Behind The Scenes At The Ranking

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Gathering The Stats

Another week of tracking and stats has helped to produce the latest dotrim Safelist Rankings.

During the past week 2 different promotions have been used to get the stats for the latest rankings.

As has always been the case, emails promoting the Rankings have been sent out out to many different safelists. For the second week another splash page has been promoted, basically using the same safelists as for the Ranking promotion.

The second splash page (Click Here To View) was created  to promote 100 Percent Traffic. This was chosen after reading a discussion about recruitment of new members in safelists, and how a large ratio of those are directly recruited by the owners. So, as a challenge I decided to pick a safelist, promote it and check the results.

In the time during which the promotion of 100 Percent Traffic was running, there were (if I have read the numbers correctly) nearly 100 new members, and 6 of those were recruited from my referral link. That’s a little more than 6% of new referrals!

In addition to those new members at 100 Percent Traffic, there have been several new referrals in some of the other mailers on the Rankings list.

 Results and Effort

Again the dotrim Rankings show, in order of conversions, the safelists that have given the best ratio of visitors per email opened for credits.

At the top of the list are those mailers that have yielded the greatest conversions. Where there are equal numbers (or ranges) of conversions, they are arranged in order of visitors per email read.

The aim is to provide a list of safelists or mailers that give the best results in the most efficient way.

While it must be recognized that different people and other promotions can produce different results, it is hoped that the list provides a useful guide. These results come from data related to  FREE membership, so greater returns on effort will most likely be gained from being upgraded in these safelists.

In future there may be another ranking which takes into account the benefits of upgrading, so stay tuned.


dotrim Safelist Rankings Update

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Another Week Of Rankings

This week there were 2 promotions submitted for the mailouts to a range of safelists and mailers. Previous tracking data was compiled from promotion of a single page (the dotrim Safelist Rankings).

The extra for this week involved a splash page for promoting one of the safelists that has featured on the rankings for the past few weeks. Results from this strategy included a significant (for me) number of new referrals to my downline in that safelist.

The table below has the top rated safelists that were used in the last week. Obviously it is not possible or practical to include all safelists used. A few simple criteria were used to trim the list down to the 8 shown below.

Those criteria, in order of application in  trimming and ordering the list are:

  • More than 1000 emails sent out to the safelist members. (Eliminates potential bias from small data sets)
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) of greater than 1%. (Removes potentially non-responsive mailers)
  • Number of Conversions. (Selects the mailers that give results)
  • Average visitors per credit email opened and clicked. (Arranges in order of effort needed to earn credits)


The dotrim Safelist Efficiency Rankings for

Week ending 7 June 2013
Visitors per credit email claimed *

100 Percent Traffic

Build My Downlines
Viral List Builder +

List Jumper

100 Percent Mailer
Viral Nugget

Mister Safelist

As with previous published dotrim Safelist Rankings, the figures in the right column show the average number of visitors (as in those who clicked the credit link) to the promoted page from opening up one credit email (or Solo if available) from that safelist.
With an upgrade in most of these mailers, that number is likely to double, as it is typical to be awarded more credits for opening credit emails. Among the other benefits of upgrades is the ability to mail out to members without using credits, and therefore lessening the reliance on opening credit mails.
But since each mailer is likely to present their benefits of upgrading in different ways, it pays to look at the options and choose those that suit you best.

Change Is On The Way

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Stay Tuned

More details later.

Simple Works Best

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The K.I.S.S. Principle

Keep It Simple Stupid

Keep It Simple Stupid

That email I received yesterday from the list owner who usually sends messages with powerfully worded titles promising riches and great success, simply said “Thanks Neville“.

I knew who it was from, but I clicked on it anyway. But not only that, I also clicked the link in the message, and downloaded the offer that was included. There are a couple of potentially useful items in the package.

So the K.I.S.S. principle worked in getting me to at least look at the email.

Would it work if I tried it?

I mailed the same style email to the list of subscribers to Resourceful Blogging.

The result: A much higher proportion of subscribers opened the email, and almost all of them have clicked the link in the message. All in less than 12 hours since the message was broadcast.

But then it might not be the K.I.S.S. principle at work. It could just be Curiosity.

What do you think?

Oh, by the way, if you click on the banner in the header of this page you can get that free package. Well, that is until I change the banner, and that could happen at any time. Now where have I heard that before?

Tuesday’s Tweets: A Day Late.

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Two Tweets For Tuesday

Well, it’s still Tuesday in some parts of the world.

ABCEnvironmentABC Environment: A compendium of all the environment news and issues from ABC Australia

Thanks! MT @abcreligion: Be sure to read @ABCEnvironment ‘s cracking piece on humans’ destructive quest for happiness.

 A Thoughtful piece of writing about the pursuit of happiness, with quotes from such eminient thinkers as John Lennon and the Beatles. Will this make you stop and rethink happiness? I guess that answer is up to you.

Eat Good Food

todaysocial Today’s Social Media: Making interesting Social Media deliveries everyday.

Does the food we eat affect our productivity?

I can just see it now. Lunch laid out for the workers. Anything to get more production out of them. I wonder if there’s anything new in this research? Maybe 20% increased production is stretching a bit, but surely it’s common sense that helping the work force to remain healthy is good for business.

2 Tweets For Today

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Looking For Tweets

Continuing the current series of Twitter inspirations.

Today we feature: Crikey tells you the news the others won’t. Join us for exclusive polls, competitions, debate and commentary direct from the Crikey newsroom.

Crikey word of the day: sybarite (Clue: what’s your pleasure?). Thanks @mickthesub1
This is a continuing series of tweets, dragging out the exotic and overlooked words that I am sure  you will soon add to your daily conversations. Well, what is the meaning of sybarite?
thediggersclubClive Blazey: The Digger’s Club is Australia’s largest gardening club, offering products, information, advice and ideas for do-it-yourself gardeners.
 I’ve seen this club around for many years, in gardening and sustainability type magazines. It’s great to see that they also have a Twitter feed. I found this one by checking what another feed I am following is also following. I think I could spend all day using this strategy, and still would not have exhausted a the field of great Tweets to follow.

A Growing ToDo List

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Busy Times:

The past few weeks have been very busy, with lots of new tasks, roles and activities to do, while helping with the development of TeamPromote.

On Task

TeamPromote Marketing PlatformSkype chat has been extremely useful, and thankfully the time spent there is usually focused on the task at hand. Previously while working on another project a lot of time was wasted in irrelevant chat and off task discussions. By working intensively on this project it has become critically important to manage any files and documents that need to be shared. That includes making sure that they are stored in folders where they can be easily found and shared.

New Skills

New skills, such as writing Press Releases, articles, Text Ads and content for web pages have to learned, practiced and honed up to achieve the best results. It’s seems like a never ending round of testing and tweaking.


What makes it all worthwhile are the results of this collaboration. Some are more obvious than others but they are all important in building the exciting new an Innovative Marketing Platform, TeamPromote.

Now it’s time for you to experience the results of the collaboration. With significant input from Philippe and Wincer the  video to attract advertisers to TeamPromote is shown below.

Do you have something you would like to promote? Sit back, look and listen to this cooperatively produced video.

A Growing ToDo List

And while all of this is happening, there’s all of the usual things to do. Hence the growing ToDo list. Then there’s the offline jobs that never seem to go away. As I have indicated, an ever growing ToDo list. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since I retired, I don’t think Ive ever been so busy, but at least, the tasks to be done are of my choosing.

It looks like Time Management is a very important skill when working online.

TeamPromote Help Center Is Now Live

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TeamPromote Help Is At Hand

TeamPromote Help CenterHave you seen the references to TeamPromote over the past few days and weeks?

Have you been wondering what TeamPromote is all about?

Many of your questions will be answered if you visit the Help Center. That has been available for everyone to view and review.

The Help Center has hints and tips for potential Advertisers and Promoters. The videos in the Tutorials at the Help Center will show you step by step how to set up a campaign for promotion and how to promote a campaign.



Advertising On TeamPromote

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Plan Your Campaign Now

Campaign PlanningRight now TeamPromote is just about to go into the testing phase, and soon after that it will be launched for Advertisers and Promoters to team up and work together on some real campaigns.

If you are a potential Advertiser and are wondering just what sort of things you can base a campaign around, here are a few suggestions. No doubt you will be able to think of more.

Campaign Suggestions

  1. Your own products: Advertise to get potential customers to your store (online or offline)
    1. Your latest eBook
    2. A physical product, such a stock from your store.
    3. Craft works that you produce
    4. and more. You can think of others.
  2. Services you provide: Again, online or offline.
    1. Consulting. SEO, Website design, etc
    2. Hosting services
    3. Offline consulting. Campaigns can be GeoTargeted.
  3. Offer Coupons and Discounts
    1. Use TeamPromote to advertise your current discount or coupon offer.
  4. List Building:
    1. Offer products at reduced prices.
    2. Contests to build a list
    3. Conduct Polls


Preparing and Positioning For Team Work

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Learning From A Game

TeamPromote PlanningWhile I am writing this I am watching a game of football, and it is obvious that the most effective team is the one that is well prepared and the team members position themselves for the greatest effect. Much of that is achieved by careful and planned preparation.

So what has this got to with this post?

Position yourself

to take advantage of the introduction of an innovative marketing platform that is very close to launch date.

The philosophy behind the approach in TeamPromote is that both Advertisers (with a product or service to sell) and Promoters (who help with spreading the word about these products) work together to support each other.

TgopTeam LogoAdvertisers create campaigns take place over a fixed time (Chosen by the Advertiser). They decide on an amount of funds to activate the campaign, and a significant amount of those funds are made available to be shared by the people who make up the team who have joined the campaign to promote it.

Promoters elect to join the campaigns and use the resources provide by TeamPromote to advertise the Advertiser’s product or service. The activity of each Promoter (based on the number of clicks their promotions attract) will be used to calculate their share of the funds allocated to the team. Rewards offered by the Advertiser are shared by the Promoters, based on the proportion of clicks that their promotions attract.

Preparation and Planning

When creating a campaign the Advertiser provides the information needed to produce the landing page and other sharing tools needed for the campaign. To prepare for creating a campaign there are several things should be ready for completing the form.

First, to take advantage of this service you will need to be a member of APSense, the Business Social Network.APSense Business Social Network

Then gather together details to help provide information for the product or service to be advertised. A title for the campaign, a description of the product, a logo to identify it, the link the prospects will be sent to, the budget for the campaign and how long to run it.

Promoters will also be members at APSense, and will have the opportunity to browse through the campaigns that are active. From them they can choose which ones to join.

To prepare themselves they can start to consider where they might be able to most effectively promote the products and services in the campaigns they have joined.

If you want to be advised as the launch time for TeamPromote nears, please use the contact form in the sidebar to let me know, and I will keep you up to date with progress.