More Mysteries of Brand Pages Unlocked

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No Blank Tabs Please

How to fill the tabs on a Brand Page.

The Recent News Tab:
This part of a Brand Page is generated from the Social Media Profiles that are submitted when creating it. For this reason it is important that the profiles used are related to the Brand, and not personal or non-brand related.

This may require the creation and management of things like a new page in facebook, a brand-related Twitter account and other features in any social media that can be linked to the brand.
Another aspect to consider for this tab is the RSS feed. If the content of the site from which the feed comes is limited to discussions, reviews, etc about the brand that looks much better on the Brand Page than material that is not related.

Discipline and forward planning are going to help create a Recent News page that showcases a Brand. Since this is the first page that a visitor to a Brand Page usually goes, the important first impression is formed right there.

Web News/PR Release

Fill this page with content that complements and enhances the brand. Treat theme as a Press Release, or even include any that have been published elsewhere.

This a great space to include articles and review of  the brand, to help readers of the Brand Page relate to that brand.

To add content to this tab, admins can click the Edit Page, and select Edit Webs from the left sidebar menu.

When adding content to this tab these 3 things will be required:

  • Provide the link to the article, PR or review etc.
  • Use the Brand Name in the Title of the content to be added or in H1 or H2 headline tags. This is very important. If the Brand Name is not found in the page title or headline tags, the link will not be accepted for inclusion.
  • Add  a short description to introduce readers to the content and encourage them to click the link to open and read it.

Having trouble with this process? dotrim Brand Page Service is there to help.



This aspect (and those below) will be written about soon. I just wanted to get this post started and out there.



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