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This blog is currently being featured in a TeamPromote advertising campaign.

dotrim hosting

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TeamPromote is now in version 1.1 and has some new features added which will benefit Advertisers (me, in this case) and Promoters (possibly you if you came here from that campaign).

One of the added features is the ability for Promoters to add a comment to each of the sites that an Advertiser nominates. In the current campaign I have set that to allow for a comment from each promoter to this blog. They can choose which post to add their comment to.

When a relevant comment is posted here in this blog I can then approve it in the TeamPromote campaign, and the Promoter will be awarded some Effort Points. There are other ways to build Effort Points which are used to determine the rewards given to each Promoter at the end of the campaign. You will have to visit TeamPromote to discover what they are.

Let me emphasise that the comment must be submitted here, to one of the posts in this blog, before it will be approved and effort points added in the campaign. If the comment is irrelevant or is not submitted for approval to this site, it will be declined, and no effort points awarded.

You are invited to add comments to this post, especially if you came here from the TeamPromote campaign. But remember to read the post, or visit others in the blog, because that’s what I was aiming for by encouraging you to add comments. Irrelevant and meaningless comments will not be approved.


A Contact Form: A Useful Plugin.

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Fast Secure Contact Form

Contact Form Plugin
Introducing a plugin to help with Interactivity on your blog.  You may have some readers who would like to contact you with questions or comments, but they are reluctant to publish these in the publicly seen comments at the end of a post. The Fast Secure Contact Form could be just the right vehicle to encourage those people to contact you.

This plugin is from the same person that brings the Who’s Online and Visitor Maps plugin that has been installed on the dotrim blog for some time now.

I have activated but not changed the configuration of  the plugin, and the contact form shown here is exactly how it comes in its default form.

The image alongside shows the appearance, which I believe can be styled with CSS.

There are lots of ways in which the form can configured, and there are 4 different forms available. Placing the form on the site is simple. In this case I have added the short code in a text widget in the side bar.

It is possible to include a form in a post or on a page, so that it can be designed to be appropriate for that position.

As you can see, the form comes complete with a Captcha Code to discourage robot comment posting to the form.

To locate the plugin, search for “Fast Secure Contact Form” in the install new plugin option from the dashboard.

As a trial you could also use the form in the sidebar to send a comment or message to me.

Social Media And Serial Post Pests

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What Are They Doing?

BrandingI’m sure that they think that they are branding themselves, but I just have to ask, is it the best way to do that?

I guess you might have seen them. You look at the News Feed or the Wall, and you can’t miss them. They comment on just about everything. They send links to just about everything. Their profile picture is splashed on the page in several places.

But are they really contributing anything of value?

Here’s a little edited example, with commentary.

The first comment after the article is from one of the moderators of site. Labelled Mod in this conversation.

Mod: A wonderful article for the newbies! You not only let them know what to do but why to do it. I hope they take a moment to learn from your wisdom [Name of Author]!

Followed up immediately  (well actually 8 minutes later) by another member, labelled Fol in this conversation.

Fol: I agree with [Mod]. I have nothing to add. I will top and share this one in my networks

So, if there is nothing to add… Why add a comment. Perhaps just to say that other networks are going get a blast.

Then 6 hours later:

Mod: [Author’s article title]  is also featured in [Social Network] eZine’s current issue.

That issue is published by Mod, and if I stretch the point a little it could seem like self-promotion in another member’s article, which is frowned on by the site.

Then 40 mins later:

Fol: Good idea. The article certainly deserves a spot.

Now what did that comment add to the discussion? Apart from giving Mod a little pat on the back, and pick a few brownie points from Mod.

When you consider that sort of tag-team commenting is happening quite frequently at that site it tells me that the people doing it are not really interested in real networking, but in boosting their own brand. And they are doing that while appearing to be making a contribution.

However a close look at the content of many of the comments would show that there is not much of those contributions that add value to the articles. 

What do you think? Am I being too picky? In the case of commenting in the Social Media is it true that Less is More, if you make less comments, but they are considered and thoughtful comments?

And what brand is the Serial Post Pest establishing?

4 Reasons To Scale Down Your Social Networking

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That is, apart from the ridiculous amount of time you can spend Social Networking.Social Networks

Too Much Noise:

Did you join Facebook just to keep up with off line friends and family? And now you seem to have lots of “friends” that you’ll never get to meet. They post lots of trivial little things about themselves that really are of no interest to you.

Are you tempted to respond to the businesses that now want you check them out on Facebook? As if you don’t already spend enough time just getting through the clutter.

Sure you might miss something, but you’ll certainly spend time searching out the occasional jewel. As if we aren’t time-poor enough already.

Too Complicated:

Have you joined a Social Network where there are so many options, so many different Read more of this article »

The comluv Plugin Has Been Installed

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How To Use comluv on this Blog

Just 24 hours ago I installed the comluv plugin to this blog, and in this post I will show what that looks like and how to make use of it when making a comment.

To be able to use the plugin on this blog to link back to yours, you will also have to have it installed on your WordPress blog.

Comment LuvIn the example shown here there is a comment that has been added to the blog and at the end of the comment you can see a link to a recent post made by the commenter on their blog. Yes, I know, I made the comment, and the comment points to this blog! But I just wanted an example to use.

The next two screenshots will show how to make sure that you will set up a back link when you make a comment. Of course you need to have comluv installed on the blog that you are trying to send the back link to.

This first screenshot shows that comluv has not yet been activated for this comment. Note that the Check Box is not ticked, and that the CommentLuv icon is showing on the right hand side.

Comment Plugin

To be able to set up the Back Link you will have to click the Check Box (add a tick to it) and then a recent post from your site will show, as indicated in the next screenshot. If you have several posts to choose from you can select one from those displayed when you click on the down arrow on the right hand side.


That’s it. Submit your comment and when it is approved, a back link to your blog has been established.

Add a comment below to tell what you like about the plugin. And of course set up a back link to your site!

Comments and Back Links: An Introduction

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Using Comments and Back Links.

comluv pluginIf you look at the expert bloggers and their blogs you will see that comments are regularly added to their posts. Have you ever wondered why that is so?

One reason could be that new bloggers are encouraged to comment, and to choose high ranking blogs as they have the greatest number of readers and from there you may gather some readers to their blog.

How does that work?

When you leave a comment, you usually have the option to supply a link Read more of this article »

What Makes Superior Blog Content?

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In an article at APSense, reproduced by Allan Haastrup, there is a very comprehensive explanation of what makes superior blog content. The original article, by Dr Lant, has several useful tips for writing like a pro. Read the article HERE.

From that content I have taken the notion that a great blog post is both timely and timeless.

This agrees with, and builds on the the idea of Pillar Posts that I first came across when doing the Blog Mastermind course by Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs Journey. Both of these bloggers have concluded Read more of this article »

CopyCat Blogging

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Looking for ideas to make your blog zing?

Do you have a few favourite blogs that you visit regularly?RSS feed

What brings you back to them? What makes that blog stand out from all of the others you might have visited and never go back to them?

Answer these questions and you will have some great starting points for your own blog.

Copy what you like about these blogs. No, I don’t mean copy their content. Make the content of your blog your own, or specifically written for your blog by a guest writer.

Copy their style. Copy the appearance, with your own modifications. How many columns? What is in the sidebar? How long are the posts? How often are posts added?

Yes, lots more questions. Ask them over and over. And lots more.

Don’t worry about being a copycat.

TwitterWhat is a good way to keep up with your favourite blogs? Find the RSS feed and add the feed to your favourite RSS feed reader. That puts them all in the one spot for easy access.

There may be other ways on a blog to keep up to date with recent posts, such as Facebook and Twitter. Use them to be a successful copycat.

Share your favorite blog by adding something about it as a comment.

Register Now: New Feature at dotrim

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Register as a subscriber to this blog.

subscribeThe ability to register at this blog has just been activated and you are invited to register as a subscriber.

This will allow you to login to the subscriber dashboard, where you can add some information about yourself, along with a link to yor website and a couple of other features.

Subscribers are able to read posts and make comments, and will be shown as members in the Who’s Online Stats.

I am also prepared to ugrade some subscribers to contributors if they show that they have relevant and interesting items to post on this blog.

How To Subscribe.

In the Admin widget in the right sidebar is an option: Register.

When you click that option you will be presented with a sign up form that asks you for a UserName and your email address to send login details to. Some email servers (like Hotmail) might send the email with login details to a spam or junk folder. A gmail address usually works fine.

The email sent will have login details, including a generated password. I recommend changing that password as the first thing that you do in your dashboard. You can also add information about yourself, provide a link to your website and modify your display name. There are also other options in the dashboard for you to consider.

The Dangers In Using An Online Translator

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online translatorDo You Use An Online Translator?

One of the greatest bugbears for a blog owner is dealing with spam comments.


Here is one that that I just had to add, simply because it is an ideal example of what can go wrong when using an online translator to convert from one language to another.


Someone, most likely using an auotobot to post comments, with their first language not being English tried to add the following comment to a post in this blog.

Thanks a ton to get a especially clear and valuable publish. I’m undeniably a violator of lots of these procedures. I typically unearth by myself conflicted when writing a weblog put up because I see myself producing greater than people today want to study, but I believe that I have got to do the topic matter proper rights by thoroughly protecting it. I think that by subsequent a few of these rules I finish up slicing out very important facets towards the dialogue. I guess you could have to come across a balance.


This looks to me like a prime example of Manglish (Mangled English), and I defy anyone to be able toTranslator convert it back to meaningful English.


It is full of grammatical and syntax problems, as well as being very difficult to understand what is the point of the comment.


This comment has been sent to the trash can, just like other similar comments, unrelated to the post where the comment has been made.

Real people, using their brain are invited to comment on posts in this blog, but auto-comments like this one are given the boot.

If you think you can interpret the comment I have highlighted, by all means do that by way of a comment.