Twitter Plugin

A Simple Twitter Plugin

The “Simple Tweet” plugin allows you as the author of a post or page to add a Twitter button on that post or page. It allows you to choose any post where you want to have the Twitter button displayed.

When the plugin is activated the button is placed on the page by adding a shortcode. In this case the shortcode is (open square bracket)tweetme(close square bracket).

Simple Tweet Button

The plugin uses plugin options to specify which account to follow by default. It can, however be overwritten to allow guest bloggers to set the button to follow their own Twitter account.

That is done by using the shortcode (open square bracket)tweetme follow=”Name_of_account_to Follow”(close square bracket).

TweetMe Follow

The plugin is installed in the usual way, and the simplest is to use the Plugins -> Add New -> Upload process by selecting the .zip file from the folder where you downloaded it. Once it is installed and activated go to the Settings menu and there you find the option page that allows you to set the default Twitter account to follow.

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