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It’s Your Choice

When setting out on a journey there will most likely be a destination that will be reached at the journey’s end. Most people decide on that destination before setting out, although there are others who start out without a set destination, but just a fuzzy idea of where they want to go.

To know when you have arrived at a desired destination it makes sense to have a clear idea of what that is.

So the first step on the journey to consider just what is the destination. Which involves some serious thinking about just what is Prosperity.

For those who use Internet or Online Marketing to achieve their goals or destination that notion of Prosperity is likely to describe that destination.

What is Prosperity?

The first definition that I found using Google did not help much. Prosperity: The state of being prosperous.

Thankfully a further search helped to add some meat to the definition.

pros·per·ous  (prspr-s)


1. Having success; flourishing: a prosperous new business.
2. Well-to-do; well-off: a prosperous family.
3. Propitious; favorable: a prosperous moment to make a decision.

Prosperity is therefore not only about the money!

Being successful and flourishing are included as results of being prosperous.Prosperity

But in the world of Internet Marketing the building of wealth, and the benefits that can bring are usually the markers that indicate Prosperity. That is the view that will be taken with this post and the following posts that will take readers on the journey, and introduce the vehicles, training and tools that can be used to successfully arrive at the destination: Prosperity.


If money is not the main driver of your search for Prosperity, this series of posts, and the resources and training that the Leading To Prosperity newsletter provides will also be of great benefit.


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