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Brand Page Help Survey

After a couple of days there have been some responses to the survey that is being conducted at Lookii.
It is just a quick little survey, and seeks to uncover some aspects of creating and managing a Brand Page as provided by the services of the APSense Brand Marketing Center.
Initial responses indicate that there is most likely a need for people with skills in:

  • Graphics and Logo Design
  • Article writing for providing content
  • Social Media profile management

The next Lookii mission will be created to try to recruit some people who can provide these skills and services, so that they can be referred to the Brand Page creators who are seeking that help.

So stay tuned, as the process for recruiting and managing the team of Brand Page helpers is worked on.

dotrim Brand Page Directory

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Brand Page?

After 2 months of inactivity at this site, for any readers who had been waiting for the next post, you may be asking “What is this Brand Page stuff all about?”

Well stick with us and you will find out, or maybe you could check it out for yourself at the Brand Marketing Center.
The following is an adaptation of an article that I wrote at APSense, and it links to a few examples of Brand Pages.

Experimenting with Branding and Sharing Online Activity.

With the help of a magazine article that introduced some CSS and Javascript coding I have developed a (for want of a better word) tool to do some photo sharing.

One example from my recent travels featured photographs of some birds sighted during the travels.

While I was working on it I thought that it could also be adapted to use as a method for sharing things other than photos.

The example I chose was to feature some of the APSense Brand Pages, and in the example the logos for some of the Brands were also made to be clickable. That then encouraged me to think further about the possibilities for this “tool”.

It could be developed as a mini directory of Brand Pages of associates and clients, with the logos for each page creator being used to link to the their Brand Page. With the logos of the various pages in the being partially hidden behind others it means that viewers have to interact with the page to uncover them. This engagement with the content will increase the likelihood that they will explore further since they already taken action to uncover the logo. This is especially true for those logos that catch the eye or look to be leading to an interesting site.

In association with a project that is running on the crowdsourcing application Lookii, this method of sharing Brand Pages may be developed further.

APSense and TeamPromote

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Getting Sidetracked

The past few weeks have been quite an intense time with lots of things happening to prevent me from updating here at this blog.

Well that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

Change of Lifestyle

Grey NomadRecently I have taken the plunge and begun what I am calling my Grey Nomad Adventure. I have sold my house in the country and bought a caravan which will be my home on wheels for some time. Juts how long depends on many factors such as health, mobility and finances.

You can follow that adventure at Grey Nomad Times.


I have been enjoying the privilege of consulting with the founder of APSense and a small team of others to help with a huge upgrade to that site.

Several new features have been added, and it was great to provide feedback after testing the prototypes, and then watching as they were introduced to the members. That has been a great experience, that has proved to be very useful in understanding the back office of a network with thousands of members.


For some time I have been involved with the beginnings of this APSense Add-On, and then with shared management. Again the experience has provided me with many new insights, and experiences in promoting and managing a system.

I am hoping that that I will find some more time to add post to this blog, and if hoping is not enough to achieve that, I will have to MAKE time for it.

Hope to keep up, and if I don’t please remind me!



Preparing and Positioning For Team Work

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Learning From A Game

TeamPromote PlanningWhile I am writing this I am watching a game of football, and it is obvious that the most effective team is the one that is well prepared and the team members position themselves for the greatest effect. Much of that is achieved by careful and planned preparation.

So what has this got to with this post?

Position yourself

to take advantage of the introduction of an innovative marketing platform that is very close to launch date.

The philosophy behind the approach in TeamPromote is that both Advertisers (with a product or service to sell) and Promoters (who help with spreading the word about these products) work together to support each other.

TgopTeam LogoAdvertisers create campaigns take place over a fixed time (Chosen by the Advertiser). They decide on an amount of funds to activate the campaign, and a significant amount of those funds are made available to be shared by the people who make up the team who have joined the campaign to promote it.

Promoters elect to join the campaigns and use the resources provide by TeamPromote to advertise the Advertiser’s product or service. The activity of each Promoter (based on the number of clicks their promotions attract) will be used to calculate their share of the funds allocated to the team. Rewards offered by the Advertiser are shared by the Promoters, based on the proportion of clicks that their promotions attract.

Preparation and Planning

When creating a campaign the Advertiser provides the information needed to produce the landing page and other sharing tools needed for the campaign. To prepare for creating a campaign there are several things should be ready for completing the form.

First, to take advantage of this service you will need to be a member of APSense, the Business Social Network.APSense Business Social Network

Then gather together details to help provide information for the product or service to be advertised. A title for the campaign, a description of the product, a logo to identify it, the link the prospects will be sent to, the budget for the campaign and how long to run it.

Promoters will also be members at APSense, and will have the opportunity to browse through the campaigns that are active. From them they can choose which ones to join.

To prepare themselves they can start to consider where they might be able to most effectively promote the products and services in the campaigns they have joined.

If you want to be advised as the launch time for TeamPromote nears, please use the contact form in the sidebar to let me know, and I will keep you up to date with progress.

The Team Approach To Advertising

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Get A Team Behind You.

TeamPromoteAdvertising your business does not have to be a task done by just you.

We all know how Word Of Mouth advertising is very efficient, with much better results than blasting ads in front of anyone who happens to pass. Don’t you feel more inclined to check out a product or service if someone you know, whose judgement you trust, recommends it.

What if you get together a team of people who know and like your product, to help you promote it? Wouldn’t that make it easier for you to get your product out there?

Introducing The Team Approach

A new Add-On service at APSense, the Social Business is being developed to help you do just that. Called TeamPromote, it is being prepared for release, so now is the time to consider how you can take advantage of the Team Approach to Marketing.

Take the time now to consider how your business could take advantage of this opportunity. Your product or service has its profile raised, more business comes your way while effectively rewarding the people promoting for you. More details on how that happens will be coming soon, but now is the time to prepare.

  • What product or service do you want to promote?
  • What is a good way to promote that. Sales, lead building?
  • What bonuses or rewards can you offer effective promoters?

You can check out the introductory video at TeamPromote.

And also checkout the RevPage at APSense.


Social Media And Blogging

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Different Ways Of Thinking About Blogs.

Social Media NetworksIf you join some Social Media or Social Networks you might find that they provide a facility for you to share your thoughts, your business opportunity links and your expriences in something that they call blogs.

Initially I had some problems coming to terms with this way of thinking about blogs and blogging, as I was constrained by the notion that a blog was something akin to an online Journal. To me this implied a theme or common thread to the content.

The blogs that you see at some of the Social Networks are more like individual articles that stand alone, and my be arranged into categories if the network provides that facility.

Since a lot of members of these networks have joined with the hope of attracting customers to the products or services that they are advertising, most of the “blogs” are little more than sales pitches. It is not a common thing to find a “blog” that is not aimed at selling something.

You will however find the occasional “blog” that expresses an opinion or states a point of view, and these are quite a welcome break from the  large number of Sales Pitches. It’s no surprise that the submitter (who is not necessarily the author) is quite likely to be a much better marketer than those blasting the service with ads. These people have taken note of methods of branding themsleves and establishing authority and credibility.

2 Social Networks That Provide Blogs

The IBOToolbox (and IBOSocial) is at the time of writing a relatively new and rapidly growing Social Network. It features a Wall, similar to the Facebook Wall, where member activity is posted. Because of the almost frenetic activity at times, post can disappear within a matter of 2 or 3 minutes.

This site has been developed to take advantage of SEO to ensure members get their content seen. Members are encouraged to add 2 blogs per day to build the network of blogs where they are posted.

At APSense the Articles used to be called blogs, and they are a prominent feature of that site, with many of them attracting comments from other members. Activity is also posted to a Wall (or News Feed), but members only see the posts from their contacts. Other “blogs” or Articles from people who are not contacts can been found from the menu bar.

Check out the 2 sites to see a couple of ways that “blogs” are treated in these Social Media sites. Both sites are FREE to join and for you to share your content.

Social Networks: Too Big To Be Effective?

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Getting Lost In The Networks?

Social NetworksHow many Social Networks do you belong to and is you time being spent wisely on them?

That’s the question that I had to ask myself when I found that one of them was not producing the results that they were promising.

This particular Business Social Network has an affiliate program, that will produce income from referrals that upgrade to a paid account. My activity had produced a few referrals, but unfortunately not one of them ever did anything but sign up. They added nothing to their profile, did not contribute any content and were basically just a number added to the total number of members to that site.

I asked a question about my problem in contacting my downline in the feature that they provide . The response from 2 of the admins at the site basically told me I need to wait until the referral adds me to their contact. One of them even implied that if I want to advertise to them I could it by way of a bulletin. It was not my intention to advertise, but to support the new member in using the network.

In this article at the Network I asked if others were having the same problem with contacting the people in their downline. There was little response, so I have decided to spend less time at this unresponsive network.

The situation above, typical of BIG Social Networks, where it often hard to navigate around and you spend a lot of time and energy for little result, lead me to consider investigating the possibility of establishing a SMALL Social Network.

So that is where I am at right now, investigating the possibilities.

What do think? Does it have potential?

Will it be possible to attract people to a small responsive, laser-targetted nano Network?

nano Network

Blog Tips eZine At Apsense

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I Am Looking For Articles To Add To The Blog Tips eZine

From time to time articles from this blog will appear in the Blog Tips For New and Experienced Bloggers eZine at eZineSpace on APSense.

Subscribe to Blog Tips For New and Experienced BloggersThere have been 3 issues of that eZine to date, and the next is due for publication very soon.

I am looking for subscribers to that eZine to add articles which fit the purpose of the eZine, (ie provide some tips or hints for effective blogging) to add some variety and to involve subscribers in the production of the eZine.

When you susbcribe to that eZine, you automatically have the ability to submit articles, either written directly on the eZine, or linked from your site. If you need some help with doing that add a comment to this post with that request.

In an earlier post I outlined how to subscribe to the eZine. You can visit that post HERE  and if you wish to subscribe to add an article for the eZine you can do that there.

If you are not yet a member at APSense you can sign up by clicking the banner below.

Blog Maintenance: What Does That Mean?

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Surely You Don’t Have To Maintain A Blog.

Don’t you just add posts and it looks after itself? No such luck!

Yesterday I marked my status at APSense as Blog Maintenance Time.

In this post I will outline what that meant.

From time to time it will be necessary to do more than just add a post or reply to comments. To either add features or keep the blog up to date there a certain things that can be done.

Updating a blog.

Update blogThe first of these is to update the blog to the latest version, which if available will be announced in the dashboard. Before starting that update, or any update it is a good plan to backup your blog.

So step 1 is to backup the blog, and then step 2 is install the update. That was simply a matter of clicking the link announcing the update and using the automatic install option. That took just a few seconds to complete.

Managing Subscribers.

For the past few weeks readers have been able to register as subscribers in the Admin box in the sidebar. I have now decided to transfer those subscribers to my Auto-Responder to make it easier to sens messages to them. So yesterday’s maintenance was to email each subscriber to check that it is OK to add them to my AR list.

Adding Features

And thirdly I have added a Feedburner RSS  Feed to the sidebar to make it easier for readers to subscribe to the blog in their favourite Reader.

I use the Google Reader as it comes with my gmail account, Google Analytics and others services. When you see a “What is this ?” link under the RSS, that will take you to a post describing what RSS is and how it benefits you as the reader. Coming soon! You can, however, click the Feed button (in the sidebar) to subcribe in a reader right now! 

Subscribing to an eZine at APSense

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The dotrim blog features in a Blog  Tips eZine at APSense.

Some posts from this blog will appear from time to time in an eZine that I have established at APSense.

To subscribe to the eZine you will need to visit and find the Subscribe to this eZine link. Subscription is available to members of APSense. If you are not yet an APSense member you can sign up Subscribe to Blog Tips For New and Experienced Bloggers

To look at the second eZine based on this blog, you can click the image below or this link.

Blog Tips eZine

To subscribe to the eZine find the Subscribe to this eZine link (highlighted by the arrow in the picture above) and click on it.

Once you have subscribed to the eZine you will be notified when new issues are published and you will also be able to contribute to the eZine. More about this in a future post, or on the eZine itself.

Issue 3 of the eZine has now been published, and readers are invited  to submit articles for the next and subsequent issues. Let’s share our tips for efficient blogging.