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Start Here

There are lots of online sites that will help you get started with your efforts to learn coding with Python.

eBooks and pdf training resources

Learning by doing is often favoured by many learners. Some of the resources named here allow to do just that.

For example, if you want to learn to code to build games, a book that takes you through the steps for building some simple games would be a great place to start. If that book also provides the code for you build some games, and details how the code works, while you learn the building blocks of the language, you have the potential to learn by doing.

Invent Your Own  Computer Games  with Python, is just one example of the this style of learning to code.

The author, Al Sweigart, is the author of several books for people interested in learning to code in Python.

In his own words:

My motivation for writing this book comes from a gap I saw in today’s literature for kids interested in learning to program. I started programming when I was 9 years old in the BASIC language with a book similar to this one. During the course of writing this, I’ve realized how a modern language like Python has made programming far easier and versatile for a new generation of programmers. Python has a gentle learning curve while still being a serious language that is used by programmers professionally.
The current crop of programming books for kids that I’ve seen fell into two categories. First, books that did not teach programming so much as “game creation software” or a dumbed-down languages to make programming “easy” (to the point that it is no longer programming). Or second, they taught programming like a mathematics textbook: all principles and concepts with little application given to the reader. This book takes a different approach: show the source code for games right up front and explain programming principles from the examples.

You can download the latest edition from the Invent With Python site, that also has other books that may interest you.

This book takes you from installing and setting the environment for you start programming in Python, then begins with some simple games, including classics such as Hangman and TicTacToe.

Initially the games are played in a simple text-based format, which introduces the basic language features without the distraction of having to learn processes for displaying in graphic environments.



Going with Google

Whenever you get stuck while trying to work out just how to get the code you are working on to perform in the way you want, there is always the opportunity to do a search in your favourite search engine for the solution. Most times you find that you have to try several of the results before you find something that can be adapted for your problem.Python Tutorial

But occasionally it will throw up a resource that answers your question, and here’s one that looks like it will be very useful.

Python Tutorial

This site has been online for some time and has a range of topics available for beginners and more advanced coders.

 From The Source

What better place than the home of all things Python?

Python OrgIt may be a little daunting and the learning curve a little too steep with the assumptions made about the reader’s ability to understand the vocabulary used, it is possible to pick your way through the wealth of information. There are some sections specifically for the beginning coder.

Python.org is the website of the Python community, and has many valuable pages for the beginning or experienced coder.

If you are not sure of how Python is used, check out the Success Stories.

This site is also one from which Python can be downloaded to your machine.


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