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Safelist Efficiency

When first starting out on a system such as the 10K Challenge new users will be encouraged to join a whole lot of different sites, such as safelists in the case of 10K.

The reasons for joining these are:

  • You are a member and your referrals will join under you, eventually bring you income when they reach the stage of upgrading.
  • You use the safelists to promote the 10K Challenge to gain referrals from your promotions.
  • Many of the safelists are owned by the admin team at 10K. Now could that be the real reason for having these on the downline builder?

But not all safelists are created equal.

If you follow the coaching and seriously begin to track your results and analyse the data you will find that some of the recommended sites have very poor rate of clicks to open the emails you send. Many of these poorly performing safelists can take up a lot of valuable time while bringing negligible results for effort.

To help you decide which safelists to concentrate on when clicking for credits, and with higher open rates for emails you send the page linked  above provides what I have called the dotrim Safelist Efficency Ranking.

How To View And Use The dotrim Safelist Efficiency Ranking.

 Viewing and understanding the table:

The table only contains the top performing safelists based on the effort required for opening emails for credits. This is crucial in the early stages of doing things like the 10K Challenge when you have joined safelists as a free member and need to open Solo and List emails for building up credits.

A second level of screening for the list is the CTR (or Click Through Ratio) where only those with a CTR of greater that 0.5% are included in the list. There seems to be little point in spending a lot of time and effort clicking for credits to use for mailing members of a safelist that cannot produce more than 1 person opening your email in 200 emails sent. They do not have to be ignored completely, but if effort can be used better in other areas it makes sense to do that.

The list can be used to decide which safelists will best for you, and also which would be the best when you are ready to upgrade.

Some of the safelists on the ranked list are not on the 10K Challenge downline builder (yet), and I believe it makes sense to use non-10K resources. If you use just those recommended in 10K you will be promoting to many who have already joined 10K and are doing the same thing. You will find it more likely to reach people who have not tried 10K in the advertising platforms outside those used by 10K members.

Feel free to click any of the banners to find out more information about these safelists.





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