Safelist Management For Beginners

Posted by Neville on May 10, 2013 under List, Reviews, Traffic, Training | Comments are off for this article

Disaster Ahead

A sure way to create chaos when starting out with safelists is to simply rush into the arena, and begin to sign up for everything that you find.

The 10K Challenge, which introduced me to safelists has a training schedule with checklists to complete at each stage. That all sounds great, but there are still traps for the beginner, especially the speed reader who wants to get into everything really quickly.

Each safelist that you encounter, even if built on the same script as lots of others, will have its own unique features and processes. There are however quite few techniques that will be help to make the move into the safelist jungle smooth.

First Steps

These are essential before you start to join safelists, or if that’s too late, before you join lots and get swamped.

The biggest hurdle (at least it was for me) is the potential for hundreds (thousands) of emails to crowd out the essential messages that family and friends send to your email address.


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