The Team Approach To Advertising

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Get A Team Behind You.

TeamPromoteAdvertising your business does not have to be a task done by just you.

We all know how Word Of Mouth advertising is very efficient, with much better results than blasting ads in front of anyone who happens to pass. Don’t you feel more inclined to check out a product or service if someone you know, whose judgement you trust, recommends it.

What if you get together a team of people who know and like your product, to help you promote it? Wouldn’t that make it easier for you to get your product out there?

Introducing The Team Approach

A new Add-On service at APSense, the Social Business is being developed to help you do just that. Called TeamPromote, it is being prepared for release, so now is the time to consider how you can take advantage of the Team Approach to Marketing.

Take the time now to consider how your business could take advantage of this opportunity. Your product or service has its profile raised, more business comes your way while effectively rewarding the people promoting for you. More details on how that happens will be coming soon, but now is the time to prepare.

  • What product or service do you want to promote?
  • What is a good way to promote that. Sales, lead building?
  • What bonuses or rewards can you offer effective promoters?

You can check out the introductory video at TeamPromote.

And also checkout the RevPage at APSense.


Why Re-Invent The Wheel

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A WordPress Community For You

WordPress is the platform used by millions of users for their blogs and websites.

With that many users, there are bound to be people willing to share their experience and advice with other users. The internet is like that!

I recently discovered a new network of WP users that has been established to help facilitate that sharing and community experience. They will even allow you to join for free, or for an annual (or monthly subscription) you can get more benefits.

To find out what those benefits of free or paid membership are simply click on the banner below, or the WPUA widget in the sidebar.

Become A Member Today!


If you have read this far without clicking the banner above, perhaps you need some more convincing to do that.

Included in your membership are:

  • Training videos in 3 levels. Basic, Advanced and Mastery.
  • Plugins for you download and use.
  • A gallery of themes to select from for your blog.
  • Community Forums and
  • Much more.

Not sure yet?

Don’t forget that membership can be free if you choose that option, or there is a 60  day cash back guarantee for the paid memberships.

This blog will continue to provide How To … hints and tips, but it will take a long time to build the resources that are already provided by WPUA.

Final note: The WPUA name and site appearance may make it look like that it is an official arm of WordPress. That is not the case, as it is independent of the various official WordPress sites and services. WPUA is a community of WP users. Join me at WPUA.