Fast Start To Niche Marketing

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Niche Profit Classroom

We interrupt the current series of niche marketing posts to bring you:-


A Short Cut To Niche Marketing

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Get A Head Start Niche Marketing

Call it coincidence, call it luck?

It doesn’t really matter what you call it. It’s serendipity.
Just as I launch out on a series of posts about niche blogging and setting up a niche marketing, what should I discover but a series of videos which will do just that.

Well, at least, from viewing the first 2 of 9 videos, that’s where they are heading.

So I thought I would share with you just where you can get those videos, to help you take a short cut and get a head start. That is before  this series of blog posts is completed. The posts will reinforce and add to the videos, so please don’t forget to come back here to get those extra bits of information. And yes, you can talk about them here in comments to the posts.

So here’s where you can get those free videos.

TeamPromote Campaign: Free Niche Site Videos

TeamPromote Campaign


If most ‘make money online’ guides overwhelm you, scare you or frustrate you, don’t worry… we’ll have you up and running and making money today.

Concrete 5: Another CMS For Blogging

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Who Needs Another CMS?

Concrete5I have been off discovering what can be done with another CMS (Content Management System). It is all part of the continual and never-ending learning process that I enjoy.

This time it is Concrete5, a CMS that is OpenSource and therefore free to install and is backed up by a huge development team.

I have produced a review page (RevPage) at APSense to point out some of its potential and capabilities.

This video also introduces some of those features, and is the first in a series of training videos. they are well worth checking out of you are looking for a WordPress alternative.

Where Is Your Blog Hosted?

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Blogging is a growing activity.

Blogging has become an activity that more and more people do, and the number of blogs grows each day. I have seen figures that are incredibly large, although I have forgotten precisely what they are, for new blogs each day.

So where are all of these blogs?

My guess is that a lot of them are on the free blog services that are found quite easily. The big names provide free blog space: Google’s Blogger or Blogspot is an example. Another I heard of from readers of this blog is Weebly. Word Press also provides a free blog at for anyone who wishes to register.

WordPressI am a fan of Word Press, and have been for some time now, so the following comments may be just a little biased.

If you are, or want to be a serious blogger, the best option is to have your own blog, hosted on your own domain. This will give you control over the blog as far as what you can add in the way of content and features. It also means that you are not subject to the blog being taken down because the owner of the site goes out of business or drops your blog because you said something he did not like.

With that freedom and control that you have over your own blog, I would however  recommend that you not take an “anything goes” approach. To be successful, effort must pe put into the blog to make it relevant and interesting and not just a sales page for lots of products.

Word Press hosted on your site gives you the freedom and control to set up the blog in many different ways. You can make it in a newsletter or journal. Your blog can function as a store front. The opportunities are endless, limited only by the skill of the person setting up the blog (that is you or a support person).

And there are lots of resources, ranging from the free to the exorbitantly overpriced, but generally you get what you pay for.

I recently went back to review a subscription mastermind series of training materials for blogging, based on WordPress, and will be reminding myself of many of the tips from that series. Some of them, like this post will be adaptations of that training, and others will be feature in the training materials to be released soon here at dotrim.

While that material is being developed you can check out some training videos from the links in the sidebar.

Planning For The New Year

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What’s In The Pipeline for 2011?

Plans are under way for the new offer to made here at dotrim.

It is shaping to look something like this.

PlanningA series of training modules that will introduce the process of blogging as it is done here on dotrim is being prepared.

In addition to the training and information modules there will be opportunities to work with others doing the training, or who have completed it by way of a forum and newsletters. This will be an ideal way to support each other while developing a blog (or two).

Participants in the dotrim courses will be encouraged to host their blog, and early on in the modules the process for doing that will be covered. If you are ready to take the plunge right now, without waiting for the dotrim courses to commence you can use this link or the Hostgator banner in the sidebar.

I have also set up some links to WordPress training videos that will help you get started. 

You are welcome to check them out, and I know at least one of them has a free introductory video.

The links to the Video courses are in the sidebar and below: