Upgrading In Safelists and Mailers

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To Upgrade Or Not Upgrade?

That is THE question!

The first time you login (or in some cases before you get to do that) in a newly subscribed safelist or mailer you are probably going to be hit with a sales pitch for upgrading and taking out a subscription. If you refuse the first offer there will probably be more, all saying that the offer will never be repeated. In some cases that will be true. In others you will be given opportunities to later to get those upgrades at reduced prices, so my suggestion is to hold back on upgrading.

By holding off you will have an opportunity to decide if the mailer is producing the results you want, and if an upgraded membership will provide even greater benefits and rewards.

Some offers given at the beginning might look enticing, and provide good value, but if the safelist or mailer just doesn’t deliver conversions or sales, if that’s what you are hoping for, then in the long term that expense is not going to be justified.

So, How To Choose?

Once again, tracking of your results, rather than gut feelings, will give you the best idea. The tracking that you do will depend on what your aim is in promoting through safelists. If your aim is to build a list, which safelists are giving those conversions. When looking for sales, track which mailers convert and consider upgrades in those.

Recommendations from people you trust, and you know of their successes, can provide clues for which upgrades to take. There is no guarantee, however, that you will achieve the same  results.

Now that I have set the scene to justify a recommendation, here’s one for you to consider. Not the cheapest, but it is returning the best conversion rate at the time of writing this post.

Ignite Your Downlines - Go Viral!

Some Pitfalls To Avoid.

Big numbers in things like clicks to open you emails are good, but is that because the owner of the service has made it easy to open without providing incentive for readers to actually read? If the people who open your mails can collect the credits and leave before your page loads that may mean that the response rate in terms of conversions could be low.

Referral fees. If a  mailer offers a high level of commission to you for the upgrades of  people you refer, that sounds great. If that mailer produces results, that’s even better. Once again, check the results you get, because if you don’t get value, then the people you refer will possibly have the same result. No upgrades of your referrals, means no commissions.

Slowly, Step By Step.

That seems to be the way to build your business around promotions through safelists and mailers, with the purchase of upgrades to both help you with your efficiency and to bring some income from your referrals.

When you are ready to consider an upgrade or two, why not check out dotrim’s top performing safelists or mailers?


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