One Niche Product Site Built

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One Niche Site Established

If you have been following the most recent posts here at dotrim, and been acting on them you will have

  • Researched and found a niche market.
  • Selected effective keywords to focus on.
  • Build a site around those keywords.
  • Displayed advertising relevant to the keywords on the site.
  • Promoted the niche site with articles to provide links back to your site.

All of these activities are to help your site rise to the top of search engine results. The aim has been to reach the people who are ready to buy the items that are shown in the ads on your site, and in this way add funds to your account as a publisher.

Niche Site ContentThis is just one method for Niche Marketing, and is often the starting point. However, it is most unlikely that just one niche site will bring in the level of income that you are looking for.

More To Build

The real value comes from building many of these niche sites, and combining the small amounts from each one to build a more substantial income. This process then needs to be repeated fr each niche site that is built and populated with the advertising that generates the income.

By careful selection of hosting service (ie a host that allows multiple domains to be hosted on the one account) some of the initial startup expenses can be kept as low as possible. If you can achieve that then the only initial expense will be the cost of registering a domain name. With a niche site that is well chosen the costs of the site should be easily recovered, and  the returns will contribute to your online income.

There are however, no guarantees of this, and it is important to keep testing and adapting your sites to ensure that they are performing well.

Viral Words

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Viral Words:

Some More Examples

A change of pace for this post. Returning to an old theme, and one of the original reasons for beginning this blog.

dotrim: Doing Truth, Reality in Internet Marketing

Viral Marketing WordsEarlier posts pointed to some words that are commonly used in Internet Marketing. The purpose of these words is to get you to take some form of action. That is usually to get you to open your wallet and throw some money at the wonderful “opportunity” that has been laid out before. Frequently the opportunity does not live up to promise that is implied in some of the colorful, evocative and misleading words to describe it or the action you should take.

The examples in this post are typical.


Now doesn’t that tell you that you should act NOW! That’s just the intention behind the use of the word. Act now, and do not think any more about it! You will miss out if you delay!

It seems a little strange to me that for one opportunity that I enquired about, I have received more than six emails with either the word Urgent or similar telling me that I have until a certain time to complete my sign-up or I will miss out. Today I actually opened the email and checked the link, only to find another unsustainable matrix type operation.

My next move:- locate the unsubscribe link and try to make sure that I do not receive any more emails from that source.

Don’t Join….:

Now this is a tricky one! My experience tells me that the sender of the email does NOT really mean that! If you take the time to read the whole message, because it’s not in the title, you will find that you are being asked to join. The Don’t Join actually means Don’t Join because the sender doesn’t like the opportunity, they LOVE it! Or Don’t Join if don’t want to become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Whatever happened to Truth in Internet Marketing? Or is just clever advertising?

Another Unsubscribe coming up.

3 Niche Marketing Styles

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Now that this series of posts is heading into the practical aspects of Niche Marketing it is time to consider what style of format that can take. In keeping with the trend of the last two posts, where groups of 3 have been featured,  let’s choose 3 ways to make money from a chosen niche.

3 Ways For Niche Marketing

1: Make money from advertising the niche.

Niche MarketingThis is perhaps the simplest form of Niche Marketing. This style is usually product based. It requires making a simple site that provides useful and relevant information about the products in the niche. That information is typically prepared to be found easily from Search Engine queries. The site will also have carefully placed advertising, typically AdSense ads, and the when these are clicked by visitors to the site, small payments are added to the account of the site owner.

This method will usually only produce small income per site per day, so often the marketers using this style will have many sites in different niches, thus building income from these different sites.

The Kelty Sleeping Bags site is a Niche Product site with AdSense advertising. It is a live example produced by the team at Niche Profit Classroom

2: Affiliate Marketing in a Niche

In this form of Nice Marketing, the site owner targets a product for which they will be paid a commission for sales generated from their site. Articles related to the product are published to have the site appear in Search Engine queries. the owners of these sites may also provide a method for subscription to a short email course or information series. In that series of emails there may be further opportunities for subscribers to purchase the affiliate product.

This style of niche marketing is typically associated with information or software products, although it can also be used for physical product sales.

For an example of this style you could watch the development of Lactose Free Now.


3: Sales of Owner Produced Products.

In this form of Niche Marketing the site owner has produced their own product and is marketing that through their sites. It flows on from the affiliate style of Niche Marketing, and also has a subscription or membership offer associated with it.

The owner may also offer the product to subscribers to sell if they establish, or use an Affiliate Management program.

The Betta Fish Center site is a an example of one of these Niche Sites.

A Minefield For Affiliate Marketers

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Have You Disclosed Your Interests?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the major activities of many bloggers. It is often the reason for establishing niche blogs, to be able to provide content based on the topic of that niche, so that readers are attracted to the site, and then may buy from the links and advertising on the blog.

Some recent events may have made that strategy just a little more difficult.

I have had my attention drawn to the tactic at Clickbank, where if your account has not attracted sales in a particular payout period, a small amount is deducted from your balance. See this article by Rieke that alerted me to that practice. At the rate at which these penalties are being applied it will not take long for a account that is dormant to be completely stripped.

Clickbank have also been notifying their clients (Advertisers with products listed at Clickbank) that there are new guidelines for Pitch Pages, videos and affiliate sites. From my reading of those guidelines I would assume that many of the products that have been available at Clickbank will either be not available or the promotional materials associated with them will need be significantly edited to become compliant.

My guess is that these updated guidelines are the result of some recent action by regulators (like the FTC in the US) in cracking down on promotions that are misleading, make unsubstantiated claims and generally lack integrity. For example, under FTC regulations, all health related products are meant to have disclosure statements indicating that any commercial agreement (affiliate agreement?) between the seller and the endorser exist.

Some fields, such as Health Related Products will be closely watched, but in the interests of using Best Practice, it might be time to ensure that at all times promotions and promotional material have the characteristics of quality and integrity. Where a disclosure statement is required, the Advertiser should make that clear to their affiliates, but in the end it is the affiliate who is responsible for declaring their interest and connection. Neglecting to do that could lead to steep fines.

The message here is pretty clear: If your niche requires a Disclosure Statement for the affiliate products you promote, make sure it is in place, and clearly states the connection. It does not have to be on each link, and a disclaimer on a separate page within a site can provide blanket coverage.


Article Marketing: A Waste Of Time and Effort?

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Is Article Marketing Worth The Effort?

I found this video on the PRWeb blog and figured it would be worth sharing.



TeamPromote: Perfect for Affiliate Managers

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A Campaign For Affiliates

This short post attempts to outline the benefits of TeamPromote for owners of an affiliate program.TeamPromote Marketing Platform

As an example I have chosen to demonstrate with a fictional ClickBank product.

A typical scenario.

The product: Software to produce eBooks to sell. Yep, corny, but it’s just an example. It is offered at ClickBank with a 50% commission to affiliates.

The Aim: To attract affiliates who will promote the product and make sales.

The Process:
1: Adding to ClickBank will attract some affiliates, but there is strong competition, and thousands of products.

2: Promote and recruit affiliates by your own efforts. Advertising, email marketing, etc. using your own contacts and programs.

Now Enter TeamPromote!

3: Gather a Team of promoters who become affiliates and promote the product to their contacts.

A campaign set up for an affiliate product will create unique links for each promoter, and any sales generated will be credited to that promoter.

So everyone joining has a double opportunity for being rewarded. Advertisers get their product promoted, and sales.

How to set up a TeamPromote campaign for affiliates to join.

First all of the usual items like Campaign Name, Description, Logo, Geo-Targeting, Categories, and content for Text Ads and the Landing Page need to be planned.

The tricky part is filling in the Destination Link and the URL that tells promoters how to find their Referral ID.

Since the example is a ClickBank product, the Referral Link (known as a Hoplink) replaces the “xxxx” in this link:

TeamPromote Affiliate Form

Click to Enlarge

To set up the referral link the creator (advertiser) supplies the link. In the example shown at arrow (a) it is critical that the %ref_id% is added just like that, because the script uses that code to add each promoter’s unique Referral ID in that position.

The URL at arrow (b) is the link to where the promoter can sign up to get or retrieve their referral ID.

When a promoter joins a campaign such as this, they will be asked for their referral ID. If they already know it they can simply supply it when the join. If they have forgotten or need to sign up for a Referral ID, the URL at arrow (b) will tell them how to get that ID.

More Reward For Effort.

Affiliate Products have greater potential for generating cash for promoters:

  • In campaign rewards from the advertiser
  • and from sales of the product being promoted.

Look out for these campaigns at TeamPromote.

Old Dogs and New Tricks

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What is they say about Old Dogs?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Don’t believe it. You are never too to old to learn something new.

That’s what I’m enjoying right now. The challenge of discovering how to do new things and the buzz that you get when things go right.

OK, not everything goes to plan. but those that don’t, are things that you can learn from anyway.

When I retired from a paid job, just less than 6 months I did not expect to be sitting around watching the grass grow in the backyard. There were lots of things that I wanted to do, and there there still are.

Right now I am being thoroughly engaged, with a couple of friends, in building and getting a new marketing strategy up and running. And that involves a whole lot of new things to learn and to do.

That list includes:

  • Website design, including things such as CSS. (php comes later, when things settle down a bit).
  • Building and testing components of the new platform. (Mainly testing for me).
  • Brainstorming things like slogans, advertising content. (That’s where years of butcher paper and felt pens at meetings and conferences in my former working life come in handy).
  • Writing articles and Press Releases. ( Didn’t have to do them before).
  • And the list will no doubt build as the tasks change.
    • managing support could be a big role for the future.

TeamPromote Marketing Platform
So there’s lots to do and even better, there’s lots to learn.

So never let it be said that you are Too Old To Learn Something New.

Oh what is the project? Just click the Logo to the right.

TeamPromote Help Center Is Now Live

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TeamPromote Help Is At Hand

TeamPromote Help CenterHave you seen the references to TeamPromote over the past few days and weeks?

Have you been wondering what TeamPromote is all about?

Many of your questions will be answered if you visit the Help Center. That has been available for everyone to view and review.

The Help Center has hints and tips for potential Advertisers and Promoters. The videos in the Tutorials at the Help Center will show you step by step how to set up a campaign for promotion and how to promote a campaign.



Preparing and Positioning For Team Work

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Learning From A Game

TeamPromote PlanningWhile I am writing this I am watching a game of football, and it is obvious that the most effective team is the one that is well prepared and the team members position themselves for the greatest effect. Much of that is achieved by careful and planned preparation.

So what has this got to with this post?

Position yourself

to take advantage of the introduction of an innovative marketing platform that is very close to launch date.

The philosophy behind the approach in TeamPromote is that both Advertisers (with a product or service to sell) and Promoters (who help with spreading the word about these products) work together to support each other.

TgopTeam LogoAdvertisers create campaigns take place over a fixed time (Chosen by the Advertiser). They decide on an amount of funds to activate the campaign, and a significant amount of those funds are made available to be shared by the people who make up the team who have joined the campaign to promote it.

Promoters elect to join the campaigns and use the resources provide by TeamPromote to advertise the Advertiser’s product or service. The activity of each Promoter (based on the number of clicks their promotions attract) will be used to calculate their share of the funds allocated to the team. Rewards offered by the Advertiser are shared by the Promoters, based on the proportion of clicks that their promotions attract.

Preparation and Planning

When creating a campaign the Advertiser provides the information needed to produce the landing page and other sharing tools needed for the campaign. To prepare for creating a campaign there are several things should be ready for completing the form.

First, to take advantage of this service you will need to be a member of APSense, the Business Social Network.APSense Business Social Network

Then gather together details to help provide information for the product or service to be advertised. A title for the campaign, a description of the product, a logo to identify it, the link the prospects will be sent to, the budget for the campaign and how long to run it.

Promoters will also be members at APSense, and will have the opportunity to browse through the campaigns that are active. From them they can choose which ones to join.

To prepare themselves they can start to consider where they might be able to most effectively promote the products and services in the campaigns they have joined.

If you want to be advised as the launch time for TeamPromote nears, please use the contact form in the sidebar to let me know, and I will keep you up to date with progress.

The Team Approach To Advertising

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Get A Team Behind You.

TeamPromoteAdvertising your business does not have to be a task done by just you.

We all know how Word Of Mouth advertising is very efficient, with much better results than blasting ads in front of anyone who happens to pass. Don’t you feel more inclined to check out a product or service if someone you know, whose judgement you trust, recommends it.

What if you get together a team of people who know and like your product, to help you promote it? Wouldn’t that make it easier for you to get your product out there?

Introducing The Team Approach

A new Add-On service at APSense, the Social Business is being developed to help you do just that. Called TeamPromote, it is being prepared for release, so now is the time to consider how you can take advantage of the Team Approach to Marketing.

Take the time now to consider how your business could take advantage of this opportunity. Your product or service has its profile raised, more business comes your way while effectively rewarding the people promoting for you. More details on how that happens will be coming soon, but now is the time to prepare.

  • What product or service do you want to promote?
  • What is a good way to promote that. Sales, lead building?
  • What bonuses or rewards can you offer effective promoters?

You can check out the introductory video at TeamPromote.

And also checkout the RevPage at APSense.