Taking Action!

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Thanks to Become A Blogger!

Although this blog was created some time ago, some of the initial steps and features that were established on set up have been neglected, left unattended or even removed. Now that I am into Module 3 of the Become A Blogger course it is becoming obvious that Become a Blogger 2.0more attention should have been paid to them.

I guess that’s the result of distractions from various social media networks and the activities needed to keep up to date with all of those new contacts that give the illusion of adding to my profile and hence leading to more business and maybe even income. Perhaps it’s time again to narrow the focus, and really get this blog, and my other(s) optimized for the best results.

RSS Feed

Although I established subscription to the RSS feed using Feedburner some time ago, that was neglected and eventually removed. It’s back again and I encourage you to subscribe. Why? Well I have rediscovered the feeds that I have subscribed to and found some content that

  1. It interesting and has captured my attention so that I want to follow up to find out more.
  2. There are some high ranking blogs that I feel comfortable adding comments and becoming involved in the discussion
  3. There is content that I may be able to adapt (NOT copy) and use as the stimulus for blog posts.
  4. There may be some opportunities for guest blogging.
  5. And it is much more preferable to the mindless Internet Marketing links thrown around in the social media with the promise of quick bucks.

Well that just a few quick thoughts about the value of subscribing to RSS feeds.

And all of that came from  just the few units (videos) in the Become A Blogger 2.0 training course.

Stay tuned for what’s to come, or even better take up the offer on my Coupon page.

Hurry, Look Now! Just 5 days left!

Become A Blogger Was Live!

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Here Is What You Got!

If you were one of those who took action!

dotrim believes that this is the BEST blog training course going around and strongly encouraged you to join and take advantage of what the course teaches.

So much so that there was possibly the best offer for you to join Become a Blogger 2.0 right here at dotrim.

Unfortunately that offer is now not available

But even if you didn’t get to take up the whole package, just for looking at Become A Blogger you got all of Module 1 FREE, to help you get up and running. I believe that you can still get access to those from the banner ad in the header.


Waiting For Video 3: Step By Step Blogging Plan

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Wait No More!

Several days have passed since Leslie released the 2nd video in the prelaunch of Become a Blogger 2.0, so I was patiently waiting for the 3rd video.

Video 3 is out Now!


 A Step By Step Blogging Plan.

Launch Video 3

And Leslie has not disappointed. His video goes into plenty of detail to help you get started with creating a successful blog.

Become A Blogger Video 3


But don’t just take my word for it. Why not view the video for yourself.

Leslie expands on those 5 Steps, with practical tips and hints to prepare you for the release of the Video course in a couple of days.

You could also checkout Video 1 or 2 and then be sent notification of the release of the the next video when that happens.

I also invite you to investigate the offer that I have made on the Become A Blogger Coupon Page of this site. I know that you will get lots of useful help should you decide to join the video course, so I am making it as easy as possible for you to join.

Check the Coupon page and let me know what you think.

BaB Video 2 Is Out Now

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Meet A Successful Blogger

In video 2 of the Become A Blogger 2.0 prelaunch series, Leslie chats with another participant from the first Become A Blogger Training Course. Mitch has hugely successful blog that ranks in top 1% of sites.

And he attributes much of that success to the training he received in that course.


Launch Video 2


Become a Blogger 2.0

Become A Blogger Video Course

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Prepare Now

Yaro Starak, Gideon Shalwick, and Leslie Samuel  are preparing to launch their highly anticipated new FREE video series on how to Build a Successful blog.

My recommendation to you – stop what you’re doing right now, and go and check out this video:

Launch Video 1

If you’re new to blogging and still trying to figure out what exactly you’re supposed to be doing with your blog, this may be the
most important resource you’ll find all year!

This time-sensitive series will cover these key concepts:

1. The three deadly mistakes new bloggers make, and how you can avoid them

2. A proven and tested system for long term blogging success…

3. A practical step-by-step plan for getting started with your very own blog today!

They even do a very in depth case study with a former student who went on to build his blog into a 7 figure online empire.

Ready to check it out? – Here’s the link

Launch Video 1

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more!


A Beginners Guide To Blogging – Video Course

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Updated BaB Video Course

Setting up a blog is much easier than a lot of people make it out to be. However, there’s so much information out there that it can seem quite daunting to a beginner. I started blogging with help from the free videos that the first Become A Blogger course provided, and the Become A Bloggervery comprehensive Blog MasterMind course by Yaro Starak.  Now Yaro and Gideon Shalwick have combined with Leslie Samuel to produce a revised and updated Become A Blogger video course.

Well, I know these guys will have  made it really simple.  They have put together a video training program that has been used by many successful bloggers to get their blog up and running.

To make it better, they have a set of 10 Free videos available where you get to watch Leslie as he sets up a blog from scratch, and it is done in such an easy way that anyone can follow.

Those free videos have been downloaded over 250,000 times – that’s enough proof for me that when these guys speak, people stop what they’re doing, and listen.

It’s no secret that Yaro makes a VERY comfortable living from his blog. Gideon is the king of Video Blogging, and Leslie has also been able to accomplish BIG things with his blog (it even landed him a job as a University Professor in a doctoral program).

Leslie’s the one who actually leads out with the free videos and has set it up as one of the training programs where you can ask questions and get answers, so I know you will enjoy it.

But really, you should check it out for yourself.

10 Free Videos to introduce Become A Blogger 2.

Designing A Text Button For Linking

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More CSS Styling

It’s been some time since the previous post, so now is the time to get back to some tips for adding features to a blog (or indeed any other site).

Making A Button Without Using An Image

Buttons and badges that you see  on blogs and websites are used to attract readers to click and be sent to another site. Most of these are images that are stored either on the site owner’s host or some other place on the web. To display that image requires the browser to download it from there, which has the potential to slow down the loading of the page on which is displayed.

Cascading Style SheetCSS (Cascading Style Sheet) styling can be used to remove the need to make that call to the retrieve the image. Thus making the loading of the page just a little more efficient. The time difference may not be significant, but for a site with many such calls for external links it can be helpful in speeding up the loading of the page.

Another benefit of using CSS coding for a button like the example in this post is that the code can be adapted easily to change the appearance or the text on the button without having to use a graphics application to edit it and then upload the edited button.

Get a Button Like this.

This simple button uses CSS and if you click the link it will take you to a service that gives you the opportunity to get the code to build your own button for your site(s).

Get Your Own Button



Revisiting A Favourite

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Effective Email Marketing

Effective EmailToday I opened up one of the emails from the many lists I have subscribed to. It was from the person whose emails I always open, not like the majority whose emails get trashed without being opened.

So why does this newsletter grab my attention?

First it is from a blogger whose training I completed several years ago. That’s how I got on to the list! It wasn’t cheap, and maybe I have stayed because I need to justify that expense.

Second, I enjoy reading the posts that Yaro features in his email messages. They are usually thought provoking and inspiring.

And thirdly, they do not come too often. There is not a new email every time a post is added.

To give you a feeling for the quality of his posts here is the first part of the latest one.

I was reading an article by David Risley, where he was taking a hard-line look at what he believes are some fundamental flaws regarding the make money online niche.

The main question at the heart of David’s article was why people do not actually succeed at making money online, despite the wealth of information available to do so, including plenty of blogs, free reports, ebooks, courses and mentoring programs.

From my own experience, having hundreds of thousands of subscribers and several thousand paying customers over the last seven years, I know only a very small fraction actually succeed, if you measure success by making money.

To read the rest of the article go to Entrepreneur’s Journey.

The post by Yaro is definitely worth the read, and by working out why I still keep reading his stuff, it has helped me to focus on what makes a successful site.

  • Positive first contact, with Great Product
  • Quality and Interesting Content that has meaning and value.
  • Paced Presentation. Not too often.

What do you think? Let us know with a comment.


Feeding Your List

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You Have Subscribers. Now What?

List building is spoken of as the way to make a success in Internet Marketing. As Isloooboy said in a comment on one of my earlier posts

What I have read regarding list building is, “Only look for those people who are interested in the subject which you are promoting” otherwise your list will be an extra burden because of there (sic)  non responsive behavior.

There is not much point in building a list if it is just a list of names, and they do not have a strong reason or interest in belonging to that list. You may be putting in a lot of effort to market to that list, but if nobody is responding, that effort is wasted.

Much better to have a focus for the list, to attract people who share that interest and will respond to the newsletters and email that you send to them.

Your List Should Be Hungry For More.

Feed Your ListPresuming that you, as the list owner, have some knowledge, interest and background in the focal point for your list, it is likely that you will want to share that. WordPress provides you with a comprehensive and powerful Content Management System. By creating and building content you will have a great resource to share with your list.

By running your site as a typical blog, (if there is such a thing) you will have content that can be  copied or referred to in your emails to the list. Not every post, but just those that you know will create the greatest response.

Alternatively you could send to your list a summary of the latest posts, and direct your subscribers to the site for more details.

Do you review products and services that apply to your niche or list focus? Write those reviews in your site and then send your list to the reviews for more information.

By adding relevant content to your site you will also be enhancing your credibility in the subject of your niche and list. With a higher credibility rating your content will be sought after, your loyal subscribers will want more and they will also be more likely to act on your recommendations. The power and simplicity of a WordPress site can help with that.

Add More Mouths To Feed

By the way, makes sure that you have the Sign Up form for your list showing so that potential new subscribers can also sign up when they stumble upon your site in the search engines, or when one of their friends tells them about your site.



Why WordPress?

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Power and Simplicity

WordPressWordPress is the complete package for anyone wanting to create their own website. It can be used for almost any purpose, and is indeed being used extensively by high performing website owners.

It is a fully featured Content Management System backed by a huge community ready to offer support and advice. The addition of plugins to extend the functions of the basic installation adds tremendous power to WordPress.

Despite this great power, WordPress makes it easy for beginners to get up to speed and have a blog with new articles posted and added plugins in a very short space of time.

The Most Popular CMS

WordPress is the platform for countless types of websites such as personal blogs, community websites, stores, membership sites to fully featured eCommerce and fan sites.

Despite the popularity of the platform, the ability for each site to be tweaked and setup differently means that they do not all look alike. A WordPress based site does not have to have that out-of-the-box appearance that makes it just like many others. There are hundreds of freely available templates (or themes) that can also be modified with a little knowledge of html and CSS code.

By following this site you will discover some of the ways in which you can make your own unique site, based on the WordPress platform. This site uses a  free theme, with modifications that allow for the larger headlines with shadows, as a simple example. Stay tuned for more examples, with How To… instructions.