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Is There A Road Map?

When heading out to a destination a map or a GPS to guide you will help reach it.

You can select the best road, with the least amount of hazards along the way. The best route can be selected and alternatives that will make the journey more interesting can be taken. A good map will provide you with the enough information to make the choices that suit you.

A GPS can also be useful, as you set the destination and then follow the instructions almost on autopilot. But be prepared for being taken by what it has decided as the best route, when local knowledge is able to tell you of smoother and easier to negotiate roads.

Using these takes some knowledge, experience and common sense. You will need to check out the reliability and the source of the information. Some will be too simple without enough information, and others will be so complicated that you become frustrated trying to understand them or get them to work.

Supplement the information that the guidebook, map or GPS gives you with local knowledge, and from those who have already undertaken the journey.

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