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Efficient Credit Clicking

How To Read The Rankings

The numbers in the columns show the typical number of visitors that I have been able to get from my mailouts in various safelists for the time period of the survey.
credit effort
A number such as 1.2 represents 1.2 clicks to open my email that has been achieved from the equivalent of opening 1 email for credits. That number then gives an indication of the effort needed to gain clicks (or visitors) from opening emails to build credits. Those credits are then used for mailing to the safelist members.

The top 8 safelists for what I have called efficiency, have been ranked from those with the highest visitor return rate first.

So when looking for a safelist that can give you the greater visitor return for the effort taken to gain credits by opening SOLOs and list emails, start at the top and work down.

Criteria for inclusion

To appear on the list a safelist has to meet some basic checkpoints.

  • A Click Through Rate (CTR) of 1.0% or better. That is 1 or more clicks per 100 emails sent out.
  • More than 1000 emails mailed out to members in the survey period.

How the visitor rate is calculated

The rate is based on the number of visitors that can be expected from each credit email opened for each safelist. That is complicated a little by factors such as

  • Variable credits within a range given in some safelists. (eg 10 to 20 credits. In that case an average value is used ie 15 credits).
  • SOLOs vs List emails. Some safelists send out SOLOs that give more credits than a regular list email. In that case the calculation is done using the credit value for the SOLO.
  • An example: If 30 credits are given for opening an email and the safelist has a CTR of 1.2, opening 10 emails will give 300 credits, and when used those 300 credits will bring 3.6 visitors. The calculation: 3.6 visitors per 10 emails read = Visitor rate of 0.36.


When you are a Free member of safelists, you will most likely have to spend time opening emails for credits to be able to send out your promotions. This ranking list may give you some guidance as to which may give you the best return for effort.

The ranking (along with thoseĀ  that are published in other places) can also be used to decide which safelists would be the best to take that next step and upgrade, so that you no longer need to spend so much time opening emails.



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  • Andrew Stark said,

    Hi Neville,

    This is going to be a great resource as I do believe that too many owners forget about this, and set up the sites to ignore the free members.

    If you can generate enough traffic and get results as a free member then the chances of you upgrading become higher.

    Thanks for putting this together.


  • Neville said,

    You have pinpointed the reason for creating this ranked list Andrew.

    Not everyone is in the position to take up the upgrade option when they first join a safelist or list builder.

    The owners who look after their free members and make it worth the effort to continue to click for credits are most likely to encourage upgrades.