What’s Your Tracking Telling You?

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Is There Value In That Update?

That’s 2 questions now, and not an answer in sight, yet!

Tracking can be a double edged sword. It provides information that tells you what is working, and where to concentrate your efforts. It can also pinpoint areas where things might not be going as well as hoped.

That data comes from any tracking that the safelist users sets up, and also from tracking stats provided by the better mailers.

Back to the second question, but first another question. What do you get with an upgrade in a safelist or mailer?

Typically that includes:

  1. More credits, making it less necessary to open emails for credits.
  2. Ability to email more members.

That all sounds great so far, but let’s look at the tracking data for a recent upgrade.
After several messages had been sent out as a FREE member, they were returning a CTR of more than 6%. These messages were sent out to the maximum possible number of 2200 members.
After the upgrade it was possible to send to 6000 or more members. Immediately the CTR fell to less than 4% and has hovered around that mark for subsequent emails.

The result: The upgrade allows more emails to be sent, and potentially more of these may be opened.

But why the fall in CTR?

Some guesswork at this stage, but it seems that the increased members to whom the emails are sent will have a significant number who have upgraded, and who do NOT have to click emails for credits. So even though more messages can be sent, they are being sent to many people who do not open them.

But will the ability to send to more members bring more conversions, signups, purchases etc?






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