.

Aimed at the first time blogger, it has hints and tips to help you get started. The topics covered will help decide where to host your blog.

There are also ideas for establishing your blog, such as its appearance and how often to post to the blog.

While aimed at the beginner, there are also many ideas that it is good to revisit even if you are an experienced blogger.

Download you copy and stay posted here at the dotrim blog for more hints and tips to take your blogging to a new level.

When updates are made to the eBook, they will be announced here and subscribers will be able to access those updates.

Complete the form in the sidebar to get you copy.