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What You Need

The road to prosperity is like any road that you may drive.

Is Prosperity your destination?

That destination is yours to choose, but typically prosperity means having enough money and resources to allow you to be completely independent, with the ability to choose what you do, when you do it and where you do it.

Yes, we have all seen those pictures with successful marketers standing alongside their sleek sportscar outside the mansion that they bought with their earnings. Or the marketer sitting on the beach with his (or her) laptop, making money while they holiday in the sun.

So how do we get to that destination?

To reach your destination without getting lost on the way you need a map or a GPS to guide you.

There are many maps available, and you can use the latest technology to also help you find your way.

Using these takes some knowledge, experience and common sense. You will need to check out the reliability and the source of the information. Some will be too simple without enough information, and others will be so complicated that you become frustrated trying to understand them or get them to work.

Follow this guide to find the map or get that GPS to take you to Prosperity.

Your vehicle needs to be capable of driving that road.

Where is the road going to take you? Is it equipped with enough grunt to get you there. Is it powerful enough for climbing the hills that suddenly appear in front of you? What about the rocky roads you might encounter? Can it cope?

Make sure your vehicle responsive to different conditions, and that it will safely get you to your destination.

That vehicle needs to have the right equipment to function properly.

Make sure that everything is working well and the engine is tuned up for the best performance. What about tires, brakes and fuel pumps, for example? Should they fail you will could be stranded.

The driver will have to be able to drive the vehicle. A license and extra training may be needed.

Training in the use of the vehicle, how to cope with different and sometimes difficult conditions is essential. Seek out the training that will prepare you for the journey.

On the journey you need to be attentive to the road conditions.

Always keep an eye out for hazards that you may encounter. You will also want to know exactly where you are, where you have been and how you journey is progressing.
What you have done so far may affect your plans for the rest of the journey.

And it is always good to have travelling companions.

Gather some friends and take them on the journey with you. They will appreciate it and you will gain much from sharing that journey.

The series of posts linked to this one introduce some more aspects of these very important requirements.
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