Wanna Learn To Code In Python

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Start Here

There are lots of online sites that will help you get started with your efforts to learn coding with Python.

eBooks and pdf training resources

Learning by doing is often favoured by many learners. Some of the resources named here allow to do just that.

For example, if you want to learn to code to build games, a book that takes you through the steps for building some simple games would be a great place to start. If that book also provides the code for you build some games, and details how the code works, while you learn the building blocks of the language, you have the potential to learn by doing.

Invent Your Own  Computer Games  with Python, is just one example of the this style of learning to code.

The author, Al Sweigart, is the author of several books for people interested in learning to code in Python.

In his own words:

My motivation for writing this book comes from a gap I saw in today’s literature for kids interested in learning to program. I started programming when I was 9 years old in the BASIC language with a book similar to this one. During the course of writing this, I’ve realized how a modern language like Python has made programming far easier and versatile for a new generation of programmers. Python has a gentle learning curve while still being a serious language that is used by programmers professionally.
The current crop of programming books for kids that I’ve seen fell into two categories. First, books that did not teach programming so much as “game creation software” or a dumbed-down languages to make programming “easy” (to the point that it is no longer programming). Or second, they taught programming like a mathematics textbook: all principles and concepts with little application given to the reader. This book takes a different approach: show the source code for games right up front and explain programming principles from the examples.

You can download the latest edition from the Invent With Python site, that also has other books that may interest you.

This book takes you from installing and setting the environment for you start programming in Python, then begins with some simple games, including classics such as Hangman and TicTacToe.

Initially the games are played in a simple text-based format, which introduces the basic language features without the distraction of having to learn processes for displaying in graphic environments.



Going with Google

Whenever you get stuck while trying to work out just how to get the code you are working on to perform in the way you want, there is always the opportunity to do a search in your favourite search engine for the solution. Most times you find that you have to try several of the results before you find something that can be adapted for your problem.Python Tutorial

But occasionally it will throw up a resource that answers your question, and here’s one that looks like it will be very useful.

Python Tutorial

This site has been online for some time and has a range of topics available for beginners and more advanced coders.

 From The Source

What better place than the home of all things Python?

Python OrgIt may be a little daunting and the learning curve a little too steep with the assumptions made about the reader’s ability to understand the vocabulary used, it is possible to pick your way through the wealth of information. There are some sections specifically for the beginning coder.

Python.org is the website of the Python community, and has many valuable pages for the beginning or experienced coder.

If you are not sure of how Python is used, check out the Success Stories.

This site is also one from which Python can be downloaded to your machine.


A Great Start

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But Will It Last?

More tracking results.

New programs, opportunities, safelists, mailers, traffic exchanges seem to appear regularly.

They burst onto the scene with a flurry of activity. Promoters send out their hyped up emails to their lists. Safelist members copy and paste the swipe files and splash pages. Most will have had some advance warning of the launch.

But all of that frantic activity will not always last, with the early adopters making the most of their inside knowledge.

Here’s some tracking data for a relatively recent launch.
ListNerds, a venture into the world of safelist and mailers from the TimTech group is one of those that began with what looked like lots of promise.
The first few mailings returned a healthy CTR. 30% or more for the very first is probably never going to be sustained, and a drop off can be expected.

What has been disappointing is the steady downward slide to less than 3% CTR over a relatively short period.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Comparing the CTR rates with another mailer launched at around the same time (100 Percent Traffic) gives a very different picture.
As with many things in life, it is not the fast starter that is going to end up as the better performer.
There are many factors that come into play to help a safelist maintain a healthy CTR to return value to members. It is not simply a matter of building hype for a launch and then standing back, basking in the glow of early success.

The problem for potential members is to pick the launches that are more likely to produce the steady return.

What’s Your Tracking Telling You?

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Is There Value In That Update?

That’s 2 questions now, and not an answer in sight, yet!

Tracking can be a double edged sword. It provides information that tells you what is working, and where to concentrate your efforts. It can also pinpoint areas where things might not be going as well as hoped.

That data comes from any tracking that the safelist users sets up, and also from tracking stats provided by the better mailers.

Back to the second question, but first another question. What do you get with an upgrade in a safelist or mailer?

Typically that includes:

  1. More credits, making it less necessary to open emails for credits.
  2. Ability to email more members.

That all sounds great so far, but let’s look at the tracking data for a recent upgrade.
After several messages had been sent out as a FREE member, they were returning a CTR of more than 6%. These messages were sent out to the maximum possible number of 2200 members.
After the upgrade it was possible to send to 6000 or more members. Immediately the CTR fell to less than 4% and has hovered around that mark for subsequent emails.

The result: The upgrade allows more emails to be sent, and potentially more of these may be opened.

But why the fall in CTR?

Some guesswork at this stage, but it seems that the increased members to whom the emails are sent will have a significant number who have upgraded, and who do NOT have to click emails for credits. So even though more messages can be sent, they are being sent to many people who do not open them.

But will the ability to send to more members bring more conversions, signups, purchases etc?






Contrasting Results

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What A Difference!

8 weeks of tracking stats, and it’s become really obvious that some mailers perform better than others.

But by how much much?

This week I have started to give some of the mailers with the smallest Click Through Rate (CTR) their last chance. Actually, there were 5 that didn’t get that chance. There were no more credits left in my account at those, and the effort to build more was considered not worth the effort.

So which mailers are on notice?

First up: any with a CTR of less than 1%. That gave me more than 30 mailers to put under scrutiny.

The Process:

  1. Eliminate, and delete accounts at those with 0 credits left.
  2. Mail out using maximum credits (or total credits left if less than maximum).
  3. Track results. Clicks only. Conversions, if any are a bonus, and will give the mailer another chance.
  4. Continue to use any credits (if available) in subsequent mailouts during the week.
  5. Eliminate, and delete any accounts that return less than 1% CTR after this week.

The results:

Day 4 and approximately 10 mailers have been terminated.

One has a reprieve with a conversion, although the CTR is still heading south.

The end of the week and another 10 have bitten the dust. One good thing about most of those that have been removed is that they use the same out-of-the-box script. The owners have not changed much, apart from the graphics. That has made it easy to find where to delete the account, and the process for deletion is the same.  Now to remove the emails from those dead mailers, and delete the filters.

More time is now available to use the mailers that actually produce some results!

Safelist and Mailer Review

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Observations and Musings

After more than a month of dotrim Safelist Rankings it’s now time to look back, put the data together and make few decisions.

More to come. I’m taking the time to look through the data, and find the patterns that require some action, so that the best use use is being made of my time and effort.

Back soon, I hope.

But for now, here’s the latest weekly rankings.


Behind The Numbers

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Working Out The Stats

More than a month of tracking stats have now been collected. That is just a small fraction of time that some of the well established ranking systems have been around.

So what makes the dotrim rankings different? And why should you take any notice of them?

First: The data relies solely on tracking. There are no polls or voting where the numbers can be manipulated by devotees of a particular safelist or mailer.

Second: The tracking information collected is real. It is collected from results of mailing out to members of safelists.

Third: A range of safelists and mailers are sampled in the stats gathered. It is not a complete list of all mailers. Initially those in the downline builder at the 10K Challenge were selected, and then others added to the list.

Are The Results Different From Other Rankings?

When compared with other ranked lists you will see some differences.

What appears at the top of one ranked list may not show up on another. There are some safelist owners, quite appropriately, advertising and promoting that their particular bay has been top of a list for many weeks, but it does not get a look in at the dotrim rankings.

The reasons for that could be many, with probably the main factors being the purpose of the rankings and the methods used to calculate them.

If you look back at a previous post you will see that the dotrim Rankings focus on 2 elements.

Results: The recorded conversions on emails sent. Now that the rankings are maturing, if a mailer does not produce results, it will not appear on the Rankings. Only those safelists that get results are shown.

Effort: How many credit emails have to be opened to get visitors (traffic). Where the results are the same the rankings then list the mailers in order of those giving the best return for effort.

Why Only 8 On the List?

At this stage more than 40 different safelists are used each week to gather the data for the rankings. From those the top 8 are shown in the Rankings.

Each week it seems that there is little change in the mailers on the list. There is usually just a little shuffling that goes on, with the same ones moving around in order.

Some thought is being given to producing a supplementary ranked list that would include some that just miss the cut, or that appear to be gathering steam and heading in the right direction. That way readers of this site will be able to see, and gather some information about these safelists and use that for decision making about signing up or upgrading.

If you are finding these posts useful, please drop a comment or two, perhaps with suggestions for where to take this site.

Visit the dotrim Safelist Rankings.

Behind The Scenes At The Ranking

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Gathering The Stats

Another week of tracking and stats has helped to produce the latest dotrim Safelist Rankings.

During the past week 2 different promotions have been used to get the stats for the latest rankings.

As has always been the case, emails promoting the Rankings have been sent out out to many different safelists. For the second week another splash page has been promoted, basically using the same safelists as for the Ranking promotion.

The second splash page (Click Here To View) was created  to promote 100 Percent Traffic. This was chosen after reading a discussion about recruitment of new members in safelists, and how a large ratio of those are directly recruited by the owners. So, as a challenge I decided to pick a safelist, promote it and check the results.

In the time during which the promotion of 100 Percent Traffic was running, there were (if I have read the numbers correctly) nearly 100 new members, and 6 of those were recruited from my referral link. That’s a little more than 6% of new referrals!

In addition to those new members at 100 Percent Traffic, there have been several new referrals in some of the other mailers on the Rankings list.

 Results and Effort

Again the dotrim Rankings show, in order of conversions, the safelists that have given the best ratio of visitors per email opened for credits.

At the top of the list are those mailers that have yielded the greatest conversions. Where there are equal numbers (or ranges) of conversions, they are arranged in order of visitors per email read.

The aim is to provide a list of safelists or mailers that give the best results in the most efficient way.

While it must be recognized that different people and other promotions can produce different results, it is hoped that the list provides a useful guide. These results come from data related to  FREE membership, so greater returns on effort will most likely be gained from being upgraded in these safelists.

In future there may be another ranking which takes into account the benefits of upgrading, so stay tuned.


dotrim Safelist Rankings Update

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Another Week Of Rankings

This week there were 2 promotions submitted for the mailouts to a range of safelists and mailers. Previous tracking data was compiled from promotion of a single page (the dotrim Safelist Rankings).

The extra for this week involved a splash page for promoting one of the safelists that has featured on the rankings for the past few weeks. Results from this strategy included a significant (for me) number of new referrals to my downline in that safelist.

The table below has the top rated safelists that were used in the last week. Obviously it is not possible or practical to include all safelists used. A few simple criteria were used to trim the list down to the 8 shown below.

Those criteria, in order of application in  trimming and ordering the list are:

  • More than 1000 emails sent out to the safelist members. (Eliminates potential bias from small data sets)
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) of greater than 1%. (Removes potentially non-responsive mailers)
  • Number of Conversions. (Selects the mailers that give results)
  • Average visitors per credit email opened and clicked. (Arranges in order of effort needed to earn credits)


The dotrim Safelist Efficiency Rankings for

Week ending 7 June 2013
Visitors per credit email claimed *

100 Percent Traffic

Build My Downlines
Viral List Builder +

List Jumper

100 Percent Mailer
Viral Nugget

Mister Safelist

As with previous published dotrim Safelist Rankings, the figures in the right column show the average number of visitors (as in those who clicked the credit link) to the promoted page from opening up one credit email (or Solo if available) from that safelist.
With an upgrade in most of these mailers, that number is likely to double, as it is typical to be awarded more credits for opening credit emails. Among the other benefits of upgrades is the ability to mail out to members without using credits, and therefore lessening the reliance on opening credit mails.
But since each mailer is likely to present their benefits of upgrading in different ways, it pays to look at the options and choose those that suit you best.

dotrim Safelist Rankings V2.0

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Enhanced Report

The latest dotrim Safelist Efficiency rankings now have an extra element, Conversions.

A promotion in safelists is aimed at achieving a particular purpose. That could be on of a range of outcomes such as

  • Branding: Getting you name and profile out there.
  • List Building: Getting new leads.
  • Referrals: To an opportunity or service.
  • Sales: Affiliate or direct sales.
  • Or a combination of these.

Now that the ranking list has matured a little, been promoted in safelist mailings and created several new leads for a newsletter, Conversions are now included as a factor for determining which safelists or mailers appear on the list and the order in which they appear.

To be shown on the list, Conversions (submitted list sign up forms) from a mailout to members of that safelist must have been recorded in the tracking stats.

Now, as well as giving an indication of where to put effort in clicking for credits, the dotrim Safelist Ranking list provides pointers to safelists that have yielded results for the effort in building those credits and then mailing out to members.

The aim is to provide relevant information to help you decide which mailers will work for you.

Some pojnts to remember:

  1. The list is not exhaustive. There are hundreds of safelists and mailers, and it seems, new ones each day. Do not restrict yourself to those on the list.
  2. My results may not be the same  as yours. These results are based on promoting the ranking page, and the list sign up form. Your promotions will be different. (Unless you want to promote the rankings! Now that’s another thing to consider.)
  3. The Views per email opened are based on Free or basic upgrades. By taking upgrades to safelists and mailers you will generally not need to spend as much time opening emails for credits.

I hope you find the rankings useful. They are certainly helping me to understand the importance of tracking results, and then acting upon what is discovered.

If you have any suggestions for future revisions of the rankings feel free to suggest them as comments.




Upgrading In Safelists and Mailers

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To Upgrade Or Not Upgrade?

That is THE question!

The first time you login (or in some cases before you get to do that) in a newly subscribed safelist or mailer you are probably going to be hit with a sales pitch for upgrading and taking out a subscription. If you refuse the first offer there will probably be more, all saying that the offer will never be repeated. In some cases that will be true. In others you will be given opportunities to later to get those upgrades at reduced prices, so my suggestion is to hold back on upgrading.

By holding off you will have an opportunity to decide if the mailer is producing the results you want, and if an upgraded membership will provide even greater benefits and rewards.

Some offers given at the beginning might look enticing, and provide good value, but if the safelist or mailer just doesn’t deliver conversions or sales, if that’s what you are hoping for, then in the long term that expense is not going to be justified.

So, How To Choose?

Once again, tracking of your results, rather than gut feelings, will give you the best idea. The tracking that you do will depend on what your aim is in promoting through safelists. If your aim is to build a list, which safelists are giving those conversions. When looking for sales, track which mailers convert and consider upgrades in those.

Recommendations from people you trust, and you know of their successes, can provide clues for which upgrades to take. There is no guarantee, however, that you will achieve the same  results.

Now that I have set the scene to justify a recommendation, here’s one for you to consider. Not the cheapest, but it is returning the best conversion rate at the time of writing this post.

Ignite Your Downlines - Go Viral!

Some Pitfalls To Avoid.

Big numbers in things like clicks to open you emails are good, but is that because the owner of the service has made it easy to open without providing incentive for readers to actually read? If the people who open your mails can collect the credits and leave before your page loads that may mean that the response rate in terms of conversions could be low.

Referral fees. If a  mailer offers a high level of commission to you for the upgrades of  people you refer, that sounds great. If that mailer produces results, that’s even better. Once again, check the results you get, because if you don’t get value, then the people you refer will possibly have the same result. No upgrades of your referrals, means no commissions.

Slowly, Step By Step.

That seems to be the way to build your business around promotions through safelists and mailers, with the purchase of upgrades to both help you with your efficiency and to bring some income from your referrals.

When you are ready to consider an upgrade or two, why not check out dotrim’s top performing safelists or mailers?