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But Will It Last?

More tracking results.

New programs, opportunities, safelists, mailers, traffic exchanges seem to appear regularly.

They burst onto the scene with a flurry of activity. Promoters send out their hyped up emails to their lists. Safelist members copy and paste the swipe files and splash pages. Most will have had some advance warning of the launch.

But all of that frantic activity will not always last, with the early adopters making the most of their inside knowledge.

Here’s some tracking data for a relatively recent launch.
ListNerds, a venture into the world of safelist and mailers from the TimTech group is one of those that began with what looked like lots of promise.
The first few mailings returned a healthy CTR. 30% or more for the very first is probably never going to be sustained, and a drop off can be expected.

What has been disappointing is the steady downward slide to less than 3% CTR over a relatively short period.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Comparing the CTR rates with another mailer launched at around the same time (100 Percent Traffic) gives a very different picture.
As with many things in life, it is not the fast starter that is going to end up as the better performer.
There are many factors that come into play to help a safelist maintain a healthy CTR to return value to members. It is not simply a matter of building hype for a launch and then standing back, basking in the glow of early success.

The problem for potential members is to pick the launches that are more likely to produce the steady return.

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