Avoiding The Vortex

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Do Not Get Sucked In

This blog started out as a place to discuss Truth and Reality in Internet Marketing. As a result, that has, at times meant researching some opportunities that could fall into the category of Scams or likely to fail because of unsustainable practices.

Avoid the VortexThat activity can be time consuming, and because the sharing of findings is not always positive, the people who have joined and are promoting them can become very defensive. Reacting to those defenses can be draining of both emotional energy and time.

Ultimately it is not very productive to engage with people who are defending the dodgy schemes since they have an investment and enthusiasm to see it succeed. It is after all going to pay them if it succeeds. But that is a big IF!

Once it has been pointed out that a heavily promoted great new opportunity is flawed in some way, there is not much point in continuing to try to convince the converted to your way of thinking about it.

Hence the warning. Avoid the vortex that will grow with every argument and counter-argument. There are forums where discussions go on for days and weeks, and just following them takes up valuable time and energy that could be applied to more productive pursuits. Do not get sucked in!

Some Time Saving Devices.

Well they are not really devices, but acronyms that I use to label the process that I use when evaluating the latest “new whizz-bang” opportunity that has been put before me.

I first found it necessary to develop methods for sifting the useless and potentially malicious products when providing training for fellow educators (in simple language, teachers ) and because teachers love to use acronyms I created the acronym CD-ROM. Yes, I know, not very original, but the key to a good acronym is t make it memorable.

So what does CD-ROM stand for? Please excuse the the language. Crap Detector- Reality and Objectivity Monitor.

It serves as a reminder to check out the program, software, opportunity or learning opportunity to see if it really will achieve the objectives you have. Over time the CD-ROM has become obsolete, so there have been some changes to the acronym.

To keep up with the times it had to be updated to DVD: Due Validating Diligence. Not very original but it went with the times.

Now the DVD is less potent as a hook to hang an acronym upon another more relevant one needs to chosen.

How does this sound? iPAD: Impossible Program and Activity Detector.  (But I think we had better keep that quiet, or the folks at Apple might not be happy.)

Whatever you find helpful, remember, investigate but don’t get sucked into the vortex that is generated when the scam busters call out the latest big thing to hit the Internet. Apply your CD-ROM, DVD or iPad, make up your own mind and stick with it.

Niche Profit Classroom Review

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Find A Niche Market

Niche researchNormally I would do a review after checking out all, or most of the components in the program being reviewed.

If I waited for that to happen with Niche Profit Classroom, this review might never be completed. There is a wealth of tools, videos and discussions that you get with NPC that it’s going to take a long time to get through them all.

At this stage I have just scratched the surface, but what I have seen has been just the right mix of background information and practical demonstration of the program in action.

In fact I am finding it a challenge not to dive in as I usually would and start to use the tools before I have viewed the training materials. That urge to get stuck into the program is probably going to continue, but I will be resisting it until I get further into the training.

So far I have watched only the first 2 modules in the classroom, where the material is provided in well structured and sequential short video over-the-shoulder demonstrations. There are at least 6 more modules to complete, and that’s just at the beginning level.

Recommended Approach To Training

There’s just so much more that is waiting. The recommended approach is to work through the classroom videos, watching and noting the processes. You could work on your own niche project while doing that for the first time, but I will be waiting until i get further into the training, and come back to video training and go through it again, while researching and building a niche.

Yes, it is possible to dive in and use one of the prepared niche packages, and get started immediately. The choice is yours.

Slow and Steady Win the Race

Of course, by taking my time, that means that I will not have a niche site ready by the time the $1 trial (14 days) is over, so to continue I will be taking out the monthly subscription, with the anticipation that money made from the niche I develop will pay for that subscription many time over. That’s a bit of a gamble, but all the more reason to take my time and implement the program effectively.

So far I have just begun to the classroom training. There’s so much more to support the program including tools to save time and effort, webinars (both live and recorded) for up to date information and forums to share with other successful NPC members.

Exciting, and profitable times ahead.

Fast Start To Niche Marketing

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Niche Profit Classroom

We interrupt the current series of niche marketing posts to bring you:-


Building A Website: Using a CMS

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Seeking Out A Good Web Site Builder

Local Business WebsitesA few months ago Mark Hodgetts introduced me to the notion of providing a website building service for local business owners. It’s an idea that has been ticking away in the background now for some time. Just a few days ago I found a magazine article that compared several CMS (Content Management System), and that set me to checking one of them out.

What I have been looking for is a CMS that will provide me, and the potential business owner with the fiollowing:

  • A professional site, with the potential to be styled for each particular business.
  • A site that can cater for different purposes and types of business operations.
  • A CMS that is ideally suited to small, owner operated business.
  • A site that  can be easily updated by the owner on a regular basis.

All of those things can be done with WordPress and the use of various Themes and Plugins.

A CMS that has a choice of Themes that can be easily edited for each individual site and provides many features as standard that need to be added as plugins in other platforms then it should get to the top of the list for investigating.

Concrete5Concrete5 is shaping up to be just the CMS that I have been looking for. And because it is Open Source, and available as a download from cPanel of my host I am using it to build a website for a Garden Club that I belong to. This experience is valuable in helping get to understand how to set up a website  and then take that knowledge and experience on to starting to offer services for building websites to help small local businesses get themselves online.

Snake-Oil Salesmanship

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My education In Snake -Oil Salesmanship

Have you ever sat through one of those long video sales pitches, with a similarly long sales page for an opportunity that promises to make you very rich in a very short time?

Snake-Oil SalesmanshipIn the past few days I’ve taken the time to watch a couple of these sales approaches, and amazingly I found some common threads.

Why do the people selling these “wonderful and amazing” opportunities have to make such a big deal about how badly they were in debt? And how bad their life was before they discovered this amazing system. It seems to me that you are putting your own hard-earned money at risk by following such financially incompetent snake-oil sales people.

Another common thread is how they discovered this great system, or the software that is used to run it. In both cases they either stole of or duped a friend in giving them the software belonging to someone else. Would you trust someone who steals or defrauds other  people, and then brags about it to try and get you to join them?

Both of these systems work on the assumption that you can make money from blogging. You do this by adding Adsense ads, Amazon affiliate links and Clickbank products. Yes, you can do that, but it’s usually a very small amount per day. To become rich you would need to be running a large number of different blogs. But they’ve Read more of this article »

Matrix Marketing: The Bottom Line

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Here’s the bottom line: If you are last into a matrix Opportunity you WILL lose your money. If you get in first you will make money. BUT does it feel right to you to make money knowing that those below you will definitely lose their money?

Matrix MarketingWhy is the bottom line here at the top? Well to put  it simply, you might not get the end of this longish article. Unfortunately the rest of the article maybe not quite so simple.

What is a matrix?

You will see them advertised all over the internet. You will get sales pitches to join them in your email.

A matrix is a sales structure into which you are recruited, and then you go out and recruit others. These become your downline, and for recruiting them you will be rewarded. Historically they were presented to you on a restaurant napkin in the form of a chart showing how your team will expode in size with just a few levels. And that explosion will Read more of this article »

More Words To Watch

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This post continues the series of posts that features some common words that you will see your email inbox, in the hope that you will part with some of your hard earned cash.

The list is incomplete, and I am happy for people to contribute their own suggestions by way of comments. If your suggestion is added to a subsequent post you will be acknowledged and a link to your site will be provided.

Part 2!

Viral ( often used with words like Traffic, Hits, etc):

I have always thought that anything viral is something to steer clear of. Viruses cause nasty things to happen to the body and to computers, so why would I want anything viral.

I succumbed the other day and joined a program with the word Viral Read more of this article »