Designing A Text Button For Linking

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More CSS Styling

It’s been some time since the previous post, so now is the time to get back to some tips for adding features to a blog (or indeed any other site).

Making A Button Without Using An Image

Buttons and badges that you seeĀ  on blogs and websites are used to attract readers to click and be sent to another site. Most of these are images that are stored either on the site owner’s host or some other place on the web. To display that image requires the browser to download it from there, which has the potential to slow down the loading of the page on which is displayed.

Cascading Style SheetCSS (Cascading Style Sheet) styling can be used to remove the need to make that call to the retrieve the image. Thus making the loading of the page just a little more efficient. The time difference may not be significant, but for a site with many such calls for external links it can be helpful in speeding up the loading of the page.

Another benefit of using CSS coding for a button like the example in this post is that the code can be adapted easily to change the appearance or the text on the button without having to use a graphics application to edit it and then upload the edited button.

Get a Button Like this.

This simple button uses CSS and if you click the link it will take you to a service that gives you the opportunity to get the code to build your own button for your site(s).

Get Your Own Button



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