First steps into coding

Posted by Neville on October 25, 2013 under How To, Python, Resources, Training | Comments are off for this article

Ruby and/or Python?

That seems to be the question right now.

Maybe the answer is both!

So where have I been, and do you want to take the journey too.

First Code School for Ruby. Not a bad place to start, but you are working in their online console and not really building up you own battery of coding examples to play with.

Then it was on to Codecademy, for more of the same. Working in their console, having to pass each step to progress to the next. The process is not too fast, but once again you are working on the problems they set and not those of your own.

Ruby on Rails TutorialThe next step for me was to do the Rails Tutorial to learn building a web application using Ruby on Rails. Now that is a challenge! But as with most things, anything worth achieving requires some effort. The results from following this tutorial are a much better understanding of Ruby ( and Rails), with still lots of gaps to fill. A side product is a twitter-like social networking site that I will work on linking to another of blogs. When I get time between learning Python!

Currently I have enrolled in and EdX MOOC(Massive Open Online Course) 6.00X, that has a focus on computation, with the Python language as the tool to use for building on that aspect of computing. So far it has just started week 2, and is beginning to get down to the nitty gritty. AsĀ  a back-up I am also working my way through the Python curse at Codecademy.

That’s it for now. More study to do, and some Problem Sets to submit. Looking forward to seeing where thus takes me.

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