Python After Hours

Posted by Neville on August 7, 2016 under How To, Links, Python, Resources, Training | Comments are off for this article

After Hours Programming

There are lots of sites that will tell you that they will help you get started with learning the python programming language.
Many of them will take you a few steps and then ask for you to pay them for access to the rest of the course.
The site on this link is a little different. You can work through all of the stages for free. It seems that they can do this by displaying ads for related books on Amazon. Each book has strong recommendations that you purchase, but with sufficient determination you can work through all stages without purchasing the book.
However, the learning that you do will be quite basic, and you will most likely need to look elsewhere to fill any gaps or topics that were not covered comprehensively.
Have a go, and share your experience.

After Hours Programming

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