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Brand Page?

After 2 months of inactivity at this site, for any readers who had been waiting for the next post, you may be asking “What is this Brand Page stuff all about?”

Well stick with us and you will find out, or maybe you could check it out for yourself at the Brand Marketing Center.
The following is an adaptation of an article that I wrote at APSense, and it links to a few examples of Brand Pages.

Experimenting with Branding and Sharing Online Activity.

With the help of a magazine article that introduced some CSS and Javascript coding I have developed a (for want of a better word) tool to do some photo sharing.

One example from my recent travels featured photographs of some birds sighted during the travels.

While I was working on it I thought that it could also be adapted to use as a method for sharing things other than photos.

The example I chose was to feature some of the APSense Brand Pages, and in the example the logos for some of the Brands were also made to be clickable. That then encouraged me to think further about the possibilities for this “tool”.

It could be developed as a mini directory of Brand Pages of associates and clients, with the logos for each page creator being used to link to the their Brand Page. With the logos of the various pages in the being partially hidden behind others it means that viewers have to interact with the page to uncover them. This engagement with the content will increase the likelihood that they will explore further since they already taken action to uncover the logo. This is especially true for those logos that catch the eye or look to be leading to an interesting site.

In association with a project that is running on the crowdsourcing application Lookii, this method of sharing Brand Pages may be developed further.

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