Unlocking The Mysteries Of Brand Pages

Posted by Neville on December 24, 2012 under Resources | 2 Comments to Read

The BMC Score

One of the first things that a visitor to a Brand Page sees is the sidebar with the BMC Grade and the BMC Score. These two pieces of information are there for just that purpose, to be noticed and to provide some information very quickly.

BMC Grade

The BMC Grade gives a single word or rating summary of the status of the Brand Page, ranging from Fresh to AAAAA. For more details refer to the APSense Wiki: Brand marketing Center.

BMC Score

This score is a number that is generated using an algorithm that uses aspects of the BrandPage, giving them values and then combining them to give a number that can be used to provide a rough guide to the authority, influence and power of the brand. Again the details are found in the APSense Wiki.
This quick summary identifies those aspects of a Brand Page that help make up the BMC Score, and consequently the things that the owner of the brand can build on to improve the BMC Score, and as a consequence, the power of the brand.

As many Brand Owners are busy people, or perhaps a little uncertain of how to keep up with these updates, there is potential for them to outsource some of these tasks. That’s where the dotrim Brand page Service and the Lookii project can play a part.

  • Content:
    • News, updates, Press Releases, reviews about the brand added to the Web  and Video tabs of the Brand page. Must be related to the brand. Each item added increases the BMC Score.
  • Shares:
    • Shares Score is based on how many shares in Social Media that your official website receives.
  • Fans:
    • This counts how many followers you have on your Facebook page and Twitter account. This is an area that owners could often require help setting up or maintaining their accounts.
  • Likes:
    • This is a count of the number of “likes” from the button on the page.
  • Reviews:
    • Based on the number of positive reviews in Worth Referral.

From the above it might be clear that there are several areas that people coordinated by the dotrim Brand Page Service could provide assistance to new or existing Brand Page owners to create or maintain (and grow) their BMC scores.

Have you completed the Brand Page Survey mission to help steer this exciting new project in the most effective direction? At the time of writing there are just half of the seats available.

To update you BMC Score do not forget to Click the Update Score link on a regular basis to keep your BMC Score up to date.
The link is found between the Circle with the BMC Score and the list with BMC Score in Detail.

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  • isloooboy said,

    Aaaaah I missed the last but very important part which is related to update my brand page score. After getting ths tip when I refresh/upfate the score it amazed me because my score went from 0 to 28.
    Thanks for sharing such a valuable and informative post I will keep these steps in my mind to increase my BMC Score on regular basis

  • Neville said,

    Answer to a question about Fan Score.

    The APSense Wiki says about Fan Score: It counts how many followers you have on your Facebook page and Twitter account.

    You can get a maximum of 100 points. If you have more than 250,000 fans, you will get full points. The BMC script will check the Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. They must include your brand name in the account information or the brand page does not earn any point from them. This is something you will need to look into with your accounts.

    So the way to increase the Fan Score is to increase the followers to the Facebook page and twitter account registered for the Brand Page.