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Posted by Neville on December 14, 2012 under Resources | 3 Comments to Read

Building A Brand

dotrim Blog Services is planning to branch out into providing support for business owners, community groups and individuals who either use or plan to use the Brand Marketing Center at APSense to produce and publish a Brand Page.

When you explore what a Brand Page can offer, you will find that there are many factors that have to taken into account to ensure that your Brand Page will be effective at helping to build your brand, your reputation among peers and clients and your credibility.

A Brand Page is multi-faceted, and all parts should be considered while creating it and also maintaining the page.

You and your team may feel a little intimidated and out of your depth when you see all of the aspects that can be required for effectively managing all facets of your Brand Page.

dotrim is in the process of building up a team of skilled people who can be used to outsource those parts of the creation or maintenance stages Brand Page development.

 Some things your Brand Page may need.


  • For a logo, the brand page cover and the background.
  • For posts to your Social Media feeds so they display on your Recent News tab.
  • For the content that is provided for Web News PR tab.

Social Media Profiles

  • Setting up Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds etc
  • Maintaining your Social profiles

Web Content:

  • Articles, blog posts, web pages to link to your Brand Page.
  • Press Releases.


  • Newly produced videos for your brand.
  • Relevant videos already made to be linked.

Reviews and Comments:

  • How to get relevant and trustworthy reviews.
  • Managing comments that readers submit.

These are just a few of the many things that can be done to add credibility and reputation to your brand.

Do you, your staff or your current networks have the time, the knowledge and the skills to make your BrandPage as effective as possible?

Stay tuned for some news on ways that dotrim can help.







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  • isloooboy said,

    Very nicely elaborated post about Brand Page. What I am lacking to understand about brand pages is how to increase the BMC Score? I am very much interested to know about BMC SCore and willing to work on it.

  • Neville said,

    The BMC Score gives a number value to the Brand, based on several apsects of the Brand Page. The way to increase that score is to keep working on build the Page.
    Your question has triggered the need to elaborate a little more on the BMC score, and I hope to do that in a new post very soon. In that post I hope to answer you question more fully.

  • isloooboy said,

    I will maintain my brand page because I know how valuable this tool is, thanks I will keep following your blog to learn more about brand pages