Driver’s Licence Essential

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For The Vehicle and The Journey

The driver will have to be able to drive the vehicle and to manage the conditions of the journey. A license and extra training may be needed.

Learner driverTraining in the use of the vehicle, how to cope with different and sometimes difficult conditions is essential. Seek out the training that will prepare you for the journey.

There are at least 2 options for the training that will get you your licence.

Consider the best way to gain your licence. From an instruction manual or a personal guide.

The first is to undertake a complete training session that will teach you all of the techniques and strategies that you are likely to need on your journey. This will probably be presented in a sequence that seems most logical to the instructor, and may also include a checklist of skills, techniques and tasks to be completed before moving on to the next.

For many people this way of learning to gain a licence will be perfectly adequate, especially if along the way you take notes or are provided with an instruction manual.

The other option is to complete that various sections of training as they are needed. This way the learning you do is fresh and relevant at the time. It requires that the instructor is available to work with you when you need the help, but because the learning you are doing is related to what you need to know at the time, the learning is likely to be effective.

So when seeking out the instruction you need for driving your vehicle and the conditions under which you will drive it, choose the best style of instruction that suits you. Or even choose a combination of styles.



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