Why Business Coaching Courses Don’t Succeed.

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In the past few years I have started some online courses, produced by people who have succeeded in making money online, with a promise of helping me (and you) to make that sort of money. Inn this post I aim to point out some reasons why success in them is very difficult and just seems like a mirage, shimmering in the distance.

In each section I will first outline some of my experiences, using some of the programs as examples. Then I will attempt to suggest why they don’t work as they are, and point out how training here with dotrim is going to be different, and will address some of those issues.

Problem 1: Overwhelming and no end in sight.

This is common in many programs and is the result of there being so many facets to the training that it is easy to get lost and swamped by all of the things that theĀ  coach or the manual tries to get you to do. Another reason for this is that there is usually a promise of making money very early on in the process, as an incentive to keep progressing. When that does not happen the student becomes discouraged, questions the amount of effort required, and gives up.

dotrim Solution: Clear focus and small incremental steps.

Problem 2: Shotgun approach to programs to join.

A new student enrolling in a course or someone who has just joined up to a new system will often be encouraged to sign up to a whole lot of different sites. If you look carefully at those sites you might even see that they some of these are owned by the coach who has created the training. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is open to being seen as just another way to build up the numbers, and make some income from the people doing the course.

dotrim Solution: Recommendations on sites to join based on tracking data and results, not just those recommended by a course owner or coach.


Often a program of coaching will introduce you to many different sites, opportunities, systems, tools etc to sign up to so that you can use these in your business building. They may tell you which ones to use, and many times they will not be specific about which to join and at which stage to begin using that tool. Also there may be assumptions made about your level of confidence in using the tools, and important steps left out of the coaching. This can leave the student confused and also likely to drop out.

dotrim Solution: Carefully sequenced approach with specific procedures for progressing through the steps.

Problem 3: Building the business of the program owner, and not yours.

This has been a feature of 2 very prominent courses that claim to help you make money and profit. Click Track Profit, well at least the stages up to Expert, expects you to create a Splash Page for CTP, using an application owned by the team that runs CTP, and to use that Splash Page as your website to display on many different Traffic Exchanges. In fact, you only progress through the levels by getting lots of clicks to that Splash Page. So you are advertising CTP with the potential of gaining a sign-up for you downline at CTP. That potential is pretty low, since lots of others doing the CTP stages will also be doing the same, and as you surf the TEs you will see hundreds (or thousands) of pages very similar to yours, all advertising the same thing, (CTP).

The 1oK Challenge, at least in Phase 1 is similar in that it expects users to create messages for Safelists, Text Ad Exchanges and SoloAds with the users referral link. That promises to get sign ups for the user, but with just about everyone (including the owner and those who have been in the training for sometime) using the same sales copy/Splash Page there is the possibility that the particular page may have saturated the market place.

dotrim Solution: Provide alternatives that build your business, while at the same time still completing tasks in the course or training that you have chosen to use.

And that’s just the beginning!…….

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