A Milestone Reached

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Alexa Ranking Hits A New Target!

Today the Alexa ranking for this blog, and all of the blogs hosted here at dotrim, achieved the target that has been appearing for some time now.Alexa Milestone

The ranking  figure is less than 300,000.  For the past 6 weeks I have been watching the figures head towards the 300,000 mark, then bounce around a little. But today is the day for celebration as a figure less than 300,000 is achieved.

If you take up the offer to have a blog hosted here for you, you will immediately start your blog with the same ranking as this one. When you get active with your dotrim hosted blog, you will be contributing to the ever improving ranking. That’s a win-win situation for you and your fellow dotrim bloggers.

You can check the progress of this blog’s Alexra ranking in the widget in the sidebar. This widget sometimes lags a little behind that figures that show in my Alexa toolbar or when you check at the Alexa site.

A New Year Ahead: Time To Assess

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A Milestone Approaches:

As the year is about to end, and this blog hits its third month it’s time to assess where it is at.Assessment

It is also a good chance to discuss a few of the tools that can be used to assess how a blog is progressing. Of course the tools you use to assess your blog will depend on the purpose of the blog.

As this blog is aimed at providing information, including Tips and How To… do things on a WP blog, I will want to assess if it it doing that.

First I will have to discover if people are finding the blog and whether they are spending time on the site.

There are several tools that I use, but this post will not go into details about how to set them up, but will attempt to show they are used.

These tools include:

How Often Should Posts Be Added?

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Should a blog have regular posts added?

The quick answer to that is a definite YES!, and if you want to dotrimsee examples of the reason why I say that, read on.

The frequency of new posts being added to a blog will affect the way in which that blog can work for you.

If new posts, that are relevant to the focus of the blog, are added on a regular basis that will increase the authority of that blog and the owner of the blog.

To illustrate that I will use examples from my recent experience.

I currently run four different blogs and they are being worked on at different rates.

The four blogs are:

  • This blog. The dotrim blog.
  • Another self-hosted WordPress blog on a different domain.
  • A networked blog, hosted by a different owner, to which I have subscribed.
  • A blogger (free) blog.

To demonstrate the effect of regular, and frequent posting I will mention a couple of analytics tools that I use.

The dotrim blog:

This blog is the one that I have been working on consistently for the past Read more of this article »

Statistics and Blogging: 3 Options

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Why Are Statistics And Blogging Important?

These two things go hand in hand, because if you are blogging with the intention of attracting readers and subscribers to your blog


Google Analytics Graph

 or the offers that are presented in your blog, you will want to know if your efforts are being noticed.

It is however very easy to get trapped in the Analysis Paralysis state by becoming so obsessed with statistics that you are distracted from adding valuable content.

This post will outline just three options that are used to assess how the traffic to this blog is growing, and how to these are managed on a regular basis.

Google Analytics

Firstly, Google Analytics gives a quick overall picture in the form of graphs, with the option of going into more detailed analysis of what pages are being viewed and where the visitors have come from.

I simply just check out the number of visits and how many of those are different. In particular I have just recently been following the results of some small campaigns using APSense and TrafficAdBar.

Google analytics is free and requires an account at Google. To set up to view your statistics requires some code to be added to the site. This may mean some knowledge of how to do that, or have an administrator of your site do it for you.

Who’s Online?

Secondly, on this site I have installed a plugin called Visitor Maps and Who’s Online. This plugin displays how many people are actually online (or have been in the last 15 minutes), which can also be clicked on to display a map with points on it showing where these vistors are from.

In the dashboard of this blog, I can also find out more information about those visitors, such as their IP address, the city they are from, the time of the visit (and how many times thay have visited) and if they were referred from another site.

Any bloggers taking up the option to have a blog hosted here at dotrim will have this plugin as one of the pre-installed and activated plugins.

Alexa Ranking

Finally (for this post), I have subscribed to Alexa, which has many features, but I simply use the ranking number to indicate how the blog is progressing. At this stage I have the Alexa toolbar on my desktop so that I can quickly check the ranking each day. In the 4 weeks that this blog has been operating the Alexa ranking has moved from 10 million+ to 1.4 million. (The lower the number the higher the ranking).

This ranking is a rough indicator of the authority of the blog/site (or as another blogger puts it, Social Proof). There is also a widget that can be displayed in the sidebar that includes that ranking and a graph of its movement, but that only becomes useful for rankings less than 1 million. 

With monitoring statistics on a blog it is important to not get too carried away with analysing everything so that you do not get time to add content. I call that analysis paralysis.

Statistics will however indicate if your blog is heading in the right direction, attracting traffic and point to ways in which you can increase its authority.